Authority Self-PublishingI have moved to another site…

While Steve Scott Site has been a great experience, I’ve decided to focus all my efforts on a new site called

This is a podcast and a growing blog that teaches the principles of the self-publishing business model. Hosted by myself, Barrie Davenport, and Ron Clendenin, the ASP show breaks down what it takes to success as an authorpreneur in 2016 (and beyond.)

If you’re interested in this podcast, here are three ways to get started: [click to continue…]

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Authority Traffic and Income ReportWelcome to the fifth update of the Authority Internet Business Traffic and Income Report.

We’re almost at the two year mark from the start of this case study. During this time, I took a brand new site ( or DGH for short) and built a successful self-publishing business around it.

To give you an idea of what’s actually working for my business, I break down the financials and traffic on a quarterly basis.

If you haven’t read the last four updates before, then I recommend you start here:

Like the last two updates, there were a number of breakthroughs (and setbacks) in the last quarter. My Kindle-specific income decreased for each of the three months, but I’ve also discovered a few new streams of revenue. So let’s dive in with the financial stuff. [click to continue…]

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The Daily EntrepreneurWant to start a side hustle or a small business?

Have trouble making a decent income from your existing business?

Can’t seem attract customers or and land important clients?

Pay close attention if you answered “yes” to any of these questions…

Today I’m pleased to announce my latest book:

The Daily Entrepreneur: 33 Success Habits for Small Business Owners, Freelancers and Aspiring 9-to-5 Escape Artists.

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to build a start-up company or pitch a product on “Shark Tank”. Anyone who is out there hustling to make extra money on their own, is in some way an entrepreneur. It’s for these people that I wrote The Daily Entrepreneur.

Here on some details on this book…

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SPQ Podcast LaunchAlmost a year ago, I started a series of blog posts called “Kindle Publishing Questions.”

The idea was to answer the questions I often get from readers.

Unfortunately, I gave up on this idea because it limited my writing time. I felt that every hour I spent on blog posts was an hour I didn’t have to write my Kindle books. (Honestly, I can only write a few hours each day without my mind turning into tapioca pudding.)

Things changed when I started doing podcast interviews on a weekly basis. Whenever a host asked me a self-publishing question, I could rattle off a detailed response. I didn’t have to think about “the right way” to answer the question (like I do when writing). Instead, I simply described what works for me.

From this experience, I’ve realized there is a market for a short-form podcast that answers the questions authors have a on a regular basis.

That’s why I’m launching a podcast called “Self-Publishing Questions.” (Clever name, right?)

Here’s a brief overview of what I’ll cover and how you can get involved. [click to continue…]

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Amazon recently launched Kindle Unlimited.  Does it help authors? Or will it kill your sales?  Check out these 12 thoughts to learn about the long-term results of this program.

It’s been over a month since Amazon launched their Kindle Unlimited (KU) program, which gives readers unlimited access to 600,000 titles and audiobooks for the price of $9.99 per month.

During this time, there has been varied opinions on what this program means to both authors and readers.

On one extreme, there are people with the “Chicken-Little-the-sky-is-falling” mindset who feel this is yet another example of how Amazon is destroying books.

And on the other end, there are the people who praise every change that Amazon makes to their publishing platform.

Also during this time, I’ve had a number of people email me, asking my opinion on Kindle Unlimited. Did I see an increase in downloads for my habit books? Or am I seeing a negative impact on sales?

To be honest, I have mixed feelings about KU. While I love the idea, I do think there are some negatives to this program that might hurt authors in the long term.

So in today’s post, I’ll go over 12 thoughts I have about KU—both the good and the bad. Plus, I’ll cover a few strategies you can use to get the most out of this program.

Let’s get to it. [click to continue…]

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work-smarterMany Kindle authorities claim that launching a book for free no longer works (I’ve definitely said this recently.)  Fortunately people like Nick Loper (the Chief Side Hustler at are proving me wrong. 

With the right amount of effort and smart work, you can parlay a free book launch into a profitable stream of income.  In today’s guest post, Nick details that exact strategies he used to get over 20,000 free downloads and create a lifelong asset. 

Update: Nick has recently launched a course that digs deeper into each of the concepts he covers in this post. If you buy the product through my affiliate link, you will get a 75% discount off the regular price.

Last month, I released my latest book project, Work Smarter, into the world.

The book actually started out as a blog post idea, but as the text grew past 10,000 words (eventually totaling 20,000), I figured it would be better suited for book format.

The project is all about the online tools and resources today’s entrepreneurs are using to get their work done. I’m always excited to learn about new tools, and I know other people feel the same way.

There’s a joy in discovering something that can make your life easier or make your work more efficient — and that’s what Work Smarter intended to do.

(And based on the feedback, it did. If you missed it, I guarantee you’ll find something new, novel, and useful among the 350+ resources — or your money back.)

Here are some of the hard numbers from the launch:

  • 20,215 free downloads
  • 559 contributors
  • 1247 paid downloads (so far)
  • $427.83 in royalties the first week, and over $1400 in the first month
  • 413 individual emails sent to contributors (183 responses, 44% response rate)
  • 378 resources shared
  • 334 new email subscribers (out of 580 visitors – 57% conversion)
  • 246 emails to featured companies sent (64 responses, 26% response rate)
  • $208.23 in “production costs”
  • 200+ retweets and a social reach in the hundreds of thousands
  • 156 borrowed copies (Borrows on Kindle earn about $2 each)
  • $108.43 in affiliate commission (explanation below)
  • 79 Fancy Hands requests (more on this below)
  • 70 5-star reviews
  • 3 guest post opportunities, including one on
  • 2 podcast guest appearances on shows much bigger than mine
  • 2 free t-shirts, including this one from Buffer.

In this post I’ll share the step-by-step process and methodology I went through to create and market the book, including which tools I used most from it to get it done, what worked best, and what mistakes I made along the way.

(Including why I changed the title mid-launch, what I could have done better on social media, and how the first 17,000 readers got a hard-to-navigate version of the book.)

Ready? Let’s do this. [click to continue…]

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