August 2010

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a good ole-fashioned rant.  Normally I live in a zen-like state where nothing gets to me.  This was harshly interrupted the other day by a dishonest, stupid person who asked to do a guest post for my site.  (I guess he didn’t read this guest posting guide.)

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I’m writing this after a 10+ hour hike through the Jungfrau mountain region in Switzerland.  This was a pretty grueling experience that stretched the limits of my endurance.  But it also helped me realize that there were many principles you can apply to an online business… some of them good, some of them bad.  So with that in mind, I’d like to discuss eleven lessons I learned today: [click to continue…]

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Once again it is another Sunday.  End of the month too.  September:  time for the kiddies to go back to school and just about the end of the idyllic days of summer.   It has been a pain in butt week; having to deal with a computer virus on top of everything else.  Anyhow,that is all last week.  It is now time to look forward to the week to come and review the good things to learn from last week. [click to continue…]

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Before I came overseas I saw a bumper sticker that claimed, “I put the pro in procrastination!” and I had to chuckle because I know firsthand how easy it is to put things off. It’s all too easy to say “I’ll do it later,” when it’s time to tackle something. Later often becomes tomorrow, and tomorrow winds up becoming next week, and then next week … well, you get it. It’s a vicious cycle.

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Yesterday, I was watching Braveheart (in honor of my recent trip to Scotland).

As always, I got a little choked up in the scene where William Wallace talks to the troops before battle. [click to continue…]

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I just received this guest post from Jered at Mass Influence the other day and I found it fit nicely with an article I recently posted.  In this post, Jered does an incredible job of giving you reasons why it’s important to not criticize others.  It’s an insightful read…

So, as you probably know there’s a lot of talk going around about how to deal with critical people. In fact, Steve recently wrote a post on it:  6 Tips for Dealing with Critical People. [click to continue…]

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Info Income Coaching Class [Week 8]

August 25, 2010

Last week we put the finishing touches on your information product. At this point you should have a completed eBook, ready for customers to read. But here’s the bad news…you’re not done with the “creative” portion of this process. In fact, you’ve still got a ways to go.

Information products are profitable because of what’s called “perceived value.” Basically you’re charging a premium price because the customer receives expert guidance that can be downloaded right away. It’s more expensive than a book because it fulfills the instant gratification urge most people experience.

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17 Tips for Making Friends While Traveling Solo

August 24, 2010

I’m definitely one of those people who tend to be introverted. It’s not natural for me to start conversations with strangers. However, I’ve learned a number of tricks to help me overcome this personality trait and meet a lot of people. Some of whom will be lifelong friends. [More…]

In today’s post, I want to give you a number of these tips on how to make friends while traveling solo. Specifically, I’m going to list seventeen discoveries I’ve made in the last 4+ months of travel:

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Steve Scott’s Day Off

August 23, 2010

So why should you care about all this? To answer that, I’ll respond with my own question. What do all of these activities have in common? If you noticed, none of them have to do with working OR traveling. They were all activities I find relaxing and enjoyable…part of my own personal ‘day off.’

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Steve’s Sunday Selection August 22, 2010

August 22, 2010

Gosh, is it Sunday already, hard to believe how time is flying, and I shall be soon too.  I am about to leave this island of my ancestors and travel to the land of peace, cheese, watches and chocolate.  Unless, of course, the “Bobbies” get me and throw me in the Tower of London first.

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Constant Learning equals Constant Improvement

August 21, 2010

I’ve met far too many people who have the misconception that education is something that ends when you receive your diploma or degree. I beg to differ because that’s just not the case—you don’t have to be enrolled in school or a formal training program in order to learn. Since beginning my own internet business […]

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Advice from Marley’s Ghost

August 20, 2010

This is another article from the mysterious guest poster. Like last time, this person gives an excellent life lesson that can be applied in many different situations. There’s some great information here, so enjoy!

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