April 2011

It’s been awhile since I’ve published a guest post.  So I’m really excited about today’s post from Danny Iny who runs a marketing training program site.  Here he talks about an important lesson that can increase your motivation.  I’ve found it’s hard to achieve success when you don’t have the proper mindset.  So check out Danny’s article and learn a simple way to accomplish more with your Internet business.

Elephants are pretty powerful creatures.

They weigh in at as much as 24,000 pounds, and stand as high as thirteen feet tall.

Their trunks are agile enough to pick up a single blade of grass, and strong enough to rip branches off of a tree.

Despite their enormous power, elephants can be chained. It doesn’t seem to make sense – what chain is strong enough to hold an elephant who struggles to break it?

The answer is a small one: a small chain fastened to a metal collar around the elephant’s foot is attached to a wooden peg nailed into the ground. This holds the elephant so strongly that it doesn’t ever struggle to break free.

There is an elephant inside each of us – an inspired being of enormous power and capability. And just like the elephants that we might see in a circus, our internal elephants are also put in chains.

How does this happen? [click to continue…]

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I have to admit to something…

In the last few months, I’ve ignored a number of things in my Internet marketing business.  One of them is this site.  While I’m still posting a couple of articles a week; there are a lot of obvious *flaws* that I’m currently working on. [click to continue…]

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There are a lot of obstacles to achieving the Internet lifestyle.  Sometimes it seems like you move one step forward only to get pushed back two.  In the seven years I’ve had an online business, I’ve seen countless people give up on their dreams of Internet success.

Why? [click to continue…]

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Your Karma Hit my DogmaIt is time for yet another Steve Scott Site weekly roundup.  This week’s posts are on the subject or good Karmic and Dogmatic practices for getting ahead online.

It is where the esoteric “right things to do online” meet the well-known practices for success.

Yes! It is where the Karma hit the Dogma.

I will not belabor the bad pun with a long lead-in.  Let’s just get to this week’s links, where there are no weak links (I just can’t stop)…

This Saturday, we’ve got a lot of great links – Including a couple of great reads on Brand Linkbuilding. [click to continue…]

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Funny AdvertisementIn the last update of the Go Large Project, I described the importance of list segmentation.

Specifically I talked about why you should offer multiple lead magnets on your MWR Blog.

After I published this post, I had a few people ask how to promote these different free reports.

So today I thought we’d talk about the specific technique I use to turn each blog post into an advertisement for your lead magnet (If you want to know more about blogging, then check out this post on WordPress website basics.)

[click to continue…]

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Thought I give another update on the Go Large Project.  This time we’ll talk about a concept that’s been converting a lot of traffic into subscribers and turning these subscribers into affiliate sales.  It’s a simple technique in theory, but it requires a bit of hard work.  So let’s get to it!

In the last update, we talked about how to create a MWR Blog.  It’s a site that’s specifically designed around one goal – Get people to subscribe to an email list.  [click to continue…]

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What you can learn about succeeding online from being a nerd.

April 16, 2011

How can being a nerd help you to achieve success online? A discussion of one of Steve Scott’s nerdy passions and what it can offer in the way of teaching points that can lead to an increased success for anyone working online. What you can learn from being a nerd may actually be quite a lot…

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A Simple Lesson I Learned in Belize…

April 14, 2011

In Belize, I discovered the value of having a “think week.” Find out what this is and how to apply it, EVEN if you don’t like traveling.

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GLP #3 – How to Optimize to Blog and Convert Search Engine Traffic

April 11, 2011

Want to increase email conversions from web traffic? You can use what I call a MWR Blog to maximize opt-ins from the people coming to your site.

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18 Ways To Use Simple Ebooks To Leverage your Online Business

April 6, 2011

If you have been around blogging or any sort of online marketing you have likely heard, make an eBook many times. Perhaps you have even made one (or more) yourself. An eBook is undoubtedly a powerful tool. Like any tool it helps to know all the ways to use it. After all, most hammers have a “claw” and can be used for more than simply driving nails.

This article discusses all of the different ways that you can use your completed eBooks. The “buzzword” is re-purpose. When you learn all these ways to re-purpose your eBook content it simply maximizes your efforts.

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GLP #2 – How to Create a Massive Traffic-Pulling Affiliate Site

April 4, 2011

Want to build a large-scale profitable affiliate marketing site? Use this proven blueprint to learn how to get more subscribers and convert them into paying customers.

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Steve Scott’s Saturday Selections – April 2- 2011

April 2, 2011

For this week, Steve prepares for a trip and links to a wide variety of quality blog posts.

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