May 2011

The Importance of Tracking an Internet BusinessLast week I discussed the importance of tracking an Internet business.

Let’s recap what we covered:

  • The importance of tracking to the growth of an Internet business
  • Why you need to review your metrics every month
  • 5 tools I use for tracking
  • Four metrics you should track

Today’s post is a continuation of the last article.  Specifically we’ll review additional metrics you can track with an Internet business:

#5: Video Marketing Stats

YouTube provides excellent in-depth analysis of posted videos.  You can use their tools to discover how people find your content.  This information can be accessed by selecting the Insight button: [click to continue…]

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Drumbeat of the internet-Create Quality ContentFollowing Google Panda there has been a continuous drumbeat heard ‘round the ‘net.

The drumbeat sounds like this:

Ba dum bum bum


ba ba bum bum bum


be ba bum bum bum


tiki tiki boom

Over and over you hear it.

Create Quality Content.  Create Quality Content. Content is King.  Content Matters. Create Quality Content!!!

Are you sick of it yet?

Well…  not me.  That drumbeat is like sweet music to my ears. [click to continue…]

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Power of FocusI’ve always believed that building an Internet business is like sipping from a fire hose.  It’s almost impossible to learn just a little.  Because of information overload it’s really hard to know *who* is right about the secrets to online success.

One thing that pisses me off is the idea of the Underachiever Internet Marketer.  He’s that guy (or gal) who makes lot of money from dozens of niches.  What annoys me is many folks believe you can find success by juggling different markets and projects.

I know some people make money doing this.  But also some people make a living as a quarterback of a NFL team.  It takes a very special skill set to manage lots of websites.  Frankly, I think this is a bad strategy for anyone who is getting started online.

I believe in a simple philosophy.  Focus on one niche at a time.  When I say focus, I mean be prepared to spend 2 to 3 YEARS in this market.  Only then, will you be able to build a solid, profitable Internet business.

There’s another reason why I recommend focusing on a single niche.  It’s the best way to provide real value to an audience.  Juggling multiple markets turns you into the proverbial jack-of-all-trades.  You’ll know a little bit about a lot of things.

As an Internet entrepreneur, people come to you seeking top-notch information.  It’s up to YOU to be that person who provides it.

To illustrate this point, take a look at this diagram: [click to continue…]

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The Importance of Tracking an Internet Business“How do you succeed online?”

This is a simple question that’s been answered a thousand times.

Every Internet entrepreneur has their own opinion.  And each seems to conflict with the other.

If you held a gun to my head, I’d say the key to success is:

Find what works and do more of that.”

It’s a simple philosophy I developed over five years ago.  You won’t find success right away.  It comes by trying a bunch of things and building on the techniques that get results.

How do you know when something is successful?  You learn that with tracking.

I’ve been a tracking fanatic since 2006.  A long time ago, I heard a great quote from Peter Drucker: “What gets measured gets managed.” This is a concept that can be applied to any online business.

My point is this.  Tracking is the only way to know if something works with an online business.  It removes the guesswork and uses statistical evidence to show when a technique produces measurable results.

This is post is titled: THE Definitive Guide to Tracking an Online Business.  It’s the first of a multi-part series where I detail how to effectively implement tracking with ANY online business. [click to continue…]

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creating the perfect ebookWelcome to another Steve Scott Site Saturday link post.  Today’s post will be a quick discussion on some “housekeeping” items as well as a quick discussion on writing eBooks.

With Memorial Day just around the corner, Summer seems to be bearing down on us like an inexorable horde of zombies (Happy Zombie Awareness month!).  While Spring is still here, it is time to start our Saturday chat with a little bit of spring cleaning.


First of off is a little change of business.  Thanks to this nofollow/dofollow post by Ana, I decided to make a small change to my nofollow policy by using the nofollowfree plugin.  What does that mean to most of the comments on here?  Probably very little.

Right now I give away up to two links for each comment.  The “name” block, which has Keywordluv enabled and the commentluv block.  This new plug-in does nothing to change the commentluv block.  It is still dofollow and will be for the foreseeable future. [click to continue…]

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Today I’d like to hear your thoughts on something.

Is it Wrong to Want Money?It’s about a concept that’s at the core of numerous blogs, websites, and information products – Making money.

Specifically I want to know if you think it’s *wrong* to want lots of money.

Last week I was reading No B.S. Wealth Attraction in the New Economy by Dan Kennedy.  There was one passage that stood out.  Kennedy talked about how society loves to blame the rich for all its problems.  That many people feel it’s inherently wrong to have a desire for wealth.

I’ve noticed this attitude with some people I’ve met offline.  When I talk about running a blog teaching the principles of Internet income; I’m often met with suspicion…even outright dislike.  Many times I can tell they feel it’s *wrong* to talk about making money online. [click to continue…]

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