April 2012

Send Email to a ListEvery affiliate marketer has a STRONG opinion when it comes to how often to send email to a list.

In fact, the other day I asked this very question on the Warrior Forum.

The response I got back was varied:

  • Some recommend broadcasting a message every two weeks
  • Others do it on a weekly basis
  • Many deliver email twice a week
  • And a few say a daily email works best

So what’s the answer?

How often should you send email to a list?

I can only give you my opinion.  But it’s an opinion that comes from over six years of email marketing experience.  So I’d like to think it’s a good one… [click to continue…]

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Find a Profitable NicheOne question I’m often asked is:

“How do I know if I’ve found a profitable niche market?”

This is an important question – Especially if you’re about to build a large scale authority affiliate site.

There are a lot of tricks to determining if a niche is profitable.  The best way to get started is to answer seven simple questions… [click to continue…]

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Start Over with Affiliate MarketingFor the last few weeks I’ve enjoyed a nice vacation in Panama.  During this time I caught up on a few podcasts I’ve accumulated on my iPod.

The one episode that stood out was put together by Glen Allsopp of Viper Chill.  In this lesson, he answered a question that successful entrepreneurs often get:

“How would you make money if you had to start over?”

Glen gave a great response to this question.  And I think his new podcast is definitely worth checking out.

But today I’d like to put my own spin on this question.  This post lists the EXACT steps I would take if I had to start over with affiliate marketing…

…This means I would have none of the things I currently possess.  No affiliate sites.  No Steve Scott Site.  And no existing contacts.  The only thing I’d have is what’s inside my head and a few hundred dollars to spend.

Here’s how I would build a successful affiliate business… [click to continue…]

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Niche Affiliate IncomeCan you make money with small niche sites?

This is a question I want to answer in 2012.

You see, I’ve built a successful authority affiliate marketing business.  But I’ve never tried my hand at creating multiple small-scale websites.

So my goal for 2012 is to figure out this whole niche site thing.  I even created a special series that talks about how I’m doing it.

In today’s post, I’ll provide my first income report from these experiments.  I’ll show what has made money.  Plus I’ll detail a major setback that’s a negative impact on these sites.  And finally I’ll give my opinion on the future of niche sites.

Let’s get to it… [click to continue…]

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Find affiliate products to promoteIt’s time for another contest!

Once again, I’m giving away a free copy of my course:  Affiliate Marketing without the B.S.

The rules are simple.  All you have to do is answer a question in the comments section and I’ll pick the best response.

Let me explain… [click to continue…]

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How to Increase Blog Traffic Welcome to the seventh update of the Traffic and Conversion series!

This is a monthly post where I detail traffic optimization strategies for this blog.

Today’s post will discuss a mistake I made over two years ago.  It was something I did when I first started this blog.  And the goal of this post to help you avoid making the same mistake.

Before we get to that, let’s go over the numbers from last month: [click to continue…]

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