Attack of the Demon Dachshunds

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Here’s an interesting story from this past weekend…

As I recently mentioned, I’m currently in the middle of a trip to the south. And on Saturday, I was in Biloxi, Mississippi for my friend’s wedding.

Like I usually do in the morning, I went for a run. Now here’s the problem… The area around my hotel is surrounded by industrial roads with no shoulder for pedestrians. In all likelihood, I would get killed if tried running down these roads.

So I came up with a pretty ingenious solution. I found a small side road near my hotel which was a half mile long. I decided to run back-and-forth along this road and get in my usual 7 mile run.

Now here’s where things get interesting… On the first loop, I encountered a group of animals that I’ve named “The Demon Dachshunds.” Here’s a video to show you what I mean:

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Awww, cute little puppy dogs.”

No sir! These are not your average cuddly little doggies. They’re actually ferocious, flesh-eating dachshunds who were hell-bent on feasting on my legs as I run past.

In fact, I can prove that they really are demon dachshunds. Don’t believe me? Well, I took a clip from the video I made and digitally enhanced it. Here’s what these ‘innocent’ dachshunds really look like up close.

A Few Lessons…

Okay, as always, I have to find a few lessons in even the oddest of experiences. So here are some things I learned as my ankles were being bitten by these dogs.

#1- People will purposefully throw obstacles at you– The one thing I didn’t photograph was the owner of these demon dachshunds sitting on his porch. He could have easily brought them in the house after the 10th time I ran past. Instead, he was content to watch his dogs attack me.

In life, there will be some people who go out of their way to put obstacles in your way. My attitude is to ignore these people and keep pushing on. I could have easily called it day, and went back to my hotel room. Instead I kept running past the same spot, knowing these dogs were ready to attack.

#2- Life can be pretty funny at times– Sometimes you have to laugh at the stuff that happens to you. Sure, it wasn’t that fun having dogs trying to bite my ankle every half mile, but the whole experience was pretty damn funny. I know that if I didn’t take pictures/video, nobody would believe that I was being attacked by 7 angry little doggies.

One of the things I’ve learned in life is the value of keeping a sense of humor about the negative things that happen. I could have easily gotten all mad and confronted the owner. Instead, I turned it into a fun game where I made the dachshunds chase me when I sprinted past them.

#3- The best solution isn’t always the easiest– Like I said, I had a few choices:

  1. Not go running.
  2. Try my luck running along the dangerous Interstate highways.
  3. Get attacked by angry hounds from hell

Out of all these choices, my best one was to simply deal with a minor inconvenience of being chased by dachshunds.

Sometimes even the best of solutions won’t be the easiest. The key is to know that it’s your best option and simply deal with any problems that arise from your choice. Sure, it might not be a fun experience. Just know that it’s the best choice that you can make at the present moment.

Well, I hope this post gave you a little chuckle during your workweek. I know it’s one of the weirder things that’s happened to me in the last few days…

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Methinks you do protest too much. Those cute yappy little dogs were just wanting to participate in your joy at running. I’ll bet if they had been rotweilers or pits you wouldn’t have felt relaxed enough to video them. You need to get tougher if you expect to be a world traveler.
.-= Ralph´s last blog ..Shameless plug for Cantankerous Old Coots =-.

Steve Scott

Haha. I DEFINITELY wouldn’t have stopped if they were bigger dogs. They were annoying, but still pretty cute at the same time.
.-= Steve Scott´s last blog ..How to Create a Leverage Mindset =-.



Great story and I love the analogy you’ve created; linking your experiences to life. When I used to go running, I was a big softy and kept well away from routes where I knew I’d meet horrible little mutts, like the ones you encountered but there again I had that option.


.-= Paul´s last blog ..Mind the gap =-.

Steve Scott

I try to avoid dogs, but most of them are harmless. I just thought it was a bit surreal that I was being chased by a horde of dachshunds.

Patrick Toerner

Haha that’s pretty ridiculous, and the owner just sat there and watched! Congratulations for not drop kicking any of them and actually getting some lessons out of it. I don’t know if I could have done the same 🙂
.-= Patrick Toerner´s last blog ..How to Find a Profitable Keyword for Your Minisite =-.

Steve Scott

Yeah, the owner looked like one of your Mississippi good ole boy. And I know from experience, it’s better to not get confrontational with people like that. Besides, the dogs weren’t that big of a deal.

Mars Dorian

What the hell ?

You extracted that blog post from your video with the Demon Dachshunds ?

And I thought I was crazy.
Seriously, that’s an awesome 35 second video – it brought a biiiig smile to my face

.-= Mars Dorian´s last blog ..How To Increase Your Brand Value, and Why You Can Not Screw This One Up ! =-.

Steve Scott

Thanks Man! The entire time this is happening, I actually had a smile on my face because I knew it was going to make an excellent post.

Derek Huether

Run Forest, run!
Runs are like a box of chocolates…

Those little buggers are vicious.
Thanks for an awesome video.
.-= Derek Huether´s last blog ..Best April Fools Day Ever =-.

Steve Scott

Thanks Derek. They were vicious…you could even see them breathing fire in the one picture 🙂
.-= Steve Scott´s last blog ..Steve’s Sunday Selections – April 4th, 2010 =-.

Mick Morris

how could something so cute be so scary…. ohhhh that’s right … those dachshunds have little man syndrome!
.-= Mick Morris´s last blog ..How to choose your parachute! =-.

Steve Scott

Haha…definitely a Napoleon complex.

Samuel@como recuperar a tu hombre en tan solo 7 dias

I admire those dogs: they’re pretty smart, active, and they take care of you. I had one (winy) died a year ago. 🙁
This post is a good chance to laugh and think of ourselves and what we are.

Jewelry Assembly Chicks

They were so funny they way they were running so fast that they were practically doing somersaults! They just seemed so happy to see someone. I’d be more frightened of jogging on that road, it looked so desolate to be by yourself. There’s another life lesson: get through those scary parts as fast as you can and don’t turn around! ……I enjoyed your article and video!

How do people leave behind that blog signature with the little heart (?) at the end of their comments? Is that the “do-follow” blog? Sorry to ask that now but I’d like to learn how to do that or do the blog owners do that? Thanks Steve! Looking forward to more jogging videos!

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