Authority Internet Business Case Study (or How to Build a Successful Kindle Publishing Business)

by Steve Scott | Join Him On Facebook

Welcome to the Authority Internet Business (AIB) case study (which now primarily focuses on Kindle publishing.)

Originally, this series was intended to show what it’s like to build a long-term Internet business from scratch.  The core example of this case study is a website I started in April 2013 (

Things have changed because of the success of my Kindle books.  Now I mostly talk about how to start an authority platform and use it to generate income through self-publishing.

To make things simple, I’ve broken the articles down into specific sections:

Building Your Authority Platform

You need a solid platform to be successful with Kindle publishing.  In this section, I talk about the “why” behind my decision to focus on the habits market and how I built this platform.

READ THIS FIRST: An Overview of the Authority Internet Business

Kindle Publishing Fundamentals

Once you have a platform up and running, you can get started with Kindle publishing.  Here are are a few posts to get started:

Traffic and Income

In addition to Kindle publishing, you want to focus on getting more traffic and generating additional streams of income.  These posts talk about the different tactics that I’m currently applying.


Additional Blog Posts

While this case study is relatively new, I’ve previously published a number of blog posts that can help you grow an Authority Internet Business.  I’ll admit some of these articles are dated.  However, I’m still using many of the principles that I describe in each one:

Email Marketing

Web Traffic


There will be an update to the AIB case study at least once a week.  So be sure to check back here for the latest post in this series.

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