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Last week I sent out a request for anyone who needs a guest post on their site. Today I want to reverse things.

As you probably know, I’m doing a lot of traveling for the next few months. So my time is pretty limited on the amount of content I can create for this site.

So my problem can be your solution…

Do You Want to Be Featured on Steve Scott Site?

As of today, I’m getting an average of 400 visitors each day. And right now, I’m putting things in place where this number will steadily increase.

So here’s your chance to grab a little bit of this traffic and *borrow* some of my visitors. All you have to do is right a guest post for this website. This article will have a permanent link to your website with a nice little byline.

Here are the rules…

The Rules for Submission

Posts can be anywhere from 300 to 1500 words. Frankly, this is an arbitrary number. But I do my best to keep the majority of my articles in this range

The topics should cover many of the things I discuss on this site. Like lifestyle design, travel, relationships, entrepreneurship, personal development, health/physical fitness, and Internet Marketing.

I ask that these articles be 100% unique. In other words, please don’t send something that is listed on another website.

To get started, send me an email at stevescottsite [at] gmail [dot] com . You can tell me what article you want to write or simply include an article for my approval.

Hope to hear from you…

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Great idea, Steve! I’ll have to think of a topic for your site as I want to do more guest-posting.

Looking forward to the variety of ideas here.

.-= Karen´s last blog ..How to Stop Thinking and Start Doing – Guest Post =-.

Steve Scott

Sounds great Karen…looking forward to seeing what you write.

Fitness Philippines

I’ll definitely send you an e-mail about possible health and fitness articles for your site. Thanks very much for the opportunity!
.-= Fitness Philippines´s last blog ..UFC 113 REVIEW PART 4, PLUS A LOOK AT UFC 114 =-.

Steve Scott

Already done! Thanks for getting this to me so quickly…


I think I might have an idea for a post… Will flesh it out tomorrow and shoot you an email with the basics. I know myself and many others love the opportunity to share our thoughts with new people. This is much appreciated!
.-= Gurl´s last blog ..Why you should be in love with your best friend =-.


Hey Steve! I’d love to write a guest post on how to get more out of life by increasing your self awareness. I’ll try and have something for you soon 🙂 Feel free to check out my site if you’d like some examples of what my writing is like!
.-= Jonathan ´s last blog ..Fail Authentically =-.

Steve Scott

Johnathan…. Really like the topics that you cover on your site. And the article idea sounds really interesting. Feel free to send it along when you get a chance.


You should have a new message in your inbox with the guest post attached. Hope your travels are going well!
.-= Jonathan´s last blog ..How to Keep Your Inner Fire Burning =-.

Steve Scott

Got it! Will be posting it on Tuesday or so…


Hi Steve
I’d love to swap guest blogs with you. I could write a piece on:
* keeping the balance between generating immediate income versus residual from a freelance writer’s perspective,
* my goal oriented 15 minutes a day action strategy, or
* why love and happiness are things you do, not things that happen to you.
If you’re interested in any of these, let me know.
.-= Gail´s last blog ..Investing in Junk Coins by Keith Hamburger =-.

Steve Scott

Both sound like great topics….feel free to send them on over!

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