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Affiliate Marketers: How to Bypass an Opt In Page

September 16, 2011

As an affiliate marketer it often makes sense to promote a sales page; not a product owner’s opt-in form. In this video, I show how to bypass this squeeze page and still get an affiliate commission.

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45 Tips to Make MORE Money with Affiliate Marketing

August 30, 2011

Interested in making money with affiliate marketing? Try a few of these 45 tips and you’ll experience a dramatic increase in your affiliate earnings!

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How to Turn $1091.95 into Lifelong Passive Income

July 7, 2011

On Monday, I released my first Internet Lifestyle product. Today I break down the financial aspect of this project and show how a small investment can put recurring revenue in your pocket.

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ANNOUNCING: Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t

July 4, 2011

It’s official! The “Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t” product has been completed. Read this post for more details…

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One Question About Affiliate Marketing…

March 9, 2011

Answer this simple question and get a chance at winning my new information product.

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How to Earn Full-Time Internet Income… Even if you Have a Full-Time Job

February 14, 2011

Have a full-time job, but want to start an Internet business? Is it possible to make a full-time income even with a 9 to 5 gig. This post gives a step-by-step plan for making it happen!

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Picking Your Ponies: How to Choose Your Affiliate Marketing Programs

February 12, 2011

As someone that’s been an affiliate marketer for a few years now, I can tell you that the number of people trying their hand at affiliate marketing has literally skyrocketed. A lot of people are out of work and a lot of others have gotten fed up with working their tails off, answering to someone […]

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My $3,911.32 Affiliate Income Day: 8 Lessons YOU Can Learn

February 4, 2011

Last Sunday I had my best day EVER as an affiliate marketer. This video post discusses eight lessons I learned, plus a link to a webinar I did on list building.

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Why People FAIL with Affiliate Marketing

January 21, 2011

This quick video gives a quick explanation to why many new affiliate marketers don’t succeed with their new business. Watch this clip for more information.

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6 Laws Every Blogger Should Know About Affiliate Marketing

December 10, 2010

Unfortunately the reality is a little different. If you’ve blogged for any period of time then you know it’s downright hard to make money with affiliate marketing.

The good news is there are six laws to follow for increasing your affiliate earnings:

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How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

October 4, 2010

I feel affiliate marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, you can distill everything down into a simple step-by-step blueprint…which is what we’re going to do today. In this post I’m going to list the exact steps I’ve personally used to earn a six-figure income with affiliate marketing.

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#1 Secret to Promoting an Affiliate Product

July 20, 2010

There’s been a lot written about how to promote an affiliate marketing product. Some people tell you to presell it. Others recommend marketing the product like it’s your own. And a few say you should discuss both the good and bad points about what you’re trying to sell.

In my opinion, all of this is good advice. However, there’s one secret to promoting an affiliate product that stands out above the rest. It’s a concept I call “The Gene Factor.”

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