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The Google “Search, Plus Your World” Update: 6 Must-Read Blog Posts…

January 17, 2012

Google just made another change with their Search Plus Your World algorithm change. Find out that this update is and check out six blog posts I have discovered on this topic.

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How to Get 1 Million Website Visitors in ONE Year [Traffic and Conversion #4]

January 9, 2012

Want a million website visitors in the next year? Want a step-by-step plan for improving your website traffic stats? If so, check out the fourth edition of the traffic and conversion series where I show how I’m going to generate a million visitors in a single year.

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4 Golden Rules to Get Backlinks in 2012

January 5, 2012

Worried about getting penalized by Google while getting backlinks to your site? In this post, I detail four golden rules you should never break when you’re building links to your web properties.

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103 High PR One Way Backlinks to Improve Search Engine Rankings

December 20, 2011

How do I improve my search engine rankings? The short answer is to get more backlinks. In this article, I list 103 sites that provide high Google PR one way links back to your site.

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How to Increase Your Google Website Traffic by 30.01% [Traffic and Conversion #3]

December 5, 2011

Looking to improve your Google website traffic? One trick you can try is to re-optimize each blog post and get backlinks to them. Today I’ll show how I did this and got an 30% increase in my search engine traffic.

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Build My Rank Review – How to Get Backlinks that Google LOVES

November 10, 2011

Getting backlinks is sometimes an extremely tedious task. That’s why you often need tools to semi-automate the process. This post shows how the Build My Rank tool can help you do this…

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How to Increase Visitor “Time on Site” by 618% [Traffic & Conversion #2]

November 7, 2011

Welcome to the 2nd update of the traffic and conversion series. This is a monthly blog post where I discuss specific strategies I use to drive more traffic to my sites and how I convert these web visitors. (Specifically I detail what I’m currently doing with Last time, I discussed 7 ways to increase […]

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7 Actions that Increase Blog Traffic by 25.3% [Traffic & Conversion #1]

October 4, 2011

Know how to increase blog traffic? In September I improved traffic by 25.3%. Check out the seven ways I increased this number & blog readership

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Weekend Reading: 7 “Must Reads” on Improving Web Traffic

August 29, 2011

Improving web traffic is something we all need to think about. In today’s post, I list seven resources I’m currently using to drive more traffic to my blog.

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5 Ways Google Plus can Help Blogging Affiliate Marketing

August 25, 2011

Google+ is a new service that’s getting rave reviews from its users. In this guest post, Peter Mugi explains how to maximize the results you get from using this social media tool.

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11 Article Marketing Lessons YOU can Learn from an Account with 2,338,985 Views

July 19, 2011

Do you use ezine articles to market your online business? If so, you’ll want to pay close attention to this post.

Today, I’m going to reveal 11 strategies from an article marketing account that has over 2,338,985 Views. I learned these the hard way – By making LOTS of mistakes!

So read on to see how to take your ezine articles to the next level. (Also keep an eye out for the free article template hidden somewhere in this post.)

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Herding Kittens- A Review of Best-Reviewer

June 11, 2011

A review of the Best-reviewer Website. A way to drive traffic with dofollow links while also collecting a little adsense pocket-change.

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