Internet Marketing Success Habits

I really love today’s guest post by Clayton because it talks about a real obstacle that many Internet marketers have…

…Getting your audience engaged enough to take action on your offers. 

Today, Clayton provides an in-depth explanation for why your audience might be unresponsive and three simple ways to fix it.

I noticed the trouble started when I sent the first “broadcast” message.

I had worked for about 6 months to build up my little email list in my new niche business (after shifting from several niche mini-sites to one authority niche site).

I had 2500 people on my list. Not huge, but not tiny either.

I was finally ready to launch my first product after doing nothing but affiliate offers for over two years.

The response rate from my first message was dismal. Only 16% of my list even opened the email and 5.3% clicked through.

That means that only about 130 people even saw the offer.

Clearly this launch wasn’t going to go quite as well as I had hoped.

All those months of making the product, planning the launch, writing copy… and only 130 people even saw the offer. [click to continue…]

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Dealing with Disappointment as an Internet MarketerYou will have things go wrong as an affiliate marketer.

Life does not always go the way we want or expect. Disappointment is a part of life.

Because of this, dealing with disappointment, is one of the best things you can learn as you’re building an Internet business.

Disappointment comes in many shapes and sizes. There are minor disappointments, such as no one responds to a great blog post you spent hours writing.  And there major disappointments, like Google de-lists your primary website.

Disappointment leads to fear and anxiety. It is difficult to be rational and make good choices when you are mired in fear and anxiety. Some people will allow disappointment to crush or cripple them.  They will allow the fear and anxiety of disappointment to beat them.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are some steps that will hopefully help you to deal with disappointment[click to continue…]

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The title says it all!

Today’s post will be the most important thing I’ve ever written on this blog.

So do me a favor…

…Spend five minutes to read the entire thing.

It will change the way you look at blogging and how to run an Internet business.

The people who truly *get* this will be one step closer to their dreams of online success.

To paraphrase a famous movie quote:

This blog post is kind of a big deal.

So let’s jump into it with two quick stories… [click to continue…]

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I’m a huge fan of Jack Canfield’s book:

The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

I think this is the best success guide ever because it’s full of actionable content.

You’ve probably heard me mention Jack’s book in a number of blog posts.  But I think you can get a lot more by applying these lessons to an online business.

That’s why I’ve decided to start a brand new series – One that will take what I’ve learned from Jack’s book and apply it to achieving success on the Internet.

I call it the Internet Success Series.

Each update to this blog series will cover a specific principle from Jack’s book and how it can be applied to your Internet business or blog.  I know these lessons work because this is the same path I followed back in 2006 when I was struggling my own business.

I’m pretty psyched about this series because it coincides with the beginning of a new year.  Hopefully by the end of 2012, this will be an in-depth collection of blog posts that can help any struggling Internet entrepreneur.

With further ado, let’s get started with the first lesson[click to continue…]

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New Year's ResolutionsIt’s that time again…

The ball has dropped.  It’s a new year.  And many people have picked their annual “resolution.”

Unfortunately it’s been my experience that New Year’s Resolutions are a complete waste of time.  Even worse – Some resolutions actually prevent people from achieving their goals.

Think of it this way…  Imagine it’s the final minutes of year.  You make a resolution simply because everyone else is doing it. [click to continue…]

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Red Sox Collapse David OrtizOn Wednesday night, the Boston Red Sox made baseball history with a complete collapse in a single month.

At the start of September they had a nine game lead over the Tampa Rays for the final playoff spot.  And on the last night of regular series they lost their final game; thereby eliminating themselves from the playoffs.

Sidebar: Okay I know some people don’t watch baseball (or have it their country.)  So here’s an article that described what happened.  Sorry to my overseas friends.  I couldn’t think of a football, cricket, or rugby analogy 🙂

The “Red Sox Collapse” will become legendary because they’re a really good team.  They have excellent hitting.  A great closer.  And an okay starting rotation.

In other words, there should be no reason why they missed the playoffs with one month to go.

But it happened.

What’s my point?

With an Internet business you could experience the same thing.  One day you’re making a solid income with a loyal group of followers.  And then suddenly you get hit with a disaster – Something that destroys part (or all) of your livelihood. [click to continue…]

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