Are you Attending *This* Free Webinar?

by Steve Scott | Join Him On Facebook

Want to learn the *secrets* to building a successful list?

Attend my List Building WebinarIf so, you better drop what you’re doing and join me tonight at 9 PM Eastern Standard Time for a free webinar I’ll be doing on list building.  Lesley and Brendan (the hosts) will be grilling me for over an hour – Getting me to reveal  every trick I know about successful list building.

I don’t have a script or anything.  Instead I’ll be answering questions…off the cuff…plus responding to anything YOU’D like to know.

Oh yeah…this is NOT one of those *free* webinars that turns into a long-winded sales pitch.  I have nothing to promote or market.  It’s going to be 100% pure content about list building.

So if you’re available at 9 PM (EST), I recommend you attend this information-packed webinar –> Learn How to Grow your List.

Take Action. Get Results.


Mark of Success

Way to go, Steve!

I immediately checked how that converts into my local time, and was disappointed to see that I will be at office at that time.

Would you be making a recorded version of the webinar available later sometime, for the sake of those who would miss it?

Here’s wishing you all the best for the session! Can’t wait to check out the recording.


PS: Checked the registration site. It mentioned “So, join Steve, Lesley and me…”. I guess you should change that to… you know what 🙂

Steve Scott

Sorry you can’t make it there. As Lesley says, it will be recorded for posterity. I didnt make the landing page so “me” was Brendon. I see he has updated that now to “me (Brendon)” though… 🙂

Mark of Success

Hey, Steve! Hope the webinar was a great success. Any estimates on when we would be able to view the recording?

Brendan Will@Easy Content Blueprints

whoops silly mistake there. Lesley has obv added it in for me. Id forget my head if it weren’t attached sometimes.

Lesley from EasyContentBlueprints

Well I’ll be there, but since I’m going to be asking some of the questions, I suppose that doesn’t count?

Looking forward to it Steve!

Steve Scott

I am too. Should be a blast!

Sean Mathena @ Find Your Peak

I actually have another webinar during that time, but I will try to make some of yours. Will you be recording it so we can listen in later?

Steve Scott

Hope you make it! If not, there will be a recording as Lesley said….

Lesley from EasyContentBlueprints

Yes, there will be a recording of the webinar.

Fran Aslam From Onlinewriter

Hi Steve:

List building is the only topic I want to know, about, but I am not sure of the time. So I will try to make the time. In case I did not attend, I will like to listen to the recorded version. Most probably I will join you live, simply becaue I want to.

Fran A

Steve Scott

Hope to make it Fran, I would be glad to answer any questions I could help you with.

Brendan Will@Easy Content Blueprints

We will be making the recording available for viewing and download.

Amr Boghdady @ Learn German Online for Free

Bummer, that’s 5 am in Egypt’s local time 🙁
I doubt I could ever be awake at such time.
Would have really loved to catch it Scott. I hope Lesley and Brendan will put a transcript of the whole conversation.

Brendan Will@Easy Content Blueprints

Hi Amr,

There will be a recording at this point there is no plans on a transcript at least not instantly.

I kinda know how you feel about 5am in morning. Will be 2am for me 🙂

Ryan Biddulph

Hi Steve,

I won’t be able to make it but will be more than happy to share it across my social networks.

All the best with it!


Steve Scott

Thanks appreciate the shares!!

Ryan Renfrew @LifestyleDesign

Hey Steve,

Sounds great, but thats like 3am here in Northern Ireland. Will it be recorded?

Steve Scott

Yes, there will be a recording made

Gregory Elfrink@network marketing business

Dang! Totally missed this! Facebook me next time jerk! 😛 lol.

I hope the webinar went well, and hopefully you got a recording, that would be awesome.

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