Get More Blog Traffic Blueprint Week 14

by Steve Scott | Join Him On Facebook

We have reached the 14th week of our Get More Blog Traffic Blueprint series.  This is a series where we talk about specific strategies you can use to skyrocket your traffic stats.Social Media and Amplify

For today’s post I am going to talk routine and automation.  These are tasks that are quick-quick-like-a-bunny.  They are perfect to either incorporate into a daily routine (taking only a few minutes a day) or to have as part of a package to hand off to an outsourcer.  The one I will speak about is not a  major tool for traffic, but it has an incredible, “bang for your buck” considering the small amount of time it adds to your routine measured against the potential benefit in traffic and links.

The main traffic method we shall discuss today is  “Amplify”.

Amplify is a great social network, that not everyone knows about.  If you are not yet a member of Amplify it is something that is worth joining even without the consideration of using it to “spread the word” about your information.  Like Twitter and Facebook the more you get involved with Amplify the better your results will be.  These social networks are the epitome of karmic balance the more you repost worthy links and connect with others the more of a positive benefit you gain from the system when you DO post your own links.

Let’s get into the nuts-and-bolts of how Amplify works.


Amplify Setup Screenshot

Amplify Automation


One of the important parts of amplify is because it has a high degree of automation.  Once you sign up for Amplify you can have it automatically repost to a series of locations.  As you can see from my screenshot  with a few button clicks I post to Google Buzz, Posterous, Tumblr, Ping.fm, Plurk, Friendfeed, Diigo, Delicious and Clipmarks.  I also created a specific WordPress blog and Blogger Blog where the posts are also copied to.  That is a crazy amount of links and methods for people to find your post, in about 30 seconds of effort.  I tell ya, ain’t efficiency grand?

I do not even have all Amplify possibilities enabled.  Amplify can also automatically post to FaceBook and Twitter.  I have these options turned off, as well as a few others, because I already have other means of auto-posting to those areas and I do not want to create too much volume of auto-posted links.   But if you do not have anything automatically going to these systems, Amplify is a great way to keep people informed of what you are looking at and anything interesting you might stumble across.

Steps to Using Amplify

1.        Sign up via Twitter or Facebook

2.       Go to Settings> Sharing Options

3.       (optional) Go to any social networks  you would like to share on and join

4.       (optional) Create a fresh Blogger/Wordpress blog

5.       Link all Social Networks and Blogs you wish to share to every time you Amplify

6.       Save changes and Amplify

7.     (optional)  Install Amplify/Clipmarks Toolbar- This makes amplify a whole lot easier to use.


How to "Amp" with amplify

Click to Enlarge

Amplifying is easy.  As you can see in the screenshot.

Step 1: That is the “Amplify” Button that gets put into your toolbar.  Press that button and it uses the “Clipmarks” interface to cut and past the relevant “body” sections

Step 2:  The next step is simply highlighting what you want to be in the body of the post.  You simply highlight a section and press the “Clip” button.  You can clip pictures, sentences or paragraphs.  All of this will become the “body” of your Amplify post

Step 3:  Click the Big orange button for step 3.  This will give you a choice between “Amplify” and “Clip”  since you will automatically send the amp to Clipmarks (if you have input your information earlier) Choose Amplify here.

The Amplify Page

Amplify "amp"  Screenshot

Click to Enlarge

Those steps bring  you to the Amplify Page.  Here you can enter in a title and a “your take.”  I prefer a fresh (but close to original) title and “take” because it will rank these separately from your primary page reference if it is not duplicate material.

#1 Is the Title and “Take” you can enter.  It can be from a few words to detailed thought.  This will be the ‘synopsis’ people will see.

#2  Will be what you clipped in the “Amplifying” stage.

#3 Are just design choices of how you wish it to look and the option to schedule the Amp for a later date and time.

#4  Make sure this is clicked if you want the links to be to the source URL rather than the Amp URL.  Once it is set the first time, it should default to this.

That is it!  It is easy enough to Amplify.  With only that little bit of time and effort you are quickly building a powerful network of links and social networks.

Make Amplify even better

I have never been accused of being the most, “social” person in the the world.  I do my best at having a presence on social netowrks, but will readily admit that it is not my, “strong suit”  that being said, all of these networks ARE social networks.  Simply placing the links there are worth… something.  But if you go to the different networks and make an attempt to realy network with people and expand the networks overtime these networks will become much more valuable.  For instance Amplify can “auto-tweet” what you want to show people.

Amplify is a powerful tool, but it is far MORE powerful if you are also connected with loyal and responsive Twitter following instead of just spamming it. So, when time permits, try to get on these various networks and connect with people.  Build up your followers.  Amplify more than just your own stuff.  Hey, I hear that Steve Scott guy likes his stuff to be Amplified.  You could always start there.

Note:  This article was written by my brother Gene, who is my outsourcer of choice for a lot of my back-linking strategy.  You see… I take a day off and I get all lazy and have other people post for me.  OK, this is still Gene writing, but sheesh, the guy takes a break and now he never wants to work again.  C’mon

Take Action. Get Results.


Robert Dempsey

Hi Steve interesting tool. Is this similar in nature to Ping.fm?

Steve Scott

It is similar but it has more options. In fact it is like ping.fm’s “daddy” since you can autopost to ping FM using it.

Robert Dempsey

In that case then I’m signing up for it. Thanks Steve.

Robert Dempsey@Internet Marketing Systems

Just got it all set up so we will see how it goes now. Thanks Steve, or should I say Gene since he wrote the article 🙂


Several of my clients have been using twitter and facebook without much success, but once they plugged into amplify, their traffic really started to kick in. This is why I usually recommend also using amplify, despite the additional work involved.

Steve Scott

Yeah, Amplify takes a little time to set up, but once you do it is so quick and easy to hit everything. And it really has its own really good community.


Hi Steve:

I just became involved with Amplify a few weeks ago. I visited a blog and noticed that I had been amplified!! Being nosy and wondering how in the heck I got amplified without knowing, I investigated. What a great place. I havent dug into it yet as much as I should, but after your reminder, Im on it!!


Steve Scott

Lisa, Yeah it seems to be a really thriving and building community. It gets even more powerful when you add in all the options too (twitter, facebook, ping.fm, postereous and both wordpress and blogger blogs) that ends up being a whole lot of links


Its good to have this kind of tools or website… Signing on every social network is a hard work just to share every new post in your blog or website. I don’t know about “amplify” but I’m going to read more about it.

Marlon @ productivity bits


I hit up stevescottsite.com yesterday and I was surprised – what? No article today? Weird! Then I realized it’s the guy’s day off which I read about the previous day.

Honestly I prefer Steve himself writing the articles. But whether Steve or Gene, heck – I can’t tell the difference!

Nice post as always!

Marlon @ productivity bits


I didn’t even notice that it was not Steve “speaking” until I read the note at the bottom. I am quite familiar with Steve’s “voice” by now but I can’t tell the difference.

I tried ping.fm but it just fell on the way side. I do my updates manually but now I’m getting tired of it. Maybe I should try Amplify and see what happens.

Great post BTW

Steve Scott

The genius of using the amplify method is really hat it is a time saver, it is like Ping.fm, but it has more options (including ping.fm)


This looks like a useful service. I will try it out. Thanks for the tip “Steve”. I also installed CommentLuv after seeing it for the first time on this site.

Steve Scott

You will like amplify, just make sure to take the time first run through to add all the other networks (and join them if you have to). I thin all those extra links can really be helpful!

James M

I had looked at Amplify a while ago but never really considered it useful. Guess I was wrong! Time to look at it again and start using it.

Thanks for the post about this useful tool.

Steve Scott

Make sure you set up all the networks that it “cc’s” to. that is what makes it really shine. It gives out a lot of links with minimal effort


I’ve been on Amplify for some time and love it. It’s ease of use makes this a no-brainer. You can also brand the site to closely match your home blog by changing the background color and dropping a header onto it.

Great idea to add a couple of other sites like blogger and Wordpress, which I’ve not done as yet. Have to handle that soon.

Good stuff, Gene.

Steve Scott

Thanks for the info on branding the site. Hadn’t really thought of that one.

Daniel M. Wood

Thanks a lot for this great advise Steve.
I have added Amplify to my marketing mix 🙂
Great article and thanks again for the help Steve, keep up the great work.


Hi Steve,

I have been with Amplify for some time but don’t use it in the way that I should, I do post occasionally but never spend as much time there as I do on Facebook and Twitter which is why of course I don’t get a lot of feedback. Maybe time to rethink that and see if I can get better results.

Have a great weekend 🙂

Steve Scott

Amplify will not likely get as much driect feedback as facebook/twitter (though it will get some) but it will give a lot of links if you add all the possible options that it can link to. Certainly worth the little amount of time spent posting and gaining a few followers.

Fran Aslam From Onlinewriter

Hi Steve:

Awesome post after one day off. I do use many of the sites you mentioned, but do not use Amplify. Sounds like a good idea.
Also you mentioned you copy post on another site of word press and blogger blog,
You mean you have a copy of the blog with all the posts with another name ? I did not understand it. If you read my comment can you explain a little bit about that.

Thanks for a nice post about traffic that everyone needs.

Fran A

Steve Scott

Sorry if it was a little unclear. The whole point is that all of those sites (and a wordpress and blogger blog) are automatically updated when you amplify. It is just a matter of adding them in the “settings”

Amplify itself is good….but when you add in linking all the other sites with updates in one single click it can really rock

Adam Paudyal


Amplify seems like a must have tool for me. Definitely going to get it!

Thanks for the detailed tidbits and the steps. Appreciate it Steve or Gene should I say (O:

John McNally@Blogging for Pleasure and Profit

Thanks Gene, this is what I’ve been waiting for, something quick and automatic that I can use for Facebook and Twitter.

I’m the same as you and Scott, I don’t really like socialising on computers. I think It’s a woman thing, but don’t tell anyone else, I could get in trouble. 😉

Thanks again to you Scott brothers, I’ve got to go now, I want to install Amplify and get started with my non-committal computer socialising campaign.

Going through the motions of socialising in Leamington Spa, England


Hi Steve

A day off eh…sounds like a good idea 🙂 and thanks Gene for such an informative post. I keep seeing about Amplify but didn’t know what it was so now that I know that even this technophobe could work with it I will now go see what I can do.

Patricia Perth Australia

Bryan@Work From Home

Steve, I mean Gene!

I’ve been using Amplify for a long time. Hm, we must connect. It is a great place to get traffic and get additional eyeballs. You’re right about networking. As with most social networks. if you don’t do that it wouldn’t work. I think the comments section has revealed a whole lot more potential ppl to network with 😀


I do have a question about using Amplify. Is it better to use the blog feature or the status updates for backlinks?

Mark of Success

Hey Steve and Gene,

That’s one tool that I hadn’t heard about. Now I don’t use even a tiny portion of those that I’ve heard of until now, but this one seems to be one that I must give a shot.

Thanks for introducing this tool to us and throwing some light on its features. I’ll surely give it a try.

Steve, by the way, how does it feel like when you are not blogging everyday? LOL!


Steve Scott

amplify really is a good tool. YOu will like it. Make sure you sign up for all the “other” sites and link them and set up. Once you’ve done that you have a nice easy way to spread your “word” quickly and easily on a daily basis.

Mark of Success

Slept over this thought of Amplify last night, and woke up this morning with what I thought was a dream, rather, nightmare. Thinking about it,… wouldn’t it be a copyright violation if I amplify someone else’s content while I have also set up a blog on which all my amplified content is going to land up on? That’s like stealing others’ content, just that it is a nice way of saying that I am amplifying your content and not really grabbing it. Do you see my point?

AJ Clarke@Premium WordPress Themes

I just started doing a bit more social media lately (wow it takes time…but so worth it). This is the first time I hear about Amplify. Anyway, just signed up via twitter and I’m a bit confused right now but it seems like a very simple and useful tool.

I love how you can share content on other sites like Tumblr and Twitter automatically. Thanks for sharing Steve!

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