[Free Kindle Book] 8 Simple Steps to Get 100,000 Blog Visitors without Working 8 Days a Week

by Steve Scott | Join Him On Facebook

8 Simple Steps to Get 100,00 Blog Visitors without Working 8 Days a WeekI’d like to announce the release of my 4th Kindle eBook:

My Blog Traffic Sucks!  8 Simple Steps to Get 100,000 Blog Visitors without Working 8 Days a Week

Like last time, I’m offering it for free through KDP Select for the next five days.

Starting today (November 5th) all the way to the end of Friday (November 9th); you can grab a free copy directly from Amazon.

Here’s more information about this freebie…

The 80/20 Rule for Getting 100,00 Blog Visitors

The premise for this Kindle book is simple.  I’ve mapped out an 8-step plan that any new blogger can use to get their first 100,000 visitors.  It’s different from other traffic plans because it emphasizes the 80/20 Rule where you only focus on the strategies that work!

The one question I get all the time is “How do I get traffic to my site?”

In my opinion, there’s TOO much information on this subject.  I think the best way to get results is to cut through the bullshit and concentrate on those small actions that are used by the top bloggers (in any niche.)

It’s FREE – With a Catch!

Like I said, I’m offering free access till Friday (the 9th).  So I encourage you to download a copy right away!


I’m asking for a favor in return.  I plan to write dozens of Kindle books and hopefully offer them for free (at first.)  I’m doing this to build momentum in the Amazon marketplace and give something back to the loyal readers of this blog.

To keep doing this – I’ll need your help!  Reviews really matter on Amazon. So I ask that you download this freebie and submit a review if you find this information to be useful. (Here is the link to the book in the Amazon marketplace.)

What If I Don’t Own a Kindle Reader?

I know some people haven’t jumped on the Amazon eBook bandwagon because they don’t own a Kindle. What’s cool is you don’t need a Kindle to access these books. (Actually, I do all my reading on an iPhone 4.)

You can read Kindle books on iPhones, iPads, Android, and other smartphones. Heck, you can access this book on your desktop through Amazon’s Cloud Reader.

In short, it’s really simple to read Amazon Kindle books – No matter what type of device you use to access the Internet.


Here is the download link to my free book ==> http://www.stevescottsite.com/myblogtrafficsucks

Please take a few minutes to leave a review and/or share this post on your favorite social media site.


Take Action. Get Results.


Mauro D'Andrea

Hi Steve, that’s a great kindle book!

I just finished to read it and it’s really interesting.
It’s complete and it covers everything that is important to get traffic.

I wanted to make a review on Amazon but it doesn’t allow me to make it…before I can write a review I need to buy something on Amazon (I made the account only to read your ebook).
Anyway I’ll share it on Twitter 😉

Steve Scott

Hey Mauro,

No problem on the review. I’m happy you’re reading it because I know you’re someone who will apply what I cover in the book.

But I appreciate the share on Twitter!


Mauro D'Andrea

Thank you for trusting me, Steve!

In fact I’m already working on guest posting and I plan to start my interview series as soon as possible.


Hi Steve
I cannot download this one from directly from amazon as it is not available in my country. Can you send me download link of the book?

Steve Scott

Sure thing! Just send me an email to stevescottsite[at]gmail[dot]com

Arwin Adriano

Great to see you sharing your stuffs with your loyal readers for free. I think I’ll have to share this on Twitter to let my followers knew about this awesome stuff.

Steve Scott

Thanks Arwin. Any sharing would help a bunch! Let me know what you think!


Great ideas, and nice marketing plan too. I’ll stick a link on my Kindle store site, might get you a few more customers.

Steve Scott

Thanks Rich! Appreciate your help…

Dewane Mutunga

Hey Steve,

Got your email yesterday, downloaded the book, read it in about 2 hours, left my review, and started implementing a few things.

You’ve created a great resource for both new and advanced bloggers. Those who take action will surely find some useful information in this book.

Thanks for the resource!

Steve Scott

Thanks (again) Dewane. The review really helps out. Glad you’re getting use from the material..

Dewane Mutunga

No problem, glad I could help you out.


What a fabulous read Steve and what a generous offer.

Okay, I knew a LOT of what you shared and some of it I’ve been telling people but it’s like they are still expecting overnight results. Man oh man, if they were just consistent with the actions they should be taking they would get the results.

I definitely want my readers to grab this so I sent you an email. Looking forward to what you have to share so until then, thanks a bunch.


Steve Scott

Sorry for the delay. Thanks again for the mention on your blog…glad to see your readers have gotten value from this report.

Tim Evans

Awesome thanks for sharing, Steve!

Just to drop my 2 cents, one great thing to do to increase readership, outside of writing valuable content, is to have friends in your niche comment on your posts. This builds trust with other readers and it activates their natural tendency to comply when social proof is present. Readers are far more likely to comment, and come by the blog again, when they see that others are doing the same thing.

Steve Scott

Tim – That’s an excellent idea! I might have to do an update and use that idea. I agree that blogging alliances can be huge when it comes to spreading the word about your content.

The perfect example is this book. I’ve interacted pretty well with Adrienne Smith over the last year. And she was kind enough to share my freebie with her audience. I don’t think I couldn’t have gotten that kind of promotion if we hadn’t already made a connection.

Anyway…thanks again for the idea!

Kesha Brown

Hey Steve, came over from Adrienne’s blog and checking out the book now! Thanks 🙂

Steve Scott

Thanks for stopping by Kesha! Hope you enjoy the book.

Dee Ann Rice


Thanks for such a great eBook and thanks for making it available on the Kindle. I read all of the time if it is on my phone.

I have an iPhone and can read Kindle books on it. I always have it with me so whenever I get a few minutes I read. I am really looking forward to reading this eBook.

Dee Ann Rice

Steve Scott

Thanks again Dee. I’ll be sure to follow up on what you wrote in email. Enjoy reading the book this weekend.


Hi Steve,

I’m just stopping by here as I read Adrienne’s post about your free Kindle book 😉 Looking forward to read it.

Thanks for your generous offer mate 🙂


Steve Scott

No problem. Glad to help out!


hey Steve,
popped in here after reading out a lot on Adrienne’s blog. Thank you for the free e book. It has given me a new ray of hope to get some more visitors easily.

Steve Scott

Happy to see it’s been inspiring. Let me know about any results you get with traffic generation.

Claude Nougat

Steve, just finished reading it, and as I said on Adrienne Smith’s blog, this is a GOLD MINE, full of good advice and useful links, thank you so much! While I’m not in the business of affiliate links like you, I do blog in the hope that one day people who like reading my blog will also want to read my novels! The link is tenuous at best, because what I blog about (like the one I just did on modern day slavery) has often nothing to do with my fiction, I just happened to blog about it because I’m interested in the topic and I think (immodestly, LOL) that I probably have something to say about it that might be of interest to others…

But your book is excellent advice for ALL bloggers and I shall certainly tweet about it and review it asap!

Steve Scott

Thanks for the support Claude. Glad you’re finding the book to be useful.

I’m starting to think about traffic generation from the angle of a budding author. (Because that’s what I’m starting to focus on.) So perhaps they’re might be follow up book sometime in the future.


Hey Steve,

so are you really stepping away from blogging? I watched your interview and it seems that producing Kindle ebooks has much better ROI than creating content for your blog.
I recently talked to some successful online marketers and I noticed they all have one thing in common: they all create products and mainly use paid traffic+ affiliates. They also all say that”free” traffic methods are good at beginning, but it’s hard to build a scalable, predictable online business that way (and it takes way too much time).
I’m curious what your opinion is about that topic…



Steve Scott

I’m not against free traffic. It’s how I built all my traffic to my affiliate sites.

Right now, I’m just finding that it’s better to create focused Kindle books that solve one problem. I’m still using the blogging mindset, just putting it on a different platform.


I will be downloading my free copy and leaving you a review shortly. I will put it on my kindle. I had no idea you could read off your iPhone 4. Just got it. Figured I needed an upgrade…lol. I tweeted and Plus 1 your post 🙂 Are you using Thesis for your theme?


Steve Scott

Yeah, do all my reading on iPhone 4. It’s a great to use “junk time” and turn it into something productive.

I do use Thesis… but it’s a custom job from Ian Belanger. Let me know if you want his contact info.

Thomas @ Mobile App Tycoon

Can’t wait to get started on it! Will try and read it over the weekend and get you up another review when I’m done! Congrats on the new book and thanks as always for making them free for us when you release them 🙂


Steve Scott

No problem! Let me know what you think…. (Also, another one is ready to go for tomorrow.)

James Hughes

Hi Steve

First time over here. I like the look of this ebook.

I’ve downloaded your affiliate marketing book because I have a thirst for this kind of knowledge at the moment, with doing a lot of promos.


James Hughes

Steve Scott

Awesome to hear James! Hope it helps.

Chimezirim Odimba

Well, I got here after the free promo days. But I love the concept of leveraging your current assets to build traction on Amazon. And although I have yet to get the book, I know you’ll use it to build a sweet buyers’ list. It’s interesting.

Steve Scott

Hey Chimezirim. Yeah, they only give us a few days to do the promotion on Amazon. The good news is I’ll have another ready to go tomorrow. Just check back for more details.

Brenda Vasquez

Hi Steve! I read your book last Sunday night on my Kindle. I think you have a great system outlined. I did a review on my blog, but I’m new to blogging and generally just get spammy comments. However, I plan to start implementing your system next week and update my blog with the results as time goes by. I’m going to swing over to amazon.com and leave a review too. I only rated it the other night. It’s not enjoyable to type on my Kindle! Thanks again!

Steve Scott

Hey Brenda…thanks for the review!!

Yes, the spammy comments get a bit too much. Just keep at it and do what I outlined in the book. Primarily, start to network and get those guest posts out there.

John Garrett

Hey Steve, hope all is well!

I missed the free promo, but I just bought the book anyway and I’m looking forward to digging into it. $2.99 is a small price to pay especially with all the free info you’ve given out. Take care, man!

Steve Scott

Hey John. Sorry you missed the free promo. But I appreciate the purchase 🙂

Anyway, I should be doing a free promo once every few weeks. So stay tuned to this blog for future updates.

Emmanuel Obarhua

I’d have love to have a copy. From what I saw on your earning report, I trust that your products will be good.

Steve Scott

Emmanuel–The freebie for this version is no longer available. But I do one of these every few weeks. So when you see it, send me an email and I’ll hook you up.

Shameer Shah

Thanks Steve. Tim Evans has a great point as per his comment above. As a consultant and a blogger, I encourage people to build a regular readership around their blog (goes without saying), but more importantly, to formulate and develop a great conversation and network around each blog post whereby giving the post commenters an opportunity to network through the visibility the post may provide. Of course this also gives the blog host great credibility!

That’s just my thought. Thanks again.


This is great Steve. I appreciate you. You gave great idea for unemployed people also. Thanks for this post…..

Ryan Stone

It is interesting to me how the blog world has just exploded recently. The concept of making money as a writer through self publishing online and gathering a following. I only wish I had started my tax preparation blog years ago so i could have a slight leg up on the competition. Great book

Shorya Bist

Hi Steve,

Thanks for sharing free ebooks with your readers.I came to know about your blog from Theodore that you are sharing very good content in your blog and he have mentioned about some of your ebook.
So i came to see what your book provides ,but when your free ebook link directing me to amazon. Let me know how can i download this ebook.

Thank You
Shorya Bist
From Youthofest


Aren’t you giving up a lot of affiliate income with Amazon? Couldn’t you put the same ebook on Clickbank and charge more for it and get affiliates to sell it for you?


I heard great things about this book from a friend. How can I get a copy of this book as I don’t have an e-reader?

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