Pardon the Mess…

by Steve Scott | Join Him On Facebook

I just wanted to give a quick update…

As you can see, this site is undergoing a total overhaul.  As a result, some things aren’t working the way they should.  Most importantly, I’m having trouble with replying directly to specific comments.

Please have a patience as I’m having my design guy fix a lot of things going wrong.

Also, a BIG apology to Brenton Russell who wrote an excellent article yesterday on two questions you should ask when faced with a challenge.   This was his first guest post, and I know he’s been having trouble properly responding to your comments.  So be sure to check out his article AND his site.

Thanks for your continued patience.

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What a lovely surprise when I landed here this evening. Looking good Steve. Wondered why it was slow to load but cos you have quality content, waited patiently.

Haven’t been here for a couple of days. Had a Guest Post and my own comments to reply to. So will do some catchup while I am here.

Looking forward to seeing the total look when it is all done. I’m sure it will be great.

Patricia Perth Australia

Devesh @ Blogging Tips

Hi Steve,

New Design looks great. I love the head er part. It looks really awesome.

Looking forward to seeing a complete design.

Ryan Biddulph

Hi Steve,

I like the new look. Especially the header. Well Done!

All the best with your overhaul.


Shane Ryans

I love the new look. It is such a warm feeling. The colors are great, but are making me want spring even more.

Chase G. Tylerson

I like the look Steve. Good luck with all the site changes and I am sorry to hear that you are having some issues with your site design. Good luck with it all!


Hey Steve,

NO worries Steve, Love the new look. Looks awesome! Been checking your site everyday and yeah I do notice a couple of things changing but I totally agree with the other readers on your header. Great design and very “Steve-like” 😀


Matthew Needham

Hey Steve,

I think the updates are looking good. It’s always difficult when you relauch/redesign something. You either take the site down and work on it until it’s fixed, or you have the cables and polythene all over the place whilst you carry out your work.

It’s all a question of balance, which I think you’ve managed well.

Best wishes, Matthew

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