Please Do Me a Favor…

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I’ve been told by several readers that they’re having problems with the comment section. Specifically, many are getting an “Error Page” whenever they try to leave a comment.

Now for the last couple of days, I have desperately tried to figure out what’s going wrong.  When I test the comments section, it seems to work fine for me- Even when I try it in different browsers.

So, I need your help…

Could you please try to leave a comment in the section below and include what web browser you’re currently using.  Plus if you’re a “techie” person, then I would appreciate any bit of advice that you could give about fixing this problem.

Now if you’re one of the people who is unable to leave a comment, could you send an email to stevescottsite [at] gmail [dot] com and give me the same information (web browser, and any advice you might have).

I know this is asking a lot.  But I want to make sure that each and every one of you is receiving the full benefit from this website.  Thanks!

Update: It seems that the problem has been fixed.  All I did was deactivate then reactivate the Askimet plugin.  Thanks to everyone for helping me out.

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Testing, testing, testing. Can you hear me now?
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Steve Scott

Hey Karen! Glad to see that your comment is going through…you were one of the people that things were going a lil hinkey with. Thanks for taking the time to do this.


No problem. Just glad that you got it fixed 🙂

Maybe there was an issue with IE8. Was it an easy fix?
.-= Karen´s last blog ..50 Inspirational Quotes =-.

Steve Scott

Pretty easy…just deactivated then reactivated the Askimet plugin.

krish- Lifesher

Using FF. As karen said there might be a problem with IE..
.-= krish- Lifesher´s last blog ..Keys For Dealing With Critics =-.

Steve Scott

Thanks for the comment…I think it was the Askimet plugin that was causing the problem.

Perry Bump

Using Opera 10.53 on a windows xp
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Steve Scott

I appreciate the comment…think it’s working now. Hopefully this will continue to work. 🙂


Hi Steve,

I’m using ie. Hopefully you get this comment.
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Steve Scott

Got it…thanks!


.-= Ray´s last blog ..Productivity or Procrastination? =-.

Steve Scott

Everything seems to be fine now… Feel, kind of stupid because it was a simple solution.


I’m testing too.
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It works! yay!
.-= Marthe´s last blog ..Inspirational links =-.

Steve Scott

Thanks Marthe. Saw on your blog that you’re planning a trip to India… you excited about it?

Steve Scott

Got it. Thanks!


I’ve never had a problem on this site and I use mozilla on windows 7, the only problem I have with any comments system is disqus and that’s when the bandwidth is low
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Steve Scott

Yeah, I’ve seen it happen with Disqus as well…that’s why I prefer the CommentLuv system. Just glad that I was able to fix this. Thanks for stopping by…

Steve Scott

Thanks Jody! Knowing my luck with technology, I’ll probably be contacting him sometime in the future.

Brandon Connell

Lol. I just noticed my wife posted this. Wonderful woman, promoting her husband and all..
.-= Brandon Connell´s last blog ..Piracy can make you money! =-.

Steve Scott

That IS a good wife! I did recognize your site when she wrote that…I just have been busy with traveling and stuff.

Looks like you’ve got some great content there!


Hi Steve,
I’m using firefox on XP, and I’ve only had a problem with it once, but that was after you’d posted the update that it was fixed (today in fact). All that happened was I posted a comment, but when I hit submit, it didn’t post (pr appear to at my end) and wiped the comment. No error page, just an errorless fail. It was in response to your videos on finding affiliate programs on clickbank and cj though, and I mentioned a site I’ve found useful for research (without hyperlinking) so it’s possible it could have triggered some spam filter due to the language.
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