[Free Kindle] 61 Ways to Sell More Nonfiction Kindle Books

by Steve Scott | Join Him On Facebook

61 Ways to Sell More Nonfiction Kindle BooksIt has been awhile since I’ve offered a free Kindle book.

So you can check out my latest guide on Amazon:

61 Ways to Sell More Nonfiction Kindle Books

This guide will be free through Amazon’s KDP Select program  for the next three days.

Starting today (March 13th) to the end of Friday (March 15th); you can grab a free copy directly from Amazon.

Here’s more information about this freebie…

How to Market Your Kindle Books

This book is the 3rd part of a trilogy I’ve planned since September 2012.  The first book teaches readers how to find a best-selling book idea.  The second details a strategy for writing a nonfiction book in 21 days.  And this last one reveals the strategies I use to promote a Kindle product.

When combined together, all three detail an easy-to-follow blueprint for building a Kindle business.

61 Ways to Sell More Nonfiction Kindle Books” is a marketing guide that details all of my promotional strategies.  Here is an overview of what I include:

  • 10 Pillars of a Rock-Solid Kindle Business (Strategies #1 to #10)
  • 4 Rules of Internal Book Marketing (Strategies #11 to #14)
  • Maximize Your Amazon Book Listing (Strategies #15 to #21)
  • Using the Author Page to Sell More Books (Strategies #22 to #27)
  • Increase Book Sales with Free KDP Select Promotions (Strategies #28 to #32)
  • How Pricing Affects Your Total Books Sales (Strategies #33 to #37)
  • How to Build a Loyal Audience with an Author Platform (Strategies #38 to #41)
  • Why an Email List is the Ultimate Author Platform (Strategies #42 to #46)
  • Advanced Book Sales Techniques (Strategies #47 to #52)
  • Follow “White-Hat” Kindle Practices (Strategies #53 to #58)
  • The Mindset of a Best-Selling Kindle Author (Strategies #59 to #61)

It’s Free, But I Need YOUR Help

Once again, I’m offering free copies (per Amazon’s KDP system) till midnight Pacific time on the 15h. So grab your copy while it’s still available.


I need your help!! In order to keep offering these free eBooks on a regular basis, I need reviews on Amazon. So I ask that you download this freebie and submit a review if you find this information to be useful. (Here is the link to the book in the Amazon marketplace.)

Don’t Own a Kindle Reader?

I know some people have had trouble accessing my books in the past. The truth is you don’t need a Kindle! There are a variety of free ways you can read a Kindle eBook:

In short, it’s really simple to read Amazon Kindle books – No matter what type of device you use to access the Internet.

If you still have trouble accessing this Kindle book, please send me an email: stevescottsite[at]gmail[dot]com before the end of Friday the 15th and I’ll sort you out.


Here is the download link to my free book ==> http://www.stevescottsite.com/61books

And here’s the link to the UK Version ==> http://www.amazon.co.uk/Ways-Nonfiction-Kindle-Books-ebook/dp/B00BSG4LXW/


Last month, I promised to start a brand new series showing how to build an authority website from scratch.

To be honest, I had a lot of obligations in the last month (like this Kindle book) where I didn’t have the time to devote to this project.  The good news is I’m starting it back up this week.  So keep your eyes posted for updates about what I’m doing to build a profitable authority site.

Take Action. Get Results.



Thanks – will read and review…

Steve Scott

Thanks Anne-Marie. Hope it helps!

Sergio Felix

Hey Steve, at this publishing rate I think I’m only going to read Steve Scott books from now on haha

Thanks for the awesome resource man, will check it out and write a review on it as soon as I’m done with it man, good luck on the sales! (although I think you don’t even need good luck anymore) 😉


Steve Scott

Thanks Sergio. I feel like I’ve been slacking because it’s been over six weeks since the last book. Have to commit to writing these faster.

Have you published on Kindle yet?

Sergio Felix

Not yet man, still stuck with an upcoming wordpress training for the CB marketplace but I will start writing the kindle book as soon as I’m done with this.

Steve Scott

Sounds good! Drop me a line when it’s ready… I’d love to see what you come up with.

Darlene at BlogBoldly

I agree with Sergio!

Hopping over to Amazon right now to get book and will pass along to friends.

I keep getting sidetracked and still haven’t published even my 1st Kindle book. Sometimes I annoy myself because the longer I postpone, the more crowded Kindle gets.

Thanks for the heads up Steve.

~darlene 🙂

Steve Scott

Appreciate the support Darlene!

You gotta publish a Kindle book. At the very least, you’ll have something to offer your blog visitors. Actually, I think this platform is perfect for blogging because it provides an instant way to monetize our content.

Let me know what you think of the book!

Christina Walker

Downloaded and reading now!

And now that you mention the other two books related to building a Kindle business, I want to read them too! Do you have any plans to bundle them or something to make it easy to read them all?

Steve Scott

Christina — I definitely plan on doing a bundle. But it might be a few weeks till I set that up. I’m hiring a professional editor to go over my older titles, so that might take a bit to complete.

Christina Walker


After reading this book I have another question: would you recommend creating a lead magnet before writing ebooks?

Steve Scott

I’d get one or two into marketplace first. That way you’re making a little bit of money and seeing if it’s actually profitable first. Then you can work on a lead magnet as a way to scale up your business and establish a platform.

Victoria @ My Daily Cuppa

Many thanks for this great offer.

I was wondering if you have done a recent update with regards to your success with kindle book selling.

I read somewhere that giving away free books is not as powerful as it used to be. Not sure it that is true or not.

Thanks again.

Steve Scott

Victoria — I haven’t really done an update. I’m kinda using these books to detail my strategies… of course, offering them for free when I first launch them.

The free strategy really works for me still. Honestly, the trick is to get reviews. That’s why I place a strong emphasis on building an email list, providing great content and asking for reviews while launching for free. It does the trick for me, and it seems to be working in the Children’s book market that I’m in.

Victoria @ My Daily Cuppa

Thanks for that Steve.

I know that have a really engaging list is a key point when it comes to promoting and being able to offer free books is a bonus all round.

Steve Scott

Yes, it’s an easy “sell” to get people to take action when you’re giving away free content. It’s basically the law of reciprocity.

Nermin Puskar

Steve, I am a true fan of your books and I really thank you for all the information you are sharing. However, as I see it, without a list of let’s say 1000+ ultra followers who are willing to download, read and leave a review (as we are with your books) reaching any success with Kindle is going to be though.

That’s just my 2 cents, and I do have over 15 books published…

Steve Scott

Nermin — I do agree to a certain degree. Having a platform really does help.

With that said, anyone can develop an audience with Kindle. For instance, I’m in the “Children’s Book” market where I have no established brand. What I do is offer a complete book for free that’s offered at the beginning of each Kindle. On the squeeze page, I offer this book and tell potential subscribers they will also get updates on any future free books. Then whenever something goes on KDP Select, I’ll send an email to this list. I just started this technique and it does help me get 1 to 3 reviews. I think once I have 20+ books in the marketplace, I can use a combination of list building and free promotions to get a lot of quality reviews.

This is not an easy strategy, but it works for people who don’t have an existing platform.

Darnell Jackson

Good one Steve,

Thanks again man, rated, tweeted now I’m ready to get my self publish on watch out AMAZON!

What ever happened to Tarzan anyway?

Steve Scott

Thanks Darnell — Appreciate the Tweet.

Sorry, don’t get the Tarzan reference. My head is fuzzy this morning.

Annie André

Dang Steve,
Another one. You must be getting really good at cranking out the books now.

I have a question though. Will you be posting any statistics regards using the kindle publishing platform and how it’s working for you. I.e. does it help to have multiple books published. Did your earnings increase with multiple books and with more reviews? or any other analytical nuggets you’ve learned.. ?

Steve Scott

Hey Annie,

Most of what I’ve learned I’ve included in this eBook. With that said, I do have two plans:

1) I’m doing a series of children’s books right now. I’m not sure if I’ll turn this into a legitimate case study, but I’ll probably share stuff.

2) Kindle publishing will be a huge part of this authority site I’m building… so I’ll DEFINITELY talk about what I’m doing with Amazon.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to send me an email!


Thanks Steve for this guide. I can’t wait to download it, read it, and give you a review. Wow, 100 book sales in a day? How many books do you have total (children books, internet marketing etc…) Do you sell more than 5 copies per book every day? Also, does this guide apply to the children niche you are in?

Steve Scott

I have 21 right now – 9 in the children’s market, 11 in Internet marketing, 1 in physical fitness. Pretty soon, I’ll start with the personal development site and publish a fourth niche.

The 100+ book sales are mostly in the IM space…but I’m confident my children’s numbers will go up once I have 20+ books, where I can have something basically for free at all times which will increase my brand awareness on Amazon.

Tim Havue

Hi Steve,
I absolutely loved the book and based on the process that you shared with us it’s no wonder you are crushing it on Kindle. I know that if I ever decide to put some books out there I have THE guide for making it a success. Thanks so much for sharing all your secrets with your audience.
Best regards.

Steve Scott

Thanks Time… As always, appreciate you taking a look at these books beforehand. Really helps out a lot!


Hey Steve,

awesome Kindle ebook. Actually I was using a lot of these strategies, but you provided with even more good ideas. I must admit I haven’t started list building yet, but will do it soon.

A couple of follow-up questions:

1. Does your 100+ sales include all your ebooks or only internet entrepreneurship niche? How many ebooks have you produced to generate this amount of sales? I guess you’ve already hit 5 figure month?:)
2. Do you think submitting ‘free promos’ to various websites is worth it?


Steve Scott

Hey Jim,

Sure thing:

1) The 100+ book sales are mostly in the IM space…but I’m confident my children’s numbers will go up once I have 20+ books, where I can have something basically for free at all times which will increase my brand awareness on Amazon. I haven’t quite hit the 5 figure mark… but I’m hoping to in the next few months.

2) The free promos do work if you DON’T have an established platform. I’m lucky to have a blog and email list, so I don’t really do the free sites. With that said, I think they work well for anyone who needs extra attention on their initial KDP Select launches.


Steve Scott

Hey Jim,

Sure thing:

1) The 100+ book sales are mostly IM., But I’m confident my children’s numbers will go up once I have 20+ books, where I can have something basically for free at all times which will increase my brand awareness on Amazon. I haven’t quite hit the 5 figure mark… but I’m hoping to in the next few months.

2) The free promos do work if you DON’T have an established platform. I’m lucky to have a blog and email list, so I don’t really do the free sites. With that said, I think they work well for anyone who needs extra attention on their initial KDP Select launches.



Hi Steve,

I like that you can absolutely apply some of your Kindle Marketing techniques to also build a loyal audience in an authority blog format.

And, this is gonna be great that you are now ready to get your next project going with building an authority site from scratch. Especially, the particulars in KW research and back linking strategies.

I really enjoyed your “4 Minute You Tube Video” Kindle Book – Plz, keep on keeping on!

Steve Scott

Thanks Wesley… should have the first installment this week and might do a follow-up post asking for reader participation.

Glad you like the 4 Minute YouTube” book. That’s probably my best ‘direct money maker’ … still works!


The Amazon HTML links don’t work when I try to setup the Author Central page

ie. Headline: <h1>The Text You Want for a Headline</h1>

They don’t work..

Steve Scott

Thanks Graham — Just emailed you with the latest things to try with your account.


Thanks Steve..

Got your suggestions will do what you suggest and get back to you..



Theodore Nwangene

Nice work Steve,
Its no doubt that this one will also be a bomb just like your previous works. Congratulations on yet another wonderful book.

Although i cannot download it, but will like to read it if you can please send me the pdf.

Thanks for sharing Steve and have a wonderful weekend.

Steve Scott

Hey Theodore — Just saw this message. Would you mind sending me an email directly and I’ll send you a copy. (Please do this from now on whenever I have a free promotion).


Hey Steve, downloaded and read it over the weekend. Gotta say awesome Job. just left you a 5 star review on it. Really loved all 3 books, together a great action plan to publish your own kindle ebooks. Thanks for sharing these awesome books with us.

Steve Scott

Hey James— Just saw that. Thanks a bunch!!! Glad they’re helping out… What types of books are looking to publish? Something on habits?


working on my new blog on building self awareness. I kind of made a shift in the focus of the blog, but still working on bad habitual patterns, but more the focus of what causes them, and reframing the sense of identity that causes most bad habits anyway.


Hey Steve, one quick question regarding tracking your sales daily. Do you track only net units sold or borrows too? US only?

Steve Scott

I do the net units sold…borrows are definitely awesome. But I don’t get too hung up on their sales. The tracking is more about measuring progress with your Kindle books.


thanks steve will download and take a look at it


Hi Steve,

You’re providing great value, as usual. One question:

You said you have 3 different pen names for the different niches. Do you use your own photo on all author’s pages or a real one for “Steve Scott” and “fake” ones for the fitness and children’s books?

Steve Scott

I use my real photo for Steve Scott. But I do use a “fake” for the children’s market. It is an image that I picked up from iStockphoto, which I manipulated through a filter to give it a unique look.

For my third pen name … in the habits market… I’m using my real photo, but I’m using a different pen name. But I’m also telling people that I publish under a different pseudonym.

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