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How Much Does it Take to Live the Lifestyle of Your Dreams?

November 4, 2010

Today we have a guest post courtesy of Gregory Elfrink of “Greg in Motion” (Facebook). Here he talks about a subject that’s near and dear to my heart – Living the lifestyle YOU deserve. This article definitely gives a kick in the butt to get going on the dreams you want to achieve. So take it away Greg…

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Starting an Internet Marketing Career from Scratch- 500 Yards to Freedom

October 7, 2010

As I’ve mentioned a few times, I’m trying to help my brother Gene start an online business. To be honest, I don’t have too much time to do this while traveling. But this is going to be a major priority when I get back in November. Right now, Gene is working really hard to get his Internet marketing career off the ground. That’s why I asked him to write a guest post describing some of the challenges he’s currently facing. The article he came up with is a really good one…plus it references one of my favorite movies!

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How I Learned about Marketing from a Dragon

September 30, 2010

This is an interesting article from Lesley Rice of Easy Content Blueprints.  Not only is a good article, I also liked it on a personal level because…cough, cough…I might have played D&D at “some” point in my life.  So take it away Leslie… I have been a sorcerer for some time, working my way up […]

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Four Life Lessons from American Football

September 23, 2010

Sean just sent me a timely guest post that discusses what you can learn from American football. It’s a great read and makes me miss watching my beloved Giants. I think Sean’s got a number of interesting points here…even though he roots for my most hated team 🙂

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Why You Should Treat Your Time Like Currency

September 2, 2010

Noel from Fitness Philippines is fast becoming a regular poster on this site. In the past, he’s written a couple of great posts on health and nutrition. Today he’s going to discuss something that’s near and dear to my heart…the idea that your time is money. If you’ve ever heard me rant about outsourcing then you know how crazy I get about time management. So that’s why I urge you to pay close attention to what Noel is about to discuss…

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Stupid Guest Post Authors Need Not Apply

August 31, 2010

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a good ole-fashioned rant. Normally I live in a zen-like state where nothing gets to me. This was harshly interrupted the other day by a dishonest, stupid person who asked to do a guest post for my site. Let me explain…

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The Drawback of Not Criticizing Others

August 26, 2010

So, as you probably know there’s a lot of talk going around about how to deal with critical people. In fact, Steve recently wrote a post on it: 6 Tips for Dealing with Critical People.

So, I thought, with Steve’s permission of course, that we would delve into the realm of why it’s important to criticize other people.

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Advice from Marley’s Ghost

August 20, 2010

This is another article from the mysterious guest poster. Like last time, this person gives an excellent life lesson that can be applied in many different situations. There’s some great information here, so enjoy!

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Tony Montana’s Guide to Leadership and Life

August 19, 2010

This is another guest post courtesy of my brother Gene. Here he gives a pretty humorous look at some things you can learn from the notorious Tony “Scarface” Montana. It’s a funny read…so enjoy!

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Three Feet from Gold – A Lesson in Quitting

August 12, 2010

For last few months, I’ve been closely watching Ben’s 6aliens blog. On this site, Ben has a lot of top-notch personal development posts that are filled with useful content. So I was really excited when he contacted me last week for a guest post.

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Caution: Flesh Eating Zombies Ahead!

August 5, 2010

I am Gene, Steve’s brother, and I am hijacking his blog today through the sheer power of nepotism. I had always assumed I would do some posts to help out little Stevie. My original plan was to do a story of the rousing early success of my burgeoning career in Internet Marketing; a true internet success story in the making!

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Don’t Ever Settle

July 6, 2010

Today we have a great post provided by ShortHairDiva. As you’ve heard me in my articles about outsourcing, she does some of the writing for this site. So I’m glad that we’re able to finally show off some of her writing. Hopefully you’ll find this article to be really inspirational…

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