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Duplicate Content Penalty by GoogleIt’s great to have an authority affiliate marketing business because you can recycle content in a variety of ways.

But there has been some discussion about what Google wants – Specifically if there is penalty for using “duplicate content” on your blog.

There’s a lot of debate about Google’s algorithm when it comes to reusing articles.  Some say there is a duplicate content penalty.  Others claim there’s no such thing.

So today I’m including a video where Danny Iny of Naked Marketing answers the question:  “Can Content Be Re-Used without Being Penalized by Google?”

Check it out here: [click to continue…]

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How to Make Money on YouTubeRecently, I’ve decided to change the scope of my niche affiliate income series.

One of my new tests is to create and post videos on YouTube.

Specifically, these videos make money from affiliate marketing by promoting brand new products.  (This is called “Launch Jacking.”)


I get the occasional email which asks about my specific YouTube strategy.

So I thought it’d be interesting to provide a step-by-step description of how I use this website.

Let’s get to it… [click to continue…]

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Build My Rank - Closed for BusinessFor the last few months, I’ve recommended the “Build My Rank” service in a number of posts.  This is a tool I’ve used to increase search engine rankings to many of my niche sites.

Unfortunately, Build My Rank (BMR) has shut its doors because most of the sites in their blog network have been de-indexed by Google.

You can read about the details on this blog post.

In a weird way, I was kind of expecting this to happen.  In the last week, a few of my sites have been “Sandboxed.”  On two of them, the only thing I did was write a few BMR posts.  So I (had) have a suspicious feeling that Google is penalizing any site that’s connected to this service. [click to continue…]

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How to Increase Blog TrafficWelcome to the sixth update of the Traffic and Conversion series!

In this monthly report, I list the exact strategies I use to increase traffic to this blog {and other websites.}

Today I’m going to talk about how experienced a 19.98% growth in traffic in February.

Specifically, I’ll discuss how this increase might actually be a bad thing.

I know most people get excited by any growth in traffic.  However there are times when a traffic increase can have a negative consequence to the success of your website.

Before we get to that, let’s break down the metrics from last month… [click to continue…]

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Niche Affliate Income SeriesIt’s been almost 2 months since I’ve talked about my niche affiliate income series.

Much has happened during this time.  I’ve shifted my focus on a number of sites and learned a lot about building small niche web properties.

The one thing I’ve discovered is you can make money with niche sites in a number of ways:

  • Information based affiliate products
  • Amazon physical products
  • Amazon Kindle books
  • Google Adsense
  • Product Launch Jacking
  • Cost-Per-Action

The end result is I’ve decided to branch out and build a whole series of niche sites – Each focusing on different income models.  (I promise to provide specific examples in the next update.)

Now the MAJOR obstacle to building niche sites is search engine optimization (SEO.)  Frankly, it can take a long time to build links and get your niche site ranked in search engines.  Sometimes it seems like I’ll spend an entire day doing one thing for a single site. [click to continue…]

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Google Search Plus Your World Update - SEO and Google+ AdviceLast week Google made another change to its algorithm.

This is an update they’re calling Search, Plus Your World.

So what is this change? 

How will it affect SEO services?

And how will it affect your Internet business?

Basically Google now includes three factors in an individual’s search results.

These are all taken from a searcher’s Google account and experiences from specific websites:

  1. Personal Results: Photos, posts and preferences from your Google + account and other Internet properties.  This includes what has been shared and things that people in your “Circles” share with you.
  2. Profiles in Search: Search results from people in your Circles, plus anyone you might want to follow – Based on your interests.
  3. People and Pages: What people and Google+ pages are related to a specific topic.  This will make it easier to follow someone because you can immediately add them to your social account.

It’s the intention of the Search, Plus Your World to incorporate personal contacts into search results.  For instance, here’s what I get when I enter the phrase train for a marathon: [click to continue…]

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