Time Managment

We’ve all heard about the benefits of outsourcing.

It’s a great dream…

You sit on a sandy beach sipping Daiquiris while an army of workers create passive income.

Unfortunately the reality is much different than the dream.

Done incorrectly, outsourcing can become your personal nightmare.  Often it’s a waste of money, time, and your sanity.

My main problem with outsourcing is the idea that you have to employee a full-time worker to run an aspect of your business.  Sometimes it’s hard to keep a single person occupied for 40 hours a week – Especially when this person is limited in their particular skill set.

Even worse, there’s the risk of a “single point of failure.”  Hiring one person to manage an aspect of your business means you’re relying on one person.  Basically… you’re screwed if things don’t work out.

I tried different types of outsourcing from 2007 to 2010.  Then in 2011, I took back full control of my Internet business.  And by the end of 2011, I was completely stressed out.

Now it’s 2012 – A new year full of dreams and major goals I want to accomplish.  That’s why I’ve decided to get back into outsourcing.  But this time I’m using a technique called micro outsourcing or microsourcing.

So let’s talk about this concept… [click to continue…]

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Overcome Email OverloadIt’s easy to suffer email overload with an Internet business.

This is when you spend the majority of your “work time,” answering pointless messages.

That’s why it’s important to have a plan that helps you managing email overload

In today’s guest post, Alan gives a simple step-by-step solution for mastering your inbox.

What I like about this article is he gives a simple solution that anyone can implement.  Use this plan and you’ll experience a dramatic increase in your productivity.

Take it away Alan…

For a lot of people these days, email is an integral part of their lives. [click to continue…]

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The Pomodoro TechniqueLately I’ve been experimenting with a productivity method called The Pomodoro Technique.

At first, I wasn’t sure if it would help.  But I’ve tested it for the last two weeks and I can honestly say it’s had an amazing impact on my personal time management.

So today we’re going to talk about The Pomodoro Method; specifically showing how this technique can help YOU get more accomplished on a daily basis.

Why You Need to Keep Track of your Time

Last week I asked a simple question:  How Many Hours Do You Spend on your Online Business?

I was amazed at how hard people work on their online business.  On the other hand, I was a little shocked that some didn’t keep track of their time.  They’ll work hour after hour; never knowing what they’re accomplishing. [click to continue…]

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Online Time ManagementLately I’ve been streamlining how I use my time.

The goal is simple.  I want to get more accomplished without working longer hours.

To get started, I had to first determine how many hours I work in a given week.

I determined that my average is about 38 hours of work during a typical week.  But this depends on what I have going on in my life.  For instance, I’ve worked little in the last few months because I’m constantly traveling.  And before that, I cranked out 50 to 60 hour weeks to complete my affiliate marketing product.

Overall though, I usually put in a standard work week like most Americans.  (Just without the hellish commute.)

What I’m wondering is what’s a *normal* amount of time for an online entrepreneur? [click to continue…]

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I’d like to start with a humble apology.  I really haven’t posted much in the last month.  There are many excuses I could make.  Instead I’ll simply say that I wanted to enjoy a month-long trip in Europe; without feeling pressure to do work.

Darth VaderyThis leads us to the topic for today’s article…

Much has been said about the concept of the Internet Lifestyle.  For some, it seems like a dream come true.  With a laptop and a wireless connection you can work from any spot in the world.  Take a look at any advertisement for a ‘home based business’ product.  Odds are you’ll see shots of ordinary folks “working” while living in a warm, tropical paradise.

With all that said, I think there’s a dark side to this lifestyle.  What’s not talked about are the many hassles that occur while running a business out of a backpack.

I’ve traveled for about 11 months in the last two years.  That’s 46% of my time working while being on the road.  During this time I’ve learned that are certain negatives to this lifestyle: [click to continue…]

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“Without promotion something terrible happens… Nothing!”- PT Barnum

Importance of online promotionFor the past couple of weeks I have spent a lot of time on an important subject: productivity.

Productivity is all about getting things done.  In the past few weeks I have discussed:

Hopefully these articles have given you some inspirational ideas AND actionable tips on increasing productivity.  So now you have free time.  (Yeah, right!)  It is time to take all those free hours and turn an eye toward online promotion. [click to continue…]

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