(This article is a guest post by my brother Gene.  Gene has been working with me behind the scenes and on his own internet business for over a year now)


That is a word that most people dread.  Everyone wants to be a success.  We want to be liked and admired.

But that dreaded “F” word always pops up. Failure.  This experience is strong enough to make you want to quit and start a new life.

Having an internet business is no different. [click to continue…]

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Google Pagerank UpdateLet me be the first to welcome our new Google overlords and masters.

Let’s face it, Google is everywhere.  Google is into everything.  Soon enough they shall create Google America, Google Australia and Google England (etc.).

The (not so) secret Google plan to dominate the world is beginning to come to fruition.  Is it time to just bow to the inevitable?

There are three aspects of the Google plan to dominate the world I would like to discuss.  The Google PageRank Update, The Google +1 Button and the Google + (plus) social network.

Let’s start with the general love/hate relationship I have with the Big G. [click to continue…]

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Motivation has been on my mind a lot this week.  Why do we do the things we do.  What tools and tricks can we use to motivate ourselves to get things done.Motivation: What it takes to succeed

This week we had a great guest post by Danny about the topic of motivation and eliminating the mindset that holds us back.

-Check out some great articles Danny has about viral marketing this week:

Talking about motivation is nothing new here. I have written a  few articles about motivation and getting things done over the past year.  I think that understanding what motivates us is key.

Everyone should understand the things that drive them to succeed, or as Peter puts it, the things that get you motivated each day.

To be successful with the “Internet Lifestyle” there is a lot of work that has to be done.  Whether your approach to it is more from an affiliate marketer angle or as a blogger. [click to continue…]

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This post might rub a few people the wrong way.  But it is has to be said…

I’ve decided to stop reading most of the content that has to do with the “Internet Lifestyle” niche.  With a few exceptions (ie: relationships I’ve built through this blog), I’ve hit the ole unsubscribe button on everything that has to do with this niche.


Simply put – I find that most of the content is completely useless.

My Internet Marketing Rant on a SoapboxWhat you’ll usually find on an Internet lifestyle site are articles like the following:

Having an Internet business is GREAT – Go buy this product to learn how to do it!


How to be super-duper-really-awesome-and-spectacular in your life


7 secrets to minimizing your possessions to 113 items


21 perfect destinations to become location independent

I’ll admit I’ve published similar articles on this blog.  But I’ve learned this kind of content does NOTHING for anyone who wants more freedom in their life. [click to continue…]

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Life is full of upheaval and change. Once you get set in a comfortable routine, things go and change on you.  Here at the Steve Scott Site we are in for some shocking, amazing and perhaps even death defying changes.

Up shall be down. Black shall be White and Night shall be Day.

[click to continue…]

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Often I take liberties with my weekend roundup posts.  I view it as a chance to get off topic, talk about something current or strange and take a stretch and link it to some current articles. Dead Cupid- Valentines Day Sucks I tend to like to write “evergreen” and I view Sunday Selections as my chance to write a little “topical” and non-evergreen fun and mix it in with some “link-love”.  It is particularly fun to get into the spirit of the “holiday” like I did for Halloween, Christmas and New Year.

So today would be the good chance to talk about Valentine’s Day, right?  A chance to delve into the history, traditions and fun of this holiday.  I even tried.  In one draft I even had a “team Edward vs. team Jacob” tween movie reference where I lumped all the articles into one of the two camps.

But the problem is… I do not believe in Valentine’s day.  Yup, I said it!  No Cupid! No “true love’s first kiss!” [click to continue…]

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