At first, it was a pretty typical weekend.  I spent all of Saturday skiing and took a day off from “work”…never turning on my computer.  Then on Sunday I woke up and drove over to my friend’s house for a few hours of Texas Hold Em.

While my buddies got the table ready, I remembered the email promotion I sent that morning to my affiliate marketing list.  So I decided to quickly log into my account and see how it did.

My Best Affiliate Marketing Day...EverWhen I saw the results, I thought somebody in Clickbank made a HUGE mistake.  My earnings were at $1,300…more than I’ve ever made in a single day….and this was at 12 in the afternoon.

Seriously, I felt one of those people who check their ATM balance and discover the bank has accidentally deposited $55,000 into their account.  For a few seconds I thought I was on a bad episode of Punk’d.

But all this money really did come from a promotion I did for a new product.  It wasn’t a trick.  I was actually making a lot of money from an email that took me five minutes to write.

It kept getting better throughout the day.  Every half hour I would check my iPhone and see how much I earned…giggling like a little schoolgirl every time I looked at Clickbank.  By the end of the day, I earned a total of $3,911.32!

Okay, I didn’t tell this story to brag.  And I’m not trying to *sell* you on any particular program or website.  All I want you to do is watch this video where I detail eight lessons I learned from my best day as an affiliate marketer. [click to continue…]

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