What is the Best Post on YOUR Blog?

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I have another quick video for you to watch today:

Like I said in this clip, I’m asking you to leave your favorite blog post in the comments section below.  It doesn’t have to the most commented or tweeted…just the one you’re most proud of writing.

In return, you’ll get a nice backlink to this post, PLUS the attention of other people who stop by and read this article.

I’ll kick things off…

My favorite is 29 Ways to Make Today the Worst Day Ever.  I’m proud of this article because it gave good information about getting the most of the day, while explaining it in a funny manner.  I really enjoyed writing it and want to get back to doing similar posts.

Well, I’ve shown mine!  Now let’s see yours.  In the comment section below add your favorite blog post…

Take Action. Get Results.



Thanks for the opportunity to share my stuff, Steve!

My personal favorite post on my blog right now is “The Cost of Physical Inactivity”. I like it because it gives people several good reasons why people should become healthier and physically fit, and it gets straight to the point:


Steve Scott


Thanks for sharing your post.



It was tough to pick just ONE. There were about 4 that I looked at, and several more I could have picked. It was a great reminder for me that I do write some pretty good stuff when I really get into it (which I needed badly, thank you!). The one I picked was “You’ve been a social media ninja-guru-expert since Kindergarten”. It was fun to write plus got some good responses. And its just fund to call yourself or someone else a ninja-guru-expert 😉


Steve Scott


Yes, that was a good one one social etiquette. Glad you enjoyed the exercise. Thanks for sharing it! 🙂

Karl Foxley

Hi Steve,

It’s funny that you say share the post you like the most as it doesn’t have to be the most tweeted or have the most comments because this seems to be the case for my personal favourite articles on my site. I really liked this article on Increasing Productivity as at gives some solid tips on working smarter to achieve more.

Thanks for the opportunity to share my post here.



Steve Scott


Thanks for sharing. I find it funny that sometimes my “favorite” posts don’t always do as well as some others. Sometimes It is just that you don’t leave much for people to “say”.

Thanks for sharing your article. 🙂

Matthew Needham

What a great idea Steve.

You’re reply to Karl above is so true. All too often what I think of as my best stuff, doesn’t get much traffic or comments.

Probably the post I’m most proud of is not necessarily one that I think is the funniest or the best written, but it is the one which has been helpful to the many 100’s of people who have viewed it (I hope anyway!)

Steve Scott


I read the article you posted, yeah it does seem to be a pretty darn helpful post. Popularity does not always = best and I am sure anyone who is discerning and listens to music or watches movie awards will attest to.

Yolanda Facio

Brilliant Idea…but then, you have lots of those!

I’d have to say my favorite post so far is my first video post. I had fun doing it, I stretched by learning new stuff and it went over well. http://www.marketingunhinged.com/marketer-part/

Thanks for asking!

Sean Mathena

My favorite post was one of my first, http://www.findyourpeak.com/finding-your-peak/5-things-to-help-you-find-your-peak-in-2010 the items I list have really made a difference in my life.

Yael Grauer

My latest one is my best. Unplugged (Or: How Not to Turn Into a Computer).

El Edwards

What a wonderful idea Steve. I’ve read some of the others already but looking forward to some quality reading thanks to this post. Like Jenn, I struggled with picking one, but for different reasons. The last few weeks have been quite a journey and like any good happiness blogger, I of course shared the journey. 😉

However, I’m opting to share one that hasn’t been read much called How can I be thankful? http://www.heavenandel.com/how-be-thankful/

I love it because of the short video always inspires me but I also love it because of the way the post developed into something of a celebration of life. As I say over there, I dare you not to find at least one thing for which you’re thankful. 😉

El x


What a generous offer! If my old host hadn’t trashed my database I’d have something to list here, but they did. I’m in the process of rebuilding the site at a new host and cannot recover my old database. If all that hadn’t happened I’d gladly take you up on the offer.

Hoping your generosity is returned to you tenfold. Have a great day.


Steve Scott


That is absolutely horrible to hear. That must be pretty much many blogger’s nightmare. Even if you keep perfect backups, it would be a pain in the butt to restart an rebuild.

Anyhow I guess look at the bright side, if you were to repeat yourself a little no one will be the wiser. 🙂

Again I am really sorry to hear about that, I can only imagine how much that sucks. This site is commentluv enabled so feel free to come and make comments in the future and get a link back to your new stuff.

Good luck rebuilding



I like all of my posts, but I would have to say that one of my most popular (my blog is relatively young) is called The Myth of “Finish What You Start” found here –

It really struck a chord with people. And I can understand that. We allow ourselves to feel guilty over unfinished projects, even when those projects do not fulfill us or provide any value.


Hi Steve,

This is a great idea.

Since I’m in the process of a revamp/redesign, my favourite is the introduction to my redesign series:


It’s time for me to give more back to the community. In my case, as you’ve mentioned, it’s not the most commented nor tweeted.

Welcome to the DoFollow community. Have a good one.

Steve Scott

I really do find that “popular” does not a;ways mean best when it comes to post, I do find that odd.

Good luck with your redesign.



Trying to pick a favorite is like picking your favorite child. One you are too emotionally involved to know. Two you can’t win. Three when you look back at an old one that you liked at the time, it doesn’t look so good any more. I will go with this one.


And thanks for asking.

Steve Scott

Wow, you almost made me feel bad for giving you a tough decision. Like it was “sophie’s choice” lol.

Anyhow thanks for the tough decision.


Susan@Home Workouts

Yeah it’s pretty tough but I thought this article was wicked awesome:

You’re already wicked awesome so no need to read it 🙂

Steve Scott

Very nice article 🙂 I did check it it. So are you from Massachusetts or Vermont? I think those are the only areas I have heard the term “wicked awesome” used with such flair! 🙂

Michele Welch

Hi Scott,

This is the first time on your blog. I kept hearing your name being thrown around. I understand why, great philosophy you have on creating comment! 😉

Anyway, really neat idea! Here’s a post a wrote a few weeks ago that I really liked and I think others did as well; that is what’s really important anyway, isn’t it?


Looking forward to getting to know your blog! All the best. 🙂

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