10 MORE Ways to Earn Internet Income

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54 thoughts on “10 MORE Ways to Earn Internet Income”

  1. The biggest problem is the content creation part. In order to establish an authority blog alone, you have to spend a lot of time on topic research, analysis and article writing each day. It may be quicker and easier to create a blog with several colleagues and share the work.

    • I agree with you Andreas, The content creation is the difficult part of an authoity blog. The topic analysis and content writing takes a lot of time than any other work in a blog.

  2. Hi Steve,
    Another excellent post in this series! And I love that you back up each one with helpful links.

    I’ve had my eye on #5 for a while. It’s one I want to do, but haven’t carved out time to do it yet. I think this one is a labor of love, and combined with the right keywords, it could be fun AND profitable. Thanks for the link, it might be just what I was looking for to give me that push to do it. πŸ˜‰


  3. I think there are pros and cons to every method. Personally for me I don’t like putting my eggs in 1 basket, so the idea of having 1 successful blog, or one huge site isn’t for me. I like the idea of micro-blogs and micro-niche sites using an affiliate program, and most importantly getting ppl’s email addresses so you can extract more value from them

  4. @Andreas you make a good point. The matter what tactic you use ultimately there will be a lot of work involved in the realm of content creation. Certainly for the idea of lots of little blogs sharing the task for somebody, so you write an original piece may be one time a week for each of the 10 blogs (or so) to make it less onerous and let you write a relatively fresh topics at all times.

    @Henway I certainly agree with you on not want all your eggs in one basket. As a matter fact the site is an attempt to branch out from my main moneymaking niche. Even with niche sites it can be a good idea to try something else on the side in case AdSense or Amazon affiliates or click bank or whatever you are using to generate money on the niche sites changes rules and policy suddenly.

    Years ago I was making a fortune on a loophole in AdSense. In one month I went from making close to five figures a month to make absolutely nothing. I certainly learned my lesson about eggs and baskets there.

  5. Love your post but disagree with #6 (but also understand why you would include it).

    Google can kill your adsense sites without a moment’s hesitation….so I tend to shun ANYTHING google.

    And you were a member of the UPS club for Adsense too back then? Been there done that bought the ticket…..but wow, wasn’t it glorious?

  6. You are right. It IS a viable model, but you had better be playing by ALL their rules…even the ones they do not tell you about. I would recommend this as only “part” of a strategy.

    Like I mentioned in the comment above, I once was (for a few months) making REALLY good income off of adsense. I was fairly new and being a little bit dodgy. Well Google slapped the loophole closed and i went from making a lot to nothing…literally ZERO.

    I also shy away from relying on adsense. For those that haven’t been burned though…. AND play 100% by the book…it can be a fine additional income. As long as people realize there is no WARNING and having everything relying on that, even if 100% above board, is a bit dangerous. Coupling this with an existing multi-site strategy CAN be good though.

    And yes, If I knew then what I knew now, I would have outsourced my process to about 20 people, paid out flat commissions for the work (and maybe a %) and made a couple million dollars in the 5-6 months I was doing it….. It was glorious.

  7. Another great list Steve. The best part is that there are so many possibilities. Though I have not used them, I have seen many examples of the Squidoo and Niche Amazon Sites ideas, and they seem like they are not too hard to get into.

    Andreas’s point about the difficulty of creating enough unique, quality content is a good one. For me, one of my biggest difficulties has been to be willing to let go of content that I don’t feel is good enough.

    I am looking forward to the next one, Steve.

    Have a great day!

  8. I heard about drop shipping a couple of years ago when I started selling on ebay. However, I hesitated using them because of the negative feedbacks I read. On top of that they are not free to join in the first place and the fee could be a little bit too much for newbies. Maybe it’s good for more established business owners.

  9. Steve,

    What a killer post bro. I didn’t know there where so many ways to make money online. It really is staggering. I like the idea of runnig a location based portal site. I lve in a fairly small town, would that have a significant effect on the model?


  10. Hi Steve:

    An informative post. I like # 1, 5,8, the most. As it sounds easy to do. All are worth
    looking into. Yahoo eStore, I have seen those ads will need only traffic and customer service, but then along with that you can start list building and email marketing for customer service and free traffic to the store. So it is just like any other affiliate.


  11. Great post here, Steve! I stumbled, RTd, and dugg the post, too. I had to look up what evil eye jewelry was…

    Regarding having an authority blog… I think we’re both on the same page here. It is a CRAP TON of hard work and isn’t very financially rewarding initially… But like you said, it’s both sustainable and profitable in the long term.

    The Amazon niche site model is one that has always interested me. I like it mainly because people feel so comfortable buying from Amazon. Chris Guthrie’s course is one I’ve considered in the past, but it’s too late for me now. I’ve gone down the authority blog route and don’t want to waste my time any more by flip-flopping between ideas! Been there and done that for far too long.

    I’m really enjoying this series of posts and look forward to the next one (or couple!). Thanks again for the great read and the great info.

  12. Hey Steve!

    Looking over your list here, I think I like 8, 9, and 10 the best. Hmm, seems I have a leaning toward physical products. πŸ™‚

    7 will never work unless you get the sort of traffic that nobody here (yourself included) could ever hope to generate. And 6 is just multiple 7’s. 6 would be even more out of reach and impossible than 7.

    Yes I do run Adsense ads on SYcom (and on another site of mine), but I have long since given up on the fantasy of ever seeing any money from it. In more than 4 years of using Adsense I’ve had a total of 24 clicks. That’s like one click every 60 days or so. The only reason I still have Adsense on SYcom is because the little square ad gives some balance to the article’s “window”.

    I’m actually not all that surprised by how much of a waste of time Adsense is… I’d never click on an Adsense ad, and I’m sure that most people wouldn’t either.

    The thing about income from advertising is that more and more people develop what I call “ad blindness”. A page can have ads all over it, but we simply block them out and don’t even look at them. I do this all the time. And those that don’t are generally too timid or scared to click on an ad.

    Advertising does have its place and is very useful, just not for generating income unless you happen to be Google or FaceBook (or anyone else equally as big).

    Kind regards,

  13. Great post Steve. I am implementing Chris’ Amazon method on one of my sites and will have to let you know how it goes. But I wanted to give a +1 to the course – no fluff just straight how-to information and method. Also I like it because Chris showed the dates on his earnings. I’ve seen many people claiming they made a lot on ClickBank but it was impossible to tell if it was specific to the product/method they were touting.

    Otherwise authority blogging is one of my favs and what I’m (mainly) focusing on. Luckily having a VA means I can try out more methods w/out all the work.

  14. @Mark Squidoo and Amazon Niche are easy to get into. They take almost no overhead and can be decently profitable. I think anyone experienced could do well. For people that arent they can still do well, but learning a few tricks might help them along the way.

    @Anne yes, drop shipping does take some money. It may be better for a person who is sure to have some success. If you only have to mail 1-2 items a week, it may not be worth it, but when you get to the point of packaging and sending 30 items a day….it is VERY worth it

    @Ryan in some ways it creates opportunity. You can really go “face-to-face” with the business owners and show them the opportunity. If the town is small to the point that everyone knows everyone, it might be a hard sell, though ranking should be incredibly easy. If you have a small town AND a tourist trade, it is pure gold though.

  15. @Fran I would actually say that NONE are ‘easy” yet none are “difficult” either. They all have some tips and tricks that I think people will learn while doing them and get better at the process. The important thing is to find those that YOU would be good at. Your first impulses are likey good ones.

    @Tristan Totally on the same page. The Amazon model is good. I have looked into it in a “skimming” manner and even made a little “loose change” but I have enough going on now, it is not something to investigate further until I succeed of fail. There are a TON of good idea to make money out there, the important thing is really to latch onto one (or a few connected ones) and ride them until you really learn the ins and outs and give it a really decent chance of success. That is AT LEAST months.

  16. @ Aussie Steve ( πŸ™‚ ) Those three would probably work well together. Your first impressions are usually decent ones for what might “work for you”.

    As for #6 being many number #7’s and adsense being a waste. I have to disagree. The important part is targeting products. If people came to your site looking for “waffles” and only waffles and you had all sorts of waffle recipes etc. And waffle adsense ads…your numbers would be up a lot farther.

    #6 is all about making those extremely targetted sites. Not a site about “hard drives” but a site about “Seagate hard drives” them have associated Adsense ads. (and likely Amazon affl link too)

    My brother has been playing around with having a few directed adsense on articles sites that allow affl links. WIth targetting a few of these he has made $20 + adsense and about the same for Amazon Affil. on them so far this month with about 3000 pageviews and over 50 clicks. That is of course using the article sites, which give a boost to ranking…but far less control.

    It isn’t EXACTLY the plan for #6, but it shows proof of “concept” I think

    @Robert Yeah, Chris’ method seems to be pretty no BS. Like everything that is possible for success online, it is viable, but a lot of hard work to make it go.

  17. Steve – as you and I both know (and you say specifically which is why I’m a fan) everything takes a lot of hard work.

    I know you’re on the Warrior Forums. From some of the comments people leave there they are looking for an easy way to do nothing. Explains how shady IM people can be so successful – they’re merely selling to what people want.

    Those that work hard are the ones that get ahead though.

  18. Hello Steve,

    This are some cool methods, and I must say that I am feeling a little down that I haven’t tried all the methods you posted here.

    Also, I think that having to deal with real products (like #8) it’s a bit cumbersome because you have to take care of the products, have stocks, maybe even rent a warehouse. It’s practically a real business with the added advantage of selling online. This model would be cool if you already had the business and extend online, because everything would be easier!

    Niche website is a cool way to make money online, the downside is that you have to (know how to ) do good keyword research and find the niches that do not only worth it financially but also have enough demand that will provide a consistent income.

    Adsense, is always a good way to start but I personally know that it’s risky and you have to pray that they wont suspend your account for an unknown reason.

    I really like your article Steve, and I really want to try at least some of the methods you posted here and haven’t try until now!

  19. Steve,

    Another great income post. I am always amazed at all the different ways people make money online.

    I agree on making money with Adsense, it is being done all the time. It does take exact targeting and the income is not huge on each site but a good system of blogs could pull off a nice passive income.

    Thanks for the link on the portal sites. I have had several ideas along that line and a few domain names for them. Targeting a local area can be big. News papers are struggling and there are some key areas they cover that has not been picked up on the Internet, yet.

  20. Can’t wait for part 3 Steve! BTW, I used One Week Marketing back about 1.5 years ago when I first got started. In fact, I think it was my first IM product I ever purchased!

    I guess I am going for authority blog…..who decides if and when I become an authority? πŸ™‚

  21. @ Alex Actually I think to be successful you SHOLDNT try all the methods. It is important to know what is out there and perhaps add a flourish to one of another tactic, but it is far better (profit wise) to really MASTER 2-3 methods than to have your “feet in” all of them

    I did my “real stock” time and I had enough of that. It got old fast…for me. but for someone else that could be a wonderful method of making money. Particularly if they are handy and MAKE them themselves and handle creation and distribution.

    @ Shiela As Alex said above. Most adsense (and niche marketing) are in the research and targeting. you get that right and there will be success get it wrong…and there won’t be.

    Portal sites can be great. Ranking for keywords locally is not too hard to do either, if you have the skills to make it worldwide on some decent longtails, you shold be able to “rule” with the local variations. After that it is all networking and showing people what you have. as the world become more and more “online” I think this will increase as a powerful method.

  22. Susan,

    Glad you are looking forward to #3! :). One Week marketing is a good first product. I actually got a copy for my brother when he started (about the same time I went to Europe). It does a really good job of taking someone with NO knowledge and walking them through some basic ideas. Jennifer writes clearly and really goes from the basic to some intermediate level stuff.

    As for authority…YOu decide. It is then up to the world to agree with you or not. That takes time. LOL. Becoming an authority is a long and drawn out process. As you gain more and more people who follow and love what you wirte it really can begin to spread itself orrganically. Keep working it and chipping away and success will follow. (in time) πŸ™‚

  23. Hey Steve,

    Great stuff you have here. I’m in the process of creating online businesses in order to finance a location independent lifestyle full of travel. You mentioned a lot of great resources that I’m going to take a look into. Thanks for sharing your insight with us.


  24. Thanks Steve, you’ve given me an idea where I can finally make some money out of pubs. I will enjoy doing the research. πŸ˜†

    I’m going to combine #2 with #5 and have a blog advertising live music in local pubs. I love watching live bands in pubs, but they aren’t advertised very well. The publican can’t afford to pay for the band AND advertise in newspapers. That’s where my blog comes in. Free advertising, pub reviews, band write-ups and reviews from customers.

    I will charge a small fee for advertising once I get the traffic established. It’s a service I’ve always wanted for myself. 8) Nobody is doing it, so I will.

    Thanks again for the inspiration.

    Leamington Spa, England

  25. @ Alyx Glad you liked the resources. I hope you do well, with your endeavors. good luck to you. Stop by again!

    @John Your pub idea sounds like it could be a very good one. Certainly worth building the traffic and sinking their little bit of advertising money off of it. Once you get a decent amount traffic you can probably leverage both local bands and local pubs for extra promotion. Since bands themselves probably always looking for publicity to get new gigs also. Perhaps even parlaying that into making websites directly for local bands. Definitely a great idea with a lot of potential!

  26. It seems that pretty much every method of making money online is a lot of work. In going through the hard work of building my way toward an authority blog (#1), the one thing that makes it all worth it is the inherent value it adds to the lives of others. I absolutely love it. Thanks for all the options, Steve. Interesting content …


  27. @ John LOL for sure! that is the whole point of real niche marketing, to find something that gets you excited just thinking about doing it. Then if you work 12 hours on it…it isn’t work, it is just FUN.

    @Scott No doubt…everything that is “real” IMO, does take work. Some more than others, but in the end they will all take effort to be successful. Thanks for dropping by Scott

    @ Brendan That rocks! Good luck with the interview tonight, I am sure you will kill it. Actually guess it was yesterday…or about now…well good luck or, “I hope it went well” whichever is applicable

  28. Hey Steve,

    You have an awesome list here! Right now I’m also going into the Amazon site model. Recently created a site based on that and still working on it. I think if you know what you are doing, you can get good returns from it partly because Amazon is great at doing upsells. But of course the bare essentials of getting your site working, SEO and keyword research has to be done. It’s not easy but yes i do agree that you will need to research, evaluate and get off your butt trying all the monetization methods otherwise you’ll never know.

    The other thing interesting is the Adsense model. Have you made a lot through that Steve? I know I haven’t made much that is why I’m not focusing too much on it even though the 10-30 model is a good way to do that. I have a few sites up and running but Adsense earnings are certainly not good. I am with the opinion that your adsense earnings still depends largely on the traffic and the location of those ads.

    #3 sounds interesting. I’ve signed up for pay per post and review me but has that been working for you too, Steve? Just curious.

    Great post btw. RT!

  29. Hey Steve, great list. I actually got started in affiliate marketing through what you mentioned in #4. Made quite a number of sales too and I was quite impressed. But when they changed their rules they knocked out a lot of different products you could promote. Although mine still fell into what was accepted, they no longer accepted my lens. Bummer…

    Have never been interested in some of those that you mentioned but have always been curious about #3. With all I have going right now though, writing for someone else would really give me no time at all. But it’s interesting to know and I appreciate all the backup you provided. Great job.

    Thanks again and the best to you,


  30. Great post! Even though I’m not getting too far into making much of an income online, I have dabbled in a few of these techniques just to better understand how they work, how to implement, etc. Great tips here. Several I hadn’t thought/heard of. If I do further implement income-earners, I’ll definitely be back for more πŸ™‚

    • They certainly are pretty limitless. I have my THIRD list of ways to make money coming out shortly and I still could make more. The opportunities are out there. Itis just a matter of working hard to get them, know ing what they are and having enough focus to highlight the ones you desire. (rather than attempting them all)

      Thanks for dropping by Danielle

  31. Steve-

    Very interesting post. I have sold on ebay for quite a while and didn’t realize how many other ways there are to make money online. This post is a great resource I can’t wait to read more. I’ll be bookmarking all these posts and trying to put this advice into action! Please let me know if I can ever help out in any way.


  32. This is a really good list Steve. I have a friend who is just starting out with MMO and he is totally confused with all the options. Will be emailing this to him.

  33. Steve

    Good list of ways to generate income on the old interwebz. Will be checking out more of your posts too – found this one from Ryan’s 100 Bloggers challenge page.

    In your own online efforts do you have one primary income generating method – or do you use a combination of methods?


  34. Hey Steve, nice article, very thorough. I was especially interested in #4 about Squidoo. I didn’t realize you could the lenses there to promote affiliate products. I may have to experiment πŸ˜‰

  35. Hi Steve,

    Excellent ideas for me here, I’m currently building an IM related blog to share tips and Ideas like you do on here… I’m still very much learning how to make money online but with Ideas like you have shared here the future is looking rosier. πŸ™‚

    I have to ask as this is my first time on your blog… What method/methods work for you right now? Or is your mailing list so big that everything works for you? πŸ™‚

    Thanks again for the many great ways on how to make money online. I’ll most difinitely be back for a scour around your blog and for the future updates.

    All the best,

    • Robert,

      Thanks for dropping by. I hope you come by again.

      To answer your question: with THIS site I am trying the building an authority blog paradigm, working on my own information product a couple hours a day and occasionally referencing affiliate products and of course starting to build a list. These are all long term type money makers. I am making “something” from this blog, but not yet enough to “live” on.

      In my other niche, which is not at all related to blogging, MMO etc. I have been doing it for 4 + years and have a nice income from it. THAT one was done mostly through similar methods. No blog there, but affiliate marketing, list building and ultimately releasing my own info product there and having contacts help me to make it sell (and where it is still one of the top ten clickbank products for that niche)

      And yes, after 4 years I have a crazy large targeted list for that niche that now makes it very easy to handle.

      All of these methods take time. It was over a year in the previous niche before I started making any significant money and I have been doing this blog for a year now too.

      Other methods may lack the “top end” possibilities, but may be much quicker. that is why “knowing” all the available methods is important, because it will help you understand what is right for YOU.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting

  36. Hi Steve, you blow my mind away with this article. I didn’t realize how much potential blogging would do. I been doing adsense and been trying to build content based websites. For now, I want to highlight affiliate networking/MLM on my new site. I just realize that based on your input, I can also plug-in the products you mentioned… awesome!


  37. I guess you can consider me part of the single content rich Google Adsense with some PayPerPost thrown in there. There are quite a few other networks to work with, SocialSpark being my favorite, SponsoredReviews isn’t half bad and BlogsVertise can work well for some too.

    Amazon Affiliate is something I am delving more deeply into as well, the potential here is high because you set the cookie even if user doesn’t buy the product(s) you pitch but make commission from anything the user may buy within the cookie lifetime.

  38. Hey Steve

    At last some work from money makers that are not a total waste of time. Personally I make my money blogging and affiliate marketing. It’s true that blogging can hard but as long as you take the time to learn effective traffic methods that work for you, then it a good earner. Not only that you build some good relationships along the way πŸ™‚

    Kerry Russell

  39. Thank you for sharing various ways to early internet income from home. I have just been relying on Content rich website and using adsense to earn some revenue from it. It’s time I also leap into other ways of Internet income.

  40. This is a great post Steve. I know a lot of people think that there just aren’t that many ways to make money online but the possibilities are endless. Just one more thing to love about working online! πŸ™‚


  41. Steve, i have been in the blogging business for the past 2 years but hardly made any money online. i had read many e books so much that my laptop is filled with many of them speaking the same thing in different ways.

    However, i like the way you were straight forward and factual in giving these tips on money making online.

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