11 Article Marketing Lessons YOU can Learn from an Account with 2,338,985 Views

Do you use ezine-articles a major part of your article marketing strategies?  If so, you’ll want to pay close attention to this po

Today, I’m going to reveal 11 lessons from an article marketing account that has over 2,338,985 Views.  I learned these the hard way – By making LOTS of mistakes!

So read on to see how to take your ezine articles to the next level.  (Also keep an eye out for the free article template hidden somewhere in this post.)


POST PANDA NOTE:  Since this article was written the Google “Panda” and “Scrapper” have come and gone.  6 months have nearly come and gone since these updates.  This has been enough time to prove that these article marketing strategies do, in fact, still work.

Let’s be honest.  The days of writing a single ezine-article and having it rank #1 for competitive keywords are long gone.  This is as much due to increased competition as the Google updates.  But article marketing is far from dead.

The Article Marketing Strategies in this post have been changed (where needed) to better match the Post-Panda article marketing world.



Right now, I’m involved in a number of projects that all tie into this blog.  One of them is a complete revamp of how to make money with affiliate marketing.  The reason for this is many of the web traffic techniques I used back in 2006/2007 are no longer working.

Analyzing my Ezine Articles Account and Article Marketing Strategies

The foundation of my successful affiliate marketing business was built on article marketing.   In fact, I used to be pretty proud that I got over 2 million readers from the articles I posted on Ezine Articles. And if you looked carefully at the image to the left you’d see the following stats (original article numbers):

  • 2,338,985 Total Views
  • 424 Live Articles
  • 5516 Average Views Per Article
  • 159,844 URL Clicks
  • 6.8% Click Thru Ratio (CTR)

There are a lot of numbers here.  But the one that sticks out is the 6.8% CTR. To be frank, this is a horrible number.  I actually get kind of nauseous thinking about it.  It’s made me realize how much money I left on the table by ignoring fundamental article marketing strategies.

The good news is I’ve learned a lot of lessons from this ezine article account.  Some of them were from mistakes and others came from things I did right!

I’m currently applying what I’ve learned and I’m currently writing a series of articles designed to increase traffic to this blog and my email marketing list.

In this post, I’m going to break down eleven lessons I’m implementing.  Apply these to your article marketing efforts and you’ll see a dramatic growth in both the click-thrus and the number of people who join your email list…

Lesson #1- Direct Article Traffic to an Opt-In Page

The first lesson is also the most important!

When you do article writing it’s important to send all the traffic to an opt-in page – Even if you’re a blogger.  This traffic method takes both time and effort.  So you want to maximize the results you get from this strategy.

I know this goes against what a lot of “blog gurus” tell you.  But I feel you can build a relationship with casual article readers even when you direct them to an opt-in page.  Just create a series of autoresponders that reference your quality blog content – Then you’ll have both a subscriber and a reader!

Using Article Marketing to build a list will give you customers that may last for far longer than a single transitory sale.  This makes building your email list THE key strategy all of the article marketing strategies.

Lesson #2- Target Specific Keyword Phrases

Back in the day, you could write an ezine article and expect it to rank well for a particular keyword phrase.

Nowadays it’s not so easy.

The truth is it’s getting progressively harder to get traffic from an ezine article.  That’s why it’s becoming increasingly important to target a specific keyword in each article and also include related words.

One trick I use is to look through Market Samurai for certain keywords that have high demand/low competition.  Then I’ll use this tool in conjunction with the Google Keyword Tool to find related phrases.

In less than five minutes, I’ll have a notepad document that has both the primary keyword and a few related phrases.  I keep this open as I write the article then insert these phrases wherever they naturally fit.

Don’t go overboard and include the keyword too many times.  This is called “keyword stuffing” and Google does not like it.  All you have to do is insert it in the title, once in opener, once in the conclusion and maybe…once in the article.  Write in a natural tone and you’ll be fine.

Lesson #3- Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Remember this – Article marketing is not blogging!

A person reading your ezine article probably hasn’t seen your other content.  This means you don’t have to create brand new content with what you write.  In fact, I recommend repurposing your content and using them as templates for future ezine articles.  This is a great way to save time and speed up the writing process.

Lesson #4- Use Killer Headlines for Killer CTRs

Think of each article as a mini-advertisement.  Like all ads, you want to grab people’s attention and practically force them to read it!

That’s why it’s important to spend a few minutes working on the perfect title.

A good headline comes down to quality copywriting.  I’ll admit I’m not the greatest at this.  However, my skill at copywriting is something I’m constantly working to improve.

I suggest looking through the Ezine Articles site to see which titles best attract your attention.  Then copy them into a file that’s saved on your desktop.  This is known in the copywriting biz as a “swipe file.”

A swipe file is great for those moments when you’re struggling with an article title.  Obviously, you don’t want to plagiarize another person’s creative work.  But you can use what they’ve written to get inspiration for a headline that gets clicks!

Lesson #5- Focus on 400 -600 words length

This is the major area where my post-Panda viewpoint has changed.  Originally I advocated articles 300-400 words in length.

The idea was to give good solid content.

Prove you know what you are talking about then get them to YOUR page where you had the rest of the information.

It is STILL desirable to leave a little something out.  Give the reader a reason to click the link.

BUT… post Panda many article marketing sites have minimum restrictions of 400 words.  They desire more valuable content and your best bet is now to give it to them.

But these doesn’t mean that you should write 2,000 word master thesis level articles.  After all you could write (4) 500 word articles in the time it takes to write a 2000 word epic.  And let’s be honest, most people do not have the patience to read the long articles.

So the best bet these days is in the 400-600 word articles.  Make the content solid but succinct.  You want to get their attention and then give them a place to GO when they’re done…Your website.

This article marketing strategy should seriously help to raise your CTR.

Lesson #6- Make the Author Bio Part of the Content

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with article content is to have an author bio that talks about your background and/or qualifications.

Nobody cares about who you are.

What people really want to know is how YOU can help them.  That’s why I recommend making the author bio area part of the content.  Don’t talk about your background.  Instead use this area to blend extra content and then recommend a solution that’s directly tied into what’s being taught.

If you’re paying attention then you know this solution is the free report available on your opt-in page.

Lesson #7- Use the Right Format

After a bit of testing, I’ve come across a great format for a quality ezine article:

  • The first paragraph introduces the topic
  • Then the main keyword comes after the intro as a bold/underlined “how to”
  • Then list 3 to 4 main points that provides short, but quality, information
  • Each main point is bolded as a way to draw the reader through the content
  • Then the final point blends the content with a hyperlink that enhances the point

Okay, I’ll admit this might be a little confusing.  That’s why I wrote a sample ezine article you can use as a template.  I’ve listed it below, but I want you to complete this post before looking at it.

Lesson #8- Put the “Strategy” in your Article Marketing Strategy

It’s important to showcase your expertise in an article.  But don’t answer every question the reader might have about the topic.  In fact, you’d be better served if you left them with the feeling like the information is incomplete.  Let me put it another way:

Incomplete information = Increased clicks

If you want to get really sneaky, write the article in a way where you talk about their problems, but never give a solution.  This creates a lot of conflict in the reader.  Ultimately this makes your website seem like THE place to go to get a solution to their problems.

It is a delicate balance and certainly is a “strategy” and an “art”.  I am not advocating complete “junk” articles that say nothing, but if you answer every single question someone has about a topic there is absolutely zero reason for them to click your link.

Lesson #9- Add a Bio and Photo

Ezine Articles encourages you to add a photo to your bio.  What’s interesting is they insert it right next to your author bio.  This attracts eyeballs to your website link – Especially if you’re an attractive woman.  (You can get mad at me for saying that, but I’ve tested this and found it to be true.)

Anyway, I recommend adding a photo to your article marketing account. And while you’re at it – Fill out the author information because many readers look at this page.

Lesson #10- Don’t Worry about Summary Paragraphs

I used to hate writing a summary paragraph for each article.  In my opinion, this was a few minutes wasted on something that didn’t produce results.

Recently I’ve done a lot of research into what works with ezine articles and I’ve learned you don’t need new information for the summary article.  All you do is copy the first few lines and paste it to this area.

Lesson #10- Learn from “Bad Articles”

Sometimes an article will flop.  It might get a low number of views.  Or the CTR is horrendous.  The good news is this happens to everyone who submits an article.  So don’t be discouraged when this happens to you.

What I recommend is to regularly analyze the “stinkers.”  Look at the article structure.  Study the keywords used.  Count the total number of words in the article.  And look at the number of words contained in each paragraph.

All of these little steps will help you detect in a pattern.  Over a long enough timeline, you’ll discover that the bad articles share common characteristics.  The trick is to proactively look for these patterns and take steps to fix them!

Lesson #11- Use Ezine Article Automation

When I mean article automation, I’m not talking about software that blasts your content to hundreds of different sites.  I mean you should create a step-by-step blueprint and outsource the entire process once your articles start producing results!

I honestly feel that writing an article is pretty boring.  Personally, I’ve had more fun watching paint dry.

By the time you’ve written 20+ articles in a niche you’ll know what content works and what doesn’t.  Furthermore, you’ll discover a perfect template for an ezine article.

What I suggest next is to take all this and turn it into a tiny little system that’s passed on to a qualified article writer.  Obviously you’ll need money to do this.  But if you followed the advice I give on this blog, then you’ll find it’s not too hard to make money from an email list.

Use this Free Ezine Article Template

Okay, like I promised before, here is the free ezine article template(Right click to save it to your desktop.)

I know some of what I discussed in this post might be a little confusing.  Hopefully this template gives a real-live example of what an article should look like.

One point though…I literally wrote this in 10 minutes.

It’s not perfect and some of the grammar is a bit jacked.  I ask you to pay attention to the format of the ezine article template and ignore some of my grammatical mistakes.

Taking Article Marketing into the future

I have dedicated a fair amount of time in 2011 to article marketing.  I still think it’s a viable online marketing strategy, but I’m still searching for the perfect system.  Google Panda did decrease the value of some sites.  But it also decreased the amount of people using this strategy.  Less people doing article marketing means lower competition.

Does that mean it is a wash?  Hard to say.

All I can say is that article marketing is still a viable strategy.  It will not be the ONLY thing you want to do for promotion, but it should be a tool in everyone’s toolbox.

I urge you to take these eleven article marketing strategies and apply these lessons to your own online business.  It is another technique that will put money into my pocket.  So I urge you to start cranking out articles that will drive traffic to your website.

Good luck!

Take Action. Get Results.

46 thoughts on “11 Article Marketing Lessons YOU can Learn from an Account with 2,338,985 Views”

  1. Hi Steve

    Yay the Monday post is here. As expected, up to your usual high standard 🙂 I have downloaded the free template as directed and I will bookmark this page when I finish commenting. Cos although I have read this post from the start to the finish; so much to take in I want to go through it thoroughly.

    So far I have not even contemplated doing article writing. Although it was suggested to me when I was just getting my blog up and running. As there has been so much else to implement, haven’t attempted this aspect of marketing yet. This will have to be on my ‘to do’ list for 2011.

    Thanks so much for sharing all your insightful lessons that you have learnt and are imparting to us. I so appreciate how much you put into each and every post you deliver here. And you still have time to blog hop and comment on our blogs too.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Thanks Patrica!

      I am glad you are enjoying the Monday articles. I try to stack them with good stuff.

      AM will certainly be worth your time coming in 2011. It is not hige instant results, but if an article ranks for your keywords, it can be the “gift that keeps on giving”

        • Codrut, Yes I spoke about this a little bit in a later post. But yeah, they tightened their policies on what they accept in general too. (which is a good) thing and also decreased the amount of ads and redesigning the page the articles are on for those lower advertising (definitly good) hopefully this will keep the articles there viable, but it plays holy hell with my CTR-article plan … but may make quality articles be the best bet there, now… which in the long run is good, though it will lower ctr for now.

  2. Thanks for the post Steve! I will say when I first got started, I did not really believe all the hype about article marketing. I didn’t think that people would actually seek out articles from article directories. However, once I started, I became a believer. I have gotten plenty of traffic from Ezine Articles, and like you, I am going to be stepping up my submissions in the New Year!

    • Yeah, ezine is by far my most used site. It is good to mix it up and put some on other sites too…but ezine is far and away the best. There is a good deal of interanl searching, but if it ranks on Google: it is GOLD.

  3. Hi Steve,

    Great article as always!

    I did try out article marketing before, but I assumed that it was like a blog post and I put in a lot of time and effort to make it like one. Reading through the lessons that you have shared has helped me to see the light. Now that I know that article marketing is supposed to direct traffic, I can focus my efforts accordingly. Thanks again for all the helpful links and the free ezine article template. I will definitely refer back to this article again!

    Irving aka the Vizier

    • Doing a quick edit on a blog post and throwing it up is fine. It will get some traffic and CTR and may make you look “better” for some readers.

      I hate it, but it is definitely true that article marketing is counter intuitive. realy killer pieces do horribly CTR wise.

      My very BEST posts say enough to prove I know what I am talking about, do not answer the “real” question and then provide a link. THOSE articles get really good CTR as well as views.

  4. Heady numbers Steve!

    I’ve learned more from my stinkers than any other strategy. Namely, I always had poor page views when my title was bland or I neglected keywords. With a more creative title – the ad mindset you mention – I received more clicks.

    I’m tweaking my articles these days and am focusing on improving my CTR, which is low. Maybe I’ll include a stronger call to action as well as writing incomplete articles, which is a super creative idea.

    Thanks for sharing your suggestions and have a powerful day!


    • In some ways I hate promoting this method, because I think that it is a “bad” article that does not directly answer a question as completely as possible. But numbers do not lie. I have run a few experiments. (some on different accounts than the one linked) and it is plain as day that the incomplete articles, with snazzy titles and call to action that seems like it DOES answer the question get the best CTR….By FAR!

  5. I think that you would probably got more, and better, more targeted customers by posting these articles on high authority blogs within your niche instead.
    On ezinearticles, there is too much noise and too many low quality articles published for it to be effective, I also think they will not be able to keep up their ranking power for new articles in the future.

    • I agree that ezinearticles has a lot of low quality posts. But using short form articles it does supply a great link (and they rank well).

      Of course if you write a GOOD article no doubt the best thing to do is use it as a guest post on a authority blog. I do believe the time it takes to write a guest post, 3 ezine articles can be written. No doubt the quality is lower, but the shameful thing is they really do get as much traffic as the better post does, specifically if they manage to rank.

      You do bring up a great point with posting articles on authority site, regardless. That is certainly a topic I will be addressing soon.

  6. Man Steve, you keep going over the top with these posts and just at the right time.

    I wanted to begin doing a lot more article marketing by repurposing older articles I have on Helium and point them to affiliate products; I haven’t decided which yet but I’m going to dig through clickbank to find the best that relate to business.

    Another thing I plan to do is to do an audit of one of my blogs to see which keywords I’m teetering on; I’m going to push hard with the articles to build backlinks but also send them to a dedicated landing page that has the freebie ebook – 2 birds with one stone.

    Finally, I want to try out a few different things in relation to the content I have on Murlu.

    Overall – it’s the affiliate program that I’m not entire sure about; could you offer any recommendations? I’m thinking things like Market Samurai when I talk about keyword research since the trial period does a great job at converting people.

    • Thanks Murray.

      Repurposing Helium articles and your “two birds” methods sound awesome. The type of thins ezinearticles (and similar sites) is perfect for! I Particularly like your dies of targeting keywords and pushing them over the top.

      I like that idea so much because I have something similar planned. Well…it is one of my “when I get around to it” things we shall see if/when it comes about.

      Actually finding good things to AM for can be a little diffuclt. You have been in this general niche as long as I have. All the good things are fairly well advertised. Like MS. A great program, I would wholeheartedly recommend it; but so do about 22,000 other people.

      I know you know all the “obvious” things. I would say hosting, MS maybe, UAM (though I go back and forth on that), Themes and perhaps some of the better infoproducts out there (tailored to topics) until you get a few that you are comfortable in giving recommendations.

      Remember to spreadsheet everything you do with what links you put on them. At a later date if you find a link that works better, go back and edit the ezine article for the new link. Easy Peasey

  7. Hi Steve, I’ve been thinking about doing more article marketing so this was timely. I send out a free sample from my newsletter to 6-7 article directories in my niche, but I’ve had similar problems to the ones mentioned above. I get fewer page views over time as these directories are stuffed full of low quality writing which get eyeballs through sensationalist titles (working on people’s fear). The other problems are favoritism, in which certain people’s work is featured, or censorship, where my article is not published at all. I think something like ezine would work better for me, although I find it very difficult to write something that short!

    • There are certainly drawbacks to article marketing on someplace like ezine, but if you follow the little guide above it can make it work.

      Just remember those sensationalist headlines do work better too! Try to make the headlines more “grabbing” and make sure you are to the point on the info you give but leave enough out and word your resource box in such a way that it will get people to know the REST of the info is on the otherside of the link

  8. Great stuff as always, Steve.

    I’ve thought about doing some article marketing in the past but felt I simply didn’t have time, but the way you’ve explained this makes it seem less of a task than I thought. it’s still some additional work but I’m going to set this up soon and get started. The fact that we can repurpose some of our existing content is a huge plus. I have content spread over 3 sites that I can repurpose, so that gives me a huge base from which to work.

    That template you supplied reinforces my resolve to get this going and brings a level of excitement.

    Your Ezine numbers are really awesome, hats off to you on that. 🙂
    I was not surprised to hear that some of the techniques from a few years ago are no longer as effective. The internet is constantly changing so I think we will have to tweak and revamp systems as a way of life. That’s a great reason to have some stats to view so we can see what’s working and what’s not.

    I’ve already printed this post so I’m locked and loaded. 🙂

    Thanks for all the great insight, man. As things unfold, I’ll provide some of my observations and let you know how it’s going.

    • Jimi,

      It can be a pain. the repetitiousness of the articles is monotonous. But they can be done quickly.

      Often when I write them I group the articles. I will write 4-5 articles in about an hour. I am pretty strict with having them all come in at 330-400 words. and writing 4-5 really closely related articles

      sometimes with even very similar content…obviously with different words but targeted to different keywords/titles

      Once you get a habit of this it can be pretty fast. Like I said it is 4-5 posts in an hour for me when I am in the groove and writing to close topics, but I do not think I have EVER written a blog post in under an hour.

      The down side is monotony.

      • Good tip on writing them in a group. The articles are relatively short anyway, so why not keep the groove going. 🙂

        I guess we can offset the monotony a bit with the benefits.

        • Jimi,

          If you use the EzineArticles WordPress plugin, you can automagically use your existing blog articles to publish directly to EzineArticles. That’s what I do. It makes it so easy – you should definitely check it out.

          Great lessons here, Steve and I would be very happy with those numbers 🙂


  9. Hi Steve:

    Ezine Articles, is just like anything else. Once something goes to the top, their main purpose becomes to keep the top position and do all the wrong things. There are so many things that are not justified there. But I like it as a directory, its program is very friendly than any other directory. Editorial team… I did not find Helium a very friendly site either and that was years ago. May be it has improved now.

    Your post is good. the eleven lessons you have described can be used to benefit Internet marketing and traffic. Key words after Google Instant and Google Caffeine are becoming a problem. Their competing changes every day now. So an article can not provide traffic due to key words changes by Google for a long time now. This situation bugs me.

    I do use Ezine Articles for direct list building.
    Want to hear more about Key word use for articles from you.

    Thanks for a post that interests me.

    fran A

    • Fran,

      I know what you mean. I have seen a definite dropoff in traffic since google instant. It certainly reduces the hits that longtail keywords get.

      That certainly falls into the “less effective now” category

      Not much can be done about that now. I am sure we cannot convince google to repeal google instant

  10. Hi Steve,

    Over 2 million article views is a lot man! I haven’t even reached the 200 mark LOL. Either way I read the whole article and have to say that the information you have provided is solid! It’s certainly a great proof that one learns best from his mistakes.

    While reading I was actually wondering whether repurposing content is a good idea. Then after a minute I reached your third point. This can take a lot of weight off a writer’s shoulders, since creating articles from scratch as we all know requires A LOT of work and time.

    The length is also something I wasn’t sure about and it turns out it is yet another relief. 400 words are not a big problem and an article of that length can literally be done in 10 to 15 minutes. There is a logic to it, since article directories are intended for readers just to get a taste of your writing and topics.

    The eighth point is really golden and can make a big difference in the clickthrough rates. Writing incompletely is something I never thought of. Thanks for the heads up on that. Simple yet overlooked.

    Awesome read in short! 🙂

    • The LAST thing you want to do is a ton of reseacrh for an ezine article. People complain that many of the articles their are low quality. I do not disagree.

      I have tried short articles that barely touch the subject and high quality articles that give complete topic reviews on the site, the lower ones get better CTR.

      It could be easy to break up an article on your site into 3-4 general topics. Each point one can be one ezine article with links pointing to your site or wherever for more information.

      #8 is HUGE agreed…

  11. Hey Steve,

    Thanks for raising this topic. I started submitting ( regurgatating really) my blog posts to ezine but was getting a crappy CTR. With these awesome 11 posts I’ll sharpen up my article skills aand give it another bash.


    • For getting it up fast, there is nothing wrong with using the plug in Karen mentioned and just copying posts almost directly. CTR may be lower and it might not get “incredible” results, but it gets something and takes almost no time.

      But if you do have time to break up posts or make grouped posts the way I mentioned (short, leave a lot out with good call to action) it is still a good method (though perhaps not as good as it once was)

  12. Hi Scott,

    You are on fire lately (not literally). These are great tips!

    I certainly can relate to having trouble keeping my word count low & noticed that CTR does indeed increase with fewer than 500 words. I had been submitting 700+ words and found that NO ONE wanted to read far enough to click.

    I think your tip about format may not seem so important, but I can tell you right now that I am going to use it tomorrow when I write my next article. It looks like it will solve my “write-all-over-the-place-then-need-to-fix-it-so-it-makes-sense” style of article writing.

    Have a great day!

  13. OMG Steve, 2.3 million views and 424 articles! That’s some serious mad stats.

    Yeah CTR is not great. My CTR ain’t great either. I think the problem is I tend to put too much effort into writing good articles and yeah an incomplete article makes people want to get more out of you. I think creating a landing page is a great idea. I’ve recently introduced a landing page for my social accounts and I think it’s a great idea to direct readers to my landing page instead since I have featured articles and a bunch of sign up cues there.

    • Landing page and converting people to an email list via free report or some sort of lead magnet is definitely the way to go. YOu can really kill a couple of birds that way getting both more traffic, passing on link juice if you have a link to your site, and building up the email list

  14. Steve, this is one of my personal favorite posts from you so far.

    Article writing is something that I really know very little about, so this was a great read for me. I’d like to start getting more into the whole article marketing thing. I’ve post a grand total of one article to EzineArticles.

    Do you submit to any other article directories, or do you focus on Ezine?

    And I tweeted, Stumbled, and Dugg the post. Again, really great job with this one.

    • I do submit to other article directories, and even have a few different account on ezine. But ezine is certainly my main one. Maybe 70-75% of my articles go there.

      It is good to spread it out some. For the “link juice” purposes it helps to have links from more domains, but I definitely find they perform best on ezine, at least for me.

      Just remember the secret is to go the opposite way from blog posts. Shorter ARE a lot better on ezine. 330-400 words and out. ANything over 400 and you are saying way too much.

      Just wet the readers beak, give a “piece” of the information and then link them to a call of action that answers the problem (or is an affiliate link, landing page, etc.)

  15. Steve,
    I’m still on the fence about article submission. I started over a year ago and then stopped. Now some people are saying it doesn’t work and you are still positive. I think I still have a few things to sort out before I decide. I think the gold in this post is getting your system down and then outsourcing the submission part,

    • Ralph,

      I WOULD say it has lost some effectiveness over time. BUT that being said I think it is still viable, as long as you do not spend TONS of time worrying over it.

      After all you get decent links from authority sites in addition to traffic, so even if traffic is lukewarm it is only half of what you are getting.

  16. Another one of your well written post Steve this is a place where i look for insirational advice i never use ezine article directory directly by that i meant submitting my persoanl ones however the stats you provide is quite impressive will check those points you mentioned thoroughly Thanks for the heads up and happy holidays.

  17. This is interesting, Steve.

    I have read a lot of the eZine’s and thought, “These are total crap! People are just slopping these together for a link.”

    Then my well-crafted, in-depth piece is ignored.

    Very frustrating, so I switched my focus to guest posts.

    Now that I have a little Science to work with I will give Articles another try.



  18. Wow Steve, THAT is a lot of article views man!
    I have like a thousand or two LOL.
    I love that you analysed your CTR and then showed us what you learned from this and showed us how not to do it.
    Awesome man. Especially lesson 6 I think. I took the most from this one, and at present I am sending them to my blog and not my opt in page – so must change that up 🙂

    Definitely a winner this post is man

    • Alex,

      Had to rescue YOUR posts from the spam bin this time. You must have angered the gods of Askimet.

      It IS a lot of article views, those are my niche site articles, so some of them have been up since 2006. That does help a lot, a few even are PR1 or PR2, so they rank pretty darn well.

      Though that is A LOT harder to get on ezine these days, I still think the basic theory is the same, and the chance to increase CTR is a big one. Even if traffic is lower double or tripping CTR is just as good as double or tripling traffic.

      I am definitely all about the opt-in page, since that builds your email list, and will still get most of them to your site in the long run.

  19. Steve,this is great. I am presently trying my hands on article marketing and is using it to rank and build links to my niche sites and opt in pages.
    This tips are so helpful.Your free sample is perfect…i have been learning article marketing from Ian from Karmicconsulting.net and most of what you just said are echoed by him but this post made it much simpler. thanks…

  20. @MK and Praveen

    Thanks guys Glad you liked it and hope you do use the templete. Talking about CTR, my recent tests with that templete (admittedly a small sampling) have nearly a 50% CTR. I think about having a CTR like that on my old stuff and i almost want to cry.

  21. Thanks for the tips Steve, I use ezine article myself and will absolutely put these tips to use. Downloaded the ezine template and will go through that too. This was very useful, Thank you again.

  22. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for sharing all of your hard earned lessons learned. This is another fantastic post that will really help us out. I really appreciate you sharing the template with us.

    It will be so much easier to write articles following your lead. I’m learning so much from reading your blog. Thanks so much.

  23. Hey Steve, although this is an older post I loved it. I had great success with Ezine Articles before and although don’t have many articles there they made me a diamond author which means the articles are of good quality. I plan to maximize ROI on this one 🙂

    I am wondering after the Panda update and the changes to the EZA rules, would you change anything in this post or recommend something else?

    • Bran

      Thanks! Some of these tips are dated, since this article was pre-panda. Ezines while still great I think lost some of its luster with the panda update.

      Like you can imagine some of these rules apply some have changed. I have experimented with ezine and other article marketing post-panda.

      I certainly will not say article marketing is DEAD. But undoubtably it is a little less effective.

      Ultimately most of my “changes” go toward what I know you would do anyhow. Write quality.

      One of the OLD truths that I USED…but didn’t like was that you could write an article that was 330-370 words and really said NOTHING and have a better CTR than a 600 word article that really answered a problem.

      Those 330 word articles will no longer make the cut. Really…that is a good thing.

      Therefore the biggest difference is #5. I would now write a MINIMUM of 450 words with a max around….650 words. YOu don’t want to write too much. You really want quality to impress

      But leaving “something” out and making that clear in your “bio” with a link to whatever WILL HAVE THE ANSWER is also essential.

      You want to give people what they are looking for…but you need them to still click that link or the whole thing is pointless from a marketing standpoint.

      Some of the other steps could be argued to be a little less effective, but like I said…#5 is flat out WRONG post-panda, imo

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