11 Extra Ways to Earn Internet Income

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26 thoughts on “11 Extra Ways to Earn Internet Income”

  1. Another great post Steve, and I love how you preface it with “legitimate ways to make money online.” It’s sad that it’s necessary.

    On the product launch hijacking idea, another technique is to launch a mini version of the product that was offered, and make it available soon after or during the big launch. Some info products can cost thousands, and not everyone can afford it, or pay that much (another rant). So you can swoop in and help these folks with something smaller at a better price point.

    As always the product has to be good though, otherwise it falls onto the other side of the fence.

  2. About the product hi-jacking, Steve, you can subscribe to JVNotify pro to see which product is launching and be ahead in the game by making website and doing SEO work to rank #1 spot before anyone else does and make money. I think that’s what the Launch Sniper is teaching people to do.

    • Cool, that sounds like a nice little bit of info Mike. Like I said launch sniping is something I have read about and seen, but I have never done, so little tips like that certainly help! 🙂

  3. Steve, when I read the last two posts in this subject I thought you’d just about covered it all, but you’ve suggested even more useful ways to make money on the internet.
    Niche stores, whether on ebay or just in general can do very very well, but I can’t overstate the need to be very careful where you get your information. As you say Chris Malta and worldwidebrands are a good place to start, I’m a member of the forum and I’m always dismayed by the number of people who have arrived there having set out to build a webstore and been very badly scammed along the way.

    • Lesley,

      You are right, this type of online stores far from my area of expertise here in another certainly is potential there can be done but I have not had much experience besides knowing that Chris Malta site is a decent place. His service they knew what be careful about you there are a lot of scammers out there to take advantage of people.

      as always thanks for adding an important and point to the conversation

  4. More goodies in the awesome post, Steve!

    You’ve provided 38 ways to make some cash, meaning that there is something for everyone.

    I have considered the product reviews via YouTube, as this fits in nicely with the niche sites I’ll build this year. Picked up a copy of Cam Studio 7 some months ago and this will be a good use of it.

    Looking forward to Robert’s post as well, sounds pretty interesting. I’d like to know how that’s done for info purposes. I have my hands full already with this year’s plan, which brings up another point.

    People should decide on a model or two and not pursue a grab-bag approach, attempting too many things at once and getting nothing done in the long run.

    Keep rockin!

    • “People should decide on a model or two and not pursue a grab-bag approach, attempting too many things at once and getting nothing done in the long run.”

      absolutely 100% agree, these plans are to give people an idea of everything out there. Some I work for one person and not for another. Is good to know everything that is available. But it is also important to only focus on a few closely related areas.

      Some of the ways to make money do work closely with others, so couple of them can be pursued simultaneously. But outside of close to related areas should only be pursuing one real “Avenue” at a time. Or one theme with close related ideas.

      It is also important to give everything enough time. Try something for one month deciding it doesn’t work is not enough.

  5. Hi Steve:

    You have written so much on this topic, three big reports, that you can create an ebook on this subject. Lots of information here. Bum marketing is the same as
    affiliate marketing, but use articles for promoting your affiliate link. If it is any different than that I will like to know the difference.

    However, Buzzle.com is next best directory after Ezine Articles. But it looks very simple and so dead. I have no temptation to write there. But their articles are really good.

    I have a feeling this site of ezine articles might stop publishing in future. They have already started three other sites. Two this year and one last year.

    Or they might be getting too many ads and needed space. Any ways.

    Fran A

    • Fran,

      Yes, there are article sites all over. Buzzle is one of the better ones (I think you might be right that it is #2 PR, but not sure. They are cropping up all over the place. But I think Google is also starting to doing them on how good it considers links from the sites. It is a hard to say most of it is guessing anyway. But they can still worth doing it and developing it within a strategy, but perhaps not as a sole focus.

  6. I’ve seen BANS a long time ago, probably when it was just hot off the press and therefore there were no reviews to be found so I was sceptic. And to think that it costs $97 it wasn’t cheap for a total newbie to try out. But now that I’ve seen good reviews about it, I think I’d go for it this time.

    • Anne,

      I have checked into the product a little bit (and read a lot of reivews) it LOOKS good, but I would be curious to know how effective it really is, let me know what you think of it if you do decide to get it.

      My impression is that it would be good for someone who is experienced but likely not for a newbie..since it all revolved around building but did not mention much about traffic.

  7. Wow Steve! You are ramming the hell out of the “make money online” stuff through this series of posts. And here I am, trying not to get overwhelmed with all these ways of making money. Well, I have been prey to the temptation to attempt too many things at one time, and I have learn’t from my experiences so far. So for now I will just stick to the basics and keep all other means for use only later when the snowball actually starts rolling 🙂

    • Mark,
      Definitely don’t get overwhelmed. Is important no options are out there, but you don’t want to be a “jack of all trades master of none” it is important that you only highlight two or three that are close to related and really go after them. It would be about impossible to be successful at them all for any single human being. there’s too much work involved in making any of them successful.

      Certainly sticking to your basics right now the best thing to do. Don’t you might be good is if you find some sort of a flourish as closely related to what you’re doing.

      OOOO and there even more ways to make money coming. Every time I think of a few I think a few more it seems…

  8. This all seem like great ways to make money, but I think that although they all seem simple now you have to work hard for each and every one of them for it to make a nice passive income.

    I really like the bum marketing idea (although some of the big article directories don’t accept affiliate links anymore) it’s still an awesome way of starting to make an income from nothing, well practically nothing, you still have to spend some time writing the article and submitting it.

    Ebay sounds like a good idea, but I heard they have some strict requirements for their affiliates. Although is nice that they are giving a percentage of the sales.

    Okay, there is certainly no excuse for those that are not making any money online!

  9. This is a good list, but some ideas are just not newbie-friendly like creating an ebay business, or creating ipad applications (unless you’re a software developer, but even then I’d create a web app instead).

    The best way for a newbie to get started is thru the blogging route with Adsense + affiliate programs. Or create a newsletter and generate a very targeted mailing list where you can pitch either your services, a website you own, advertising. It’s very flexible

    • You are absolutely right. They are not all newbie friendly. But they are out there, just trying to give a pretty complete picture. IPAD obviously needs a lot of starting technical skill or a good idea and money to bankroll a programmer and like you said, eBAY can be very tricky for someone with no experiece.

  10. Steve,

    Another great list here. I’ve never heard of BANS before. I’ve seen quite a lot of niche ebay stores on Ebay but have actually thought that a product exist to teach you how to set up niche stores.

    #9 is kind of interesting. I think this boils down to how popular a product is in the current “trends”. Probably setting up niche hub pages and “squids” is a viable idea if its a short term thing or an entire niche site created specifically for it.

    • I only have mostly theoretical experiece with BANS. It looks good, but I do think it takes starting knowledge for traffic generation that (as far as I know) isn’t really included. To really make money on Squidoo or hupages I think you really need to have a few interlinked pages on a tight niche subjects with external links coming in. Basically as a forum to attack a small niche market. Mix that in with some that you create for backlinking purposes (hey they still make something, and get some traffic) and maybe a “trend” or two and maybe you can start making some serious money over time. 5-6 pages will seem like nothing, just like 5-6 articles on a content site would. YOU need hundreds and then you start to see some serious traction and money.

      The good thing is you can build it slowly. Make “backlink” pages you use for other things. And maybe just everyso often try to make the 4-5 pages. It may take a while to get really solid money, but it could at least be a nice little residual income.

  11. Hi Steve

    I like the coaching/consulting. Would eventually love to do something like that. And you have given lots of very different ways to earn internet income. I am also going to be looking at affilate marketing with a friend this week.

    Thanks for all your generous sharing of information Steve. Much appreciated.

    Patricia Perth Australia

  12. Steve, what great ideas! Of course I’m familiar with some/most of them, but you’ve shared some great links to resources (which I’d never heard of) to make them worth investigating further. Thanks for sharing!


  13. Thanks for this thorough roundup. There are some ideas and sites I’ve never heard of before – and I’ve seen a lot of them.

    I think that coaching is a really good one for bloggers. Although being well known as a blogger is obviously an advantage, I don’t think you’d have to be a super-expert to qualify, since there are so many people out there who are keen to get into blogging but don’t know where to begin. Basically, if you can give them a few good pointers to send them in the right direction they will really appreciate it. I suspect people will pay you well for this.

    • Thanks Matt,

      I agree. That could be a great help to many. I think everything on this list (and the two others I made) are for “someone” out there. They may not be for everyone, and everyone should absolutely not try them all, but every person will have a few that they would naturally be better at. It is just a matter of finding out what the things you are good are are and capitalizing on them.

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