Earn Internet Income: 17 Ways to Create Multiple Streams of Income

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54 thoughts on “Earn Internet Income: 17 Ways to Create Multiple Streams of Income”

  1. Great list, Steve.

    I have wondered id Freelancing paid enough to be worth the effort. From what I have understood in the past, it tended to involve a lot of time with little reward.

    I have some niche sites going, among other things.

    I will check into some of your resources here.


    • Rick,

      Personally I have been on the hiring side of freelancing mostly. But having talked to a few, it certainly can be profitable. The hard part is in the beginning. It is not lucrative to fight over jobs at $5 a pop. There is a need to develop a body of work that can be shown off and then establish a clientele base that is willing to pay an freelancer what they are worth, at least $20-50 an article.

      Once you get the reputation, a backlog of quality work and a few clients it can be a nice living. The problem of course is getting there. Obviously the writing needs to be superb. Average or even “above average” will not separate a writer from the $5 a pop herd.

    • Tiffany Dow just came out with a book on ghostwriting for profit. Having been a successful ghostwriter, she gives tips on how to market yourself, how to get paid more, etc. It is all in how you position yourself.

      Peggy Baron

      • Thanks Peggy,

        I read Tiffany’s book on PLR which was really good so I simulations to send ghostwriting will be the same. It certainly seems that marketing yourself the right way in getting those initial few people is the key when it comes to ghostwriting.

        Thanks for adding the additional information, appreciate it. 🙂

    • Hey Rick,

      I’ve been getting into freelancing lately and certainly do agree that it is a lot of work O_o

      You also have to go with your own judgment and then at the time of your milestone payment, hope you did everything correct because there isn’t that kind of communication going on in other jobs. Your given a set task and have to work your way through it with little help.

  2. Another great post Steve. I use a number of these techniques you mention in combination to have multiple sources of revenue. That way if one starts to slow down the others keep everything going.

    I’m going to be ramping up affiliate marketing this year with list building at the core, and offering a number of smaller ebooks and video products. I love the one problem one solution stuff as you don’t have to put the mindset stuff in. Gets straight to the point as you said.

  3. Thanks, Steve!

    I like your #3, create micro-solutions reports. That idea has huge potential and I find it very attractive.

    #5, Market PLR Content is my main business model. In fact, I’m just finishing up a PLR product on the very subject of this post! 🙂

    Regarding #13, I believe InfoBarrel only pays you in a percentage of AdSense income and they don’t actually pay your for your articles. I’ve not seen Bukisa so I’ll have to go check them out.

    Peggy Baron

    • Hi Peggy,

      I just actually finished reading your article on PLR on Tristan’s site about 25 mins ago (and commented on Twitter a bit after that)

      I obviously haven’t “read” your ebook yet, but it certainly looks like you know what you are talking about.
      ***To everyone reading this: Since Peggy was nice enough not to scoop for a link Here is a link to her eBook, it appears worth checking out for anyone looking to get into PLR: http://allstarplr.com/becomeaplrwriter/ (non=affl link obviously)
      Yes, infobarrel does not have “upfront” on the other hand they do have a scalable 60-90% Adsense share/Chickita and amazon associates. Also you can get 2 “self serving” links. If you do not “abuse” this you can use it for affl links for another shot at profit. I haven’t done much on there…but they seem to have an interesting model.

      Bukisa actually changed up they way they did business recently. I think they are a strait 60% adsense OR Chikita (for those with no adsense accts)

      Helium and AC (now Yahoo Contributers Network) Both still have offers for decent up front AND a form of revenue sharing.

      Hope that clarifies. 🙂

  4. Hi Steve:

    Another detailed post with awesome contents for everyone. Great incentive for starting and for those who want to add another stream of income to their business. It has given me lots to work on too. Thanks for all the support you provide.

    Fran A

  5. Hey Steve, great post. It’s also important to note that folks need to stick with it. If someone jumps from one to the next then they’ll end up frustrated and overwhelmed.

    My favorite is #3. It can really be a gateway to an entire information business. Jimmy D Brown is the master of this. You sell a short report that is low-priced but high quality then you can provide more value with higher priced e-book, courses, videos, etc.

    Anyway, great solid ideas you provided here.


    • Alan,

      Very true, being a “jack-of-all-trades” and a master of none is bad in online money making. The people that do really well are the ones that develop a good sysytem and work it to the bone.
      Some of the systems are complimentary, though. YOu can do one and have it help you with another. The hard part I guess is having the wisdom to see when THIS method can help you with THAT mehtod.

      Dedication and sticking to your plan is what it is all about though.

  6. Id imagine being able to put together something for WSO would also be a good way to build up a list if you price it right. Perhaps getting a couple of the experts who have already sold well in WSO to do handful of interviews and you could have a product. Get the calls transcribed and you have basis of very good email bribe/ WSO list builder.

    • There you go Brendan, great idea! That is the sort of thing that could certainly be used to leverage existing content and also some of the authority and reputation of the experts. All it takes is a little networking, legwork and effort.

      • Of course once you have your product for your WSO you also have a bonus product that you can use for promoting other products as an affiliate. So that little bit of content can be reused and re-monetized.
        Or you create your mini site designed around small niche put of a squeeze page and give away either the transcripts or 1 interview with transcripts. Then have an thankyou page and email sequences that sells them on the full collection.

  7. Hi Steve,
    While I probably use most of these methods for earning an income, I’d have to say that freelance writing, freelance blogging, and even freelance editing are proving to be the best income streams for me. All the others are a bonus. Most of my clients are referrals, but I’ve also snagged a few cool jobs from PeoplePerHour.com, too.

    • Keisha,

      These jobs should certainly be chosen carefully by people to highlight their strengths. Those three would not work very well for me, likely. I spend way too much time writing. I am not a natural writer, I like to think I have gotten a fair degree of skill at it over time (I have been working at it) but blog posts take me a lot of time and revisions to create. I couldn’t write quality posts FAST enough to make them worthwhile as a freelance.

      But a few others work awesome for me. The secret is not to do copy what someone else did to be successful, it is in finding those money making areas, THAT WORK FOR YOU and work them hard.

      Thanks for the comment and adding some insight into the freelancing field!

      • Steve,
        I understand what you mean about writing taking a lot of time. I consider myself a strong writer, and it still takes me a lot of time – so don’t be so hard on yourself. So, as you suggest here, I DO choose my projects wisely. In the beginning, I accepted quite a few low paying assignments and all that did was pull me in 50 different directions. I now only accept projects from clients who value my time and understand what that means monetarily – I refuse produce anything that is not quality, so I’ve learned not to overwhelm myself and to plan accordingly.

  8. Steve, as always I really enjoyed this post, so many of the people I work with think that having a store on the web is the only way to make money, when really it’s only one tip of the iceberg.
    Do you think it’s possible to go down several of these avenues at once, or it best to stick to one until it is established and then more on to another?

    • Lesley,

      It IS just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many ways to make money online. There are scams and some of the ways may not make a TON of money, but there are many many out there.

      The internet has revolutionized the way we do business. Over the next few years I see the opportunities for working online (and chances to earn) increaseing exponentially. I have another whole “massive” post about these MORE ways, yet I bet I STILL have only scratched the surface.

  9. Hey Steve, what an incredible list of ways to make money online. I can’t imaging how you saved enough for another entire blog post!

    I am intrigued by a few of these that I have not considered……which one(s) did you have have the best luck with when you were getting started or after a year or so of blogging?

    • Like I said above to Lesley, I think I have likey MISSED a ton, even including next weeks post.

      For instance (I likely WILL not include this in next weeks post..but perhaps)
      I just came across a site for e-juries. The idea is simple, jury selection experts always want data, so they have people who fit broad demographics read prepared arguments and give notes on what they like/do not like.

      There are about 5-10 of these sites out there. It is unlikely anyone could “make a living” doing this. But it could be something that a person who likes watching, “court TV” and “law and order” shows might find fun for a few extra bucks.

      It is not a huge viable niche as a “career”, but is something that few people might have thought of.

      Half of the effort in making money is simply to learn what is out there and find ways to make it “work for you”
      As for which ones I had success with blogging…I am not sure I have really achieved “success” yet with blogging (in the monetary sense). I am making some money regularly…but I am still investing more than I make. Traffic is increasing nicely. so there is success…but monetization is slow.

      Most of my “success” came from my PRE-blogging efforts that were mainly affiliate marketing/niche sites/ list building with article and video marketing to drive traffic

      I hope that answers the questions.

  10. Hi Steve,

    A super comprehensive list here.

    Newbie online entrepreneurs need to find the right balance between performing due diligence and hopping in. It can’t hurt to research but it does hurt to research for months on end, afraid to pull the trigger. Posts like these can ease the transition.

    Building a small niche website seems attractive. I like the idea of focusing on a laser targeted market. Specialize to become clear on exactly what you offer. You will save your time as well as the time of the prospective customer.

    Thanks for sharing your insight Steve.


  11. Hey Steve,

    Great article, thanks. Your ‘graph on Fiverr caught my eye, mainly because we have bought hundreds of Fiverr gigs and found out through painful experience how to maximize the value of a Lincoln. That’s why we started our Best of Fiverr blog, which reviews outstanding gigs. Many of our reviewed Fiverr sellers provide services of interest to Internet marketers, from blog roll positions to article writing to getting those all-important backlinks.


    • I find fivver to be fascinating. I will certainly swing by your site. I had thought about doing a “what can you get people to do for 5 bucks” site based on funny ideas for fivver, I just couldn’t figure out a endgame to monetize it, and don’t have the time for a website just for “kicks”

  12. Nice list! I’m especially interested in podcasting and video casting. Tomorrow I’m expecting my super-duper video camera to arrive, and I can’t wait to try it out.

    I think the most important thing about earning money online is diversification. I write content and copy, I’m an affiliate marketer, and I run a PLR site. That way when one branch of the business is slow, I still have a decent income.

    • Good luck with your super dooper camera! 🙂 I am going to be buying a super dooper one too. For now I just have a Flip Video.

      You are right. Diversification is the key. You want to diversify your traffic sources and diversify the ways you monetize. If all of your eggs are in one basket, and you lose that basket it hurts.

      I have learned that lesson (painfully) in the past, so I agree 110%

  13. Fantastic post, Steve.

    I like the micro-solution model to mix in with the niche site building project I am currently working. You have an entire online career listed here in this post, as one can mix in any of these and make a nice multi-income model. I think it’s important to get one going well before branching out, but there are huge possibilities here.

    Thanks for this, looking forward to next Monday’s edition. 🙂

  14. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for listing some genuine ways to make an income online. There are a lot to choose from and I’ll have to think carefully about what I do.

    For me, the key is to have a strategy. I have a plan for how I want to make money online. So, I need to make sure that I can incorporate it into what I’m currently doing and I’m not jumping from one idea to the next.

    • Very important point. there are many great ways to make money online. These are really just hit the ice berg. I should have a whole new list next Monday. But it is important to focus on small and narrow areas. Just jumping from one idea to the next will make you a jack of all trades and master of none.

      like you said the ultimate idea is to be a master of three or four of these the combine closely together. everyone has their strengths is best you find the methods that play best to yours.

      for me one of the things is list building. I’ve made a lot of money off of this building in my previous niches, and that is a big part of the reason why I’m always pushing pushing pushing on list building. I KNOW it works because it has for me.

      knowing everything is out there is important to because other people can be very successful without ever touching something like a list. It depends on you, your niche and your ideas.

      Certainly set up a plan and don’t deviate from it until you achieve success or prove that some step in your plan is misguided.

  15. A great list of ideas here, Steve. I’m really hoping to start earning a decent income online in 2011. I’ve spent six months reading about the various techniques, but now it’s time to draft something out and put it into action.

    I never realized that YouTube had a revenue sharing program. It’s certainly not something I would get into since I’m camera shy. There are a lot of examples of people profiting from videos that are free. The best example that I can think of is Leo Laporte with his TWiT (This Week in Tech) empire that is worth several million. It all started with one video podcast and has kept on growing.

    • YouTube certainly does have revenue-sharing. It is not for everyone though. I forget the exact number but it starts after, “a LOT” of views.

      you’re right there quite a few million view videos start out as a fairly simple idea that just blossom. Being camera shy, puts a kink in that avenue of attack, though.

      I honestly am not crazy about video. Don’t often like to watch them, and I’m not to particularly in love with being on camera either. but I do think it is worth the effort.

      If you don’t like being on camera and idea is to use something like “Camtasia” to film the steps it takes to solve specific problems in a “How To” fashion. This way all you need is your voice, and you could actually be reading off a script, if you’re not good at talking extemporaneously

      just an idea…

  16. Hi Steve, great resources as always. Fiverr – you could try creating a product which can be sold many times – eg top ttirty restaurants in Manhattan for under <$30 per head or maybe selling your grandma's recipe for jamacian Gingerbread cake (I don't know if that exists, I just made it up) – ie something that is worth a $5 but easy for you to replicate quickly.

    Not read about Warrior forums before, I'm off to check that out.

    How to get more Facebook fan's is it worth sharing the link to the report? (since I've had my new look site my facebook fans have increased by about 25% – although that's not saying much and I don't think it's just down to the site).

    Thanks, Matthew

    • Thanks Matthew :),

      I absolutely agree. Those methods of making money on Fivver are perfect and are pretty much the only way to make it really worth your time as a long-term goal. Anything that takes longer than 10 min. to do is going to be a losing prospect in that long-term.

      Sure, it is always worth a link. Personally I am in the process of setting up/revamping Facebook myself (along with my website) so any information is always good. Although I have some “expert information” i am following. their certainly so much more to being successful than simply slapping up a Facebook page and being

  17. Steve,

    This is a nice solid list. I agree with the advise you gave Susan. You have to pick what fits you. Trying to force yourself into something that is not you is like trying to fit into the jeans you wore in high school.

    I have had such good luck with using PLR that I am intrigued by Peggys’ new book. I loved here interview on Tristans’ site. When you look at sites like Elance and Rent a Coder, there is a big need for content in all kinds of niches.

  18. What a great list you got there, Steve. I have been on online biz for a couple of years and I still get surprised when new ideas crop up. I haven’t heard of making money by podcasting. This is something new I learned today. I will definitely check it out. Thanks for sharing.

  19. First, wow, new design Steve! With a new branded logo, nice.

    Like you demonstrated on this post, there are a lot of methods to make money on the internet, practically everyone should be able to find a way.
    But one of the things that make the difference, especially for those that don’t have experience, is to start with something that you love to do. For example if you love writing, then starting with a PLR business is great, and after you win some money, learn more about internet marketing you can start with any of the other methods.

    Great post, Steve, this should definitely help anyone who decides to start making money online!

  20. Great low down…now thats what I call a list.

    This is a really useful primer for anyone looking to make money online. A friend of mine is new to the IM world and the vast number of options is staggering. He is TOTALLY confused lol

    Anyways, I do use few of these methods and I think its important not to expect a goose that lays a golden egg, instead, create bunch of chickens that lay perfectly fine, non-golden eggs and build your roost over time, thus collecting more and more eggs, and I think the analogy is starting to run away from me and taking on a life of its own lol

    Dino out

  21. Big but indeed a nice list.

    When you say to Sell “Massive Value” eBooks, i like the concept and what i often noticed from many marketers is that, they sell MANY ebooks on different niches for very small amoun (Mostly PLR ebooks)

    People love buying 10 eBooks for $3.95 or whatsoever, they find it a good deal and you can sell it like candy. I’d however avoid tougher market when i am a newbie.

    • I find nothing wrong with PLR books. Many of them night be perfectly fine. PLR content itself can be a great way to “fill gaps” .

      BUT (there is always a but…) I like to make my own stuff and hopefully it does provide MASSIVE value. eBooks particularly should not be PLR, as the material is out there again and again. YOu should have something to say. At very least a fresh approach to an old topic or a well organized approach to what is out there. eBooks should not be fly by night stuff….really once people have been burned on a few “bad” eBooks, it makes it hard for them to belive and buy more. Hopefully many people will take on providing massive value and people will know that they are getting their monies worth and more when they buy eBooks.

      Thanks for the great comment.

      I agree, when you are new it is best to find a smaller niche. Work out the ways to get to the top of that niche, then you really will have experience in what works and does not work for YOU!! Thanks for dropping by and commenting Kim!!

  22. Great list Steve! I’m a freelance writer but I’ve been thinking a lot this past month about developing a secondary stream of income (preferably one that is ongoing). One of the things I’ve been considering is ebooks so after this comment I’m off to like your page and get your free ebook! But the micro-reports thing sounds like a pretty good idea as well. Thanks for the food for thought!

  23. Steve,
    Nice list you have created here. When I got about 1/2 way down, the Elance caught my eye and I thought this was interesting. My website, which is Mid Carolina Freelance started out working strictly through elance, where I started a pretty good client base. Then I sorta built the site to cut-out the middle man (Elance), and got really interested in the whole seo aspect and value that article marketing and press releases provide. Since (two years later) I am now doing complete seo. But anyway, I still stay very much involved in affliate marketing as well

  24. I am new to blogging and the aspect of making money online. However, I think that the biggest misconception that people have when it comes to making money online is that they think that it is going to be easy.

    • Sabrina, very true! Thanks for the Comment! IT is possible to make money and there are a lot of legit ways to go about doing it. One thing tha is absolutely always true though is that there will be a lot of work involved regardless of what path is chosen.

  25. This is amazing steve.
    I just came across your blog on “17 real ways to make money on the internet” and it’s amazing. I have never thought about majority of the tips you gave. I’m impressed and will continue to check back your blog for updates on this. Kudos!

    • Thanks Mike. I am glad you liked it! It is actually the first in a series of 5 posts I did (over the coarse of a month or so). I never recommend anyone trying all of the ways, but it is nice for people to know of all the ways (at least that I could think of/find) out there and make an informed decision on which works best for them.

      Thanks for the great comment and hope to see you again.

      BTW, if you want to see more of the posts a they are all grouped together in one section of my “Start Here” page. Here is the link for the start here: http://www.stevescottsite.com/start-here

  26. Great list Steve. I personally love the WSO. There is so much potential there. Unfortunately though, in the last few months I have seen so many really bad WSOs being sold there that is kind of turning a lot of potential buyers away from WSO section never to return.

    Non the less, if you have a good product/ service, WSO section is a great place to make money fast.

    • True, WSO has always had it’s share of scammy stuff. Of course sometimes there is good stuff too. You just gotta keep an eye out for it. Anyhow, if you have a good product this can certinaly be a worthy place to sell.

  27. Thanks steve .the list of 17 is just exhaustive enough for one to start on a right footing in making money online. i just like the simple but straight forward way you give details with additional information on how to make things a reality.

  28. I tried doing freelancing when i started out in internet marketing but i rarely get jobs. well this is due to be new in the business as i have not garner any credibility yet online.

    for now i ‘m into blogging and for the past 2 years online,though i have not made any money, i am making a head way with my blog ranking for 6-8 keywords in Google first page.

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