18 Ways To Use Simple Ebooks To Leverage your Online Business

Today we have a guest post Paul Wolfe.  Paul talks about things near and dear to my heart.  E-Books.  More importantly, he talks about all the things you can do with an eBook once you have taken the time and effort to create one.  It is all about maximizing your effort.

With an amazing 18 things you can do with an eBook once you have completed it, this post should give you even more reasons to get going on your masterpiece.  Thanks Paul, take it away….Ways to use your Ebook

The eBook is dead – long live the eBook!

You may have heard exaggerated reports of the eBook’s apparent demise in your trawls around the old Interwebz.  Those reports have been grossly exaggerated – and whilst it’s true that in some markets the focus has switched to higher value content (e.g Video), not only is the eBook not dead.  But it’s gaining in popularity.

Although Amazon are notoriously tight-lipped in giving specific sales information, they were reporting Kindle books outselling hardcovers by 2 to 1 in May 2010.  And analysts predict that for 2011 Amazon will actually generate more revenue from Kindle book sales, than from sales of the readers.

And what’s a Kindle book – it’s a good old-fashioned eBook in new clothes!

So whilst some gurus may have been trumpeting the demise of the eBook – mainly so they can sell their own information for 2K or more – in fact the eBook has stealthily slipped into the mainstream.

Writing an eBook is something that few people do – yet the potential benefits are enormous.  And there are many ways you can use a humble eBook to benefit your online business – either to generate revenue for your business, or to help build an audience

Here are 18 ways you can use a humble eBook to help your business. Some  – but not all – of these strategies can be layered on top of other strategies for further leverage.

Firstly let’s look at the strategies that you can use to generate revenues:

#1. You can sell it on your website.

This is an obvious strategy.  You create an eBook.  You create a Sales Page.  You send an email to your list letting them know you’ve got an eBook for sale.  And you advertise it on your website too.

This is the basic eBook strategy that most people think of when they consider creating an eBook.

#2. You can use it as a bonus for a higher priced product on your website.

Although the eBook was created to sell on your website, you can also use it as a bonus if you create a higher priced product on a similar topic.  You’ve already written the book – simply adding a few lines to your sales page can create a higher value package in the mind of your potential customer.

#3. You can create a Kindle version and sell it on Amazon as a lead generation device.

It’s now ridiculously easy to self publish to Amazon’s Kindle store.  So you can take your eBook and publish it to Kindle.  You could do this either to generate revenue and expose your work to a wider audience – or you could price the eBook much more competitively on Kindle and use it as a lead generation device.

If you didn’t know the Kindle is starting to become a major player – there’s a 26-year-old fiction writer called Amanda Hocking who sells around 100,000 eBooks every month on Kindle.  They’re priced between $0.99 and $3.00 and she gets to keep 70% of the revenue – do the math on that!

#4. You can create a version for Apple’s iBooks Store

Although the Kindle is currently the device for electronic reading – the iPad is coming up fast.  And Apple being Apple they have their own electronic book store.  And if you’re publishing on the Kindle, you should probably publish on iBooks too.

Analysts questioned by Fortune Magazine estimate that Apple has sold between 5 million and 8 million iPads in the first three months of 2011 alone.  This is a market that’s going to get bigger in 2011 in my opinion – so you need to be there to take advantage of it.

Self-publishing to iBooks is more complex than Kindle – you need an ISBN number for a start – but it’s not rocket science.  If your eBook strategy is to generate revenue then you definitely need to be on iBooks too.


#5. You can self publish the book in physical form.

There are several ways you can do this.

The easiest is to use Amazon’s own physical self-publishing arm – Create Space.

If you’re eyeing longer term gains, you’ll make more profit per unit sold by publishing with Lightning Source.

Or if you want the book as something you can give away to offline clients, then Lulu.com gives you a third option.

Whichever way you go, creating a physical version of the book is not over complex.  And here’s an unexpected bonus – 9 times out of 10 the purchasers won’t know that it’s a self-published book.

#6. You can create an audio version.


The technology to create your own audio books is now relatively cheap – both the hardware and the software.  Turning your eBook into an audiobook will add value to your overall package, or you can sell the audio as a standalone product.  (Again, you can ‘self publish’ CD versions with Amazon’s Create Space if you wish to sell a standalone product and not have to deal with fulfillment issues).


#7. Bundle related eBooks together to create a higher value package.

If you’ve written more than two or three eBooks on related topics, then you can bundle these eBooks together and create a ‘value’ package.  E.g. you can offer your customers four eBooks for the price of 3.

Creating simple upsells like this is a good way to make eBooks you’ve already written continue to generate revenues for you.  Repackaging them in this form gives you something to launch to your market that appears fresh – when all that you’ve created is a collection.


#8. Convert your eBook into a teaching course

If your eBook is a ‘how-to’ type book, or an instructional book, you can convert that book into a higher value teaching product.  Either by adding video instruction or audio instruction.

To create even higher value you can add personal coaching/feedback into that course.

NOTE TO THE 2K GURUS: writing on a white board or reading out powerpoint slides IS NOT effective video teaching.  Only add a video element if that is the best way to present the teaching material.

#9.  Sell your eBook with re-sale rights.

Depending on the market that you’re in, a further way to derive value from your eBook is to sell versions of it with resale rights.  (Resale rights give the purchaser the rights to rebrand the eBook with their own name, business, etc and do what they want with it.)

Personally I can’t conceive of EVER doing this with my own content – but there are people who do it.  And charge good money for it too.

#10.  Unbundle your eBook and sell it as PLR content

If you’ve written your eBook in line with my article How To Write An eBook – The Outline And Bundle Method, then you could decide that the most profitable way to use the eBook was to unbundled the articles and sell the eBook as a PLR package.

Now let’s look at the ways you can use an eBook to build your audience or attract traffic to your website.

#11.  Unbundle the articles and post them to your blog.

You can unbundled the articles and post some of them to your blog to either promote your website or blog, or promote the eBook.


#12 Post the unbundled articles to Facebook


If you’ve got a Facebook presence those articles should be posted to your Facebook page too.  This can be used to either promote the eBook, or to promote your website or blog.


#13. You could create audio of the individual articles in the eBook


Rather than convert your eBook to an audiobook that you sell, you could convert the sections of your eBook into Podcast Episodes and post those podcasts to the podcast directories.  iTunes of course is the biggest podcast directory out there – but it’s not the only one.

This is an area that few of your competitors are tapping into – so it could be a good way to repurpose your content and extend your reach to a potentially new audience.

#14.  You can use the eBook as an ‘ethical bribe’ to build your list.

This is a tried and tested method of building a list – in return for people giving you their email addresses, and more importantly giving you permission to email them, you give them a free eBook as a ‘Thank You’ or incentive to join your list in the first place.

In 2011 it’s becoming a bit passé to give away an eBook though – if you are going to do this make sure that it’s of the highest quality.


#15 You can promote your website via document sharing sites

There are several document sharing sites where you could post your eBook for free – providing that it’s good quality and providing that it links back to you, this strategy will attract traffic back to your website and potentially subscribers too.

The kinds of sites we’re talking about are Scribd, Free-Ebooks.net, and GetFreeEbooks.com. There’s a bunch of others too.

#16.  Convert the individual articles to video articles

Video is the new black – and YouTube is the daddy when it comes to video aggregators.  Script your articles and turn them into video articles and then post them via TubeMogul.com or Pixelpipe.com to the main video aggregator sites.

Tip:  If your eBook articles are instructional/how-to in nature, make sure that you get those videos onto the ‘instructional’ video sites like Howcast, 5Min.com, Graspr and VideoJug.

Make sure your video articles have a clear call to action that leads viewers back to your website.

#17. Get others to spread the word out about you – give them your eBook as a thank you


This strategy is something that we’re just starting to see on the ol’ Interwebz.  Basically you give someone a download of your eBook in exchange for tweeting about it, or giving you a Facebook like.

For the person on the other side of the equation, this is now easily handled with something like ‘Pay With A Tweet’ or Glenn Allsop’s Cloud:Flood system.

This can be a good way to use your eBook to get exposure to a much wider audience.

Tip: for this to really work your eBook needs a killer headline!

#18. Use your eBook to create a list of buyers

You might think this belongs in the previous section – but it doesn’t. With this strategy you give affiliates who market and promote your eBook 100% of the commission.  That gives them a powerful incentive to get out there and sell your eBook – you then control how the eBook is delivered and can generate a list of proven buyers.

You can then target that list of buyers with other eBooks or information products that you’ve created.  The statistics I’ve read are that someone who has already bought from you is something like 8 to 10 times more likely to buy from you again, than someone who has never bought for you.

When you throw in upsells, membership programs, and other monetization methods you should start to see the appeal of this strategy.  Again, it all starts with an eBook!


Which strategies you would use would depend on what you were seeking to achieve.  If you’re in ‘audience building’ mode, then try out some of the strategies from the second half of the list.

If you’ve built an audience and are looking to generate some revenues, then go to the top half of the list.

Once you’ve written several eBooks you can have eBooks out there whose ‘job’ is to attract an audience.  And eBooks whose job is to generate revenue from that audience.

And of course your business model can add on higher priced items like coaching, group training, or other items.  But it all starts with an eBook!

Your Turn

What eBook strategies did I miss?  Post them in the comments and let’s create a vital resource for the community here at Steve’s website!

Gene’s Note:

I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I did.  Paul is a great writer, with a wonderful new site.  You can find more articles on blogging, writing, content creation, creating eBooks and online business in general by heading over to Paul’s website http://www.onespoonatatime.com.

Be sure to check out his multi-part series (currently at three) for content marketers lessons from Tiger Woods.  It is truly excellent!

For further information about the “how to” of getting those eBook’s done check out a few of these great SSS articles:

Take Action. Get Results.

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  1. Hey Gene

    Thanks for those kind words – and thanks to you (and Steve) for publishing the post. Much appreciated.

    If anyone has any questions please post them in the comments below and I’ll answer them as soon as I can.

    If you’re reading this Steve – get off the computer and go back to the beach! And have a great rest of holiday!


  2. All these ways are powerful and work..I have done most of them..at my workshops I sale my audio and DVD collection on pass marketing things I have done..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

    • Hey Antonio

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing that with us. Can you let us know which strategies you found particularly effective? And ones that don’t?


  3. Hi Paul,

    I never know there are so many strategies for ebooks. I haven’t really start create an ebook but this post should give me some ideas. Going to bookmark this for future reference.



  4. Hey lye

    Yep you can do a truckload with a humble old eBook. One thing to check out – I know you blog, so head over and check out the ‘outline and bundle’ post, because you can actually create eBooks using the same method you use to write blog posts.

    And even use some of the content as posts to promote the eBook (got that idea from Michael at Remarkablogger – cool idea michael!).

    Thanks for stopping by.


  5. I haven’t written an ebook for quite some time but several years ago I had good results submitting it to PAD directories.
    Not sure though if this will be as effective nowadays anymore.

    • Hey Andreas

      Thanks for stopping by. Aren’t ‘PAD’ directories for software? If you could turn your eBook into some kind of application then I guess you could submit it to PAD directories. The predominant benefit of that would be backlinks of course….


  6. This is why I both love Steve’s blog and Paul’s posts!!! And I am already calling Steve “my e-book idol” so this just adds to it. You both guys rock.

    I have been working on some of these ideas for awhile now, not just on my blog but other sites and learned that e-books are such a powerful medium. Thanks for the extra tips I learned today!

    • Hey Brankica

      Glad to return the favour! I’ve learned some good stuff from your blog so I’m really pleased you found some valuable info today!

      eBooks went through a phase were it seemed like they were a bit passe – but I think that was the ‘gurus’ who wanted to promote their 2K “video” courses. eBooks can be leveraged in many different ways….as you’ve seen!

      Thanks for stopping by.


      • Of course, going along that vein you could roll any 2k plus work “post” into a PDF and submit it to those directories for back-linking purposes.

  7. Excellent post, Paul. You’re really getting around and that’s a good thing because you know a ton about writing.

    “Video is the new black.” lol!

    I like to think of my ebooks as a *part* of the whole process, rather than the end. The words, the content, I’ve created become my real estate and I can repurpose it in many ways as you’ve outlined so nicely.

    But the ebook is a pitstop – a way to get traffic, make some sales, brand myself, grow my followers, educate people (which I love to do), but the process isn’t finished. Now before I write an ebook I always try to look past it and figure out how I can provide further info on the subject in the form of paid newsletter subscriptions, more ebooks, coaching, tools that will help implement, etc.

    Thanks, Paul, Gene, and Steve! Steve – I hope you’re enjoying a few tooty frooty umbrella drinks. 🙂


  8. Hey Peggy

    I love that phrase: words are your real estate. And yes, eBooks are only a part of the overall strategy – there’s more beyond as you say in the form of webinars, coaching and other training.

    But the humble old eBook has got a life left in him yet!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Appreciate it.


  9. Hi Paul

    Nice and long post by you. I liked reading it. I enjoy a well written piece on content writing because I know and enjoy once I see one, as I say “Words are my business”, they make me money and I know Peggy is saying words are her real estate. So videos might be in but words are here as long this world is, and that is good enough for me.

    Make it greate for yourself Paul.

    Fran A

      • Hey Fran

        Thanks for stopping by.

        I really love words too… I realized earlier this year that if I don’t write every day then I get grumpy and crotchety! My kids realized it too! When they go to bed they always say: Good night daddy, make sure you do your writing! (Bless!)

        I hear what you say about video – and I’d prefer to write forever. But I think we have to be realistic and video is already mainstream and with the spread of smart phones/tablets and video equipped devices the demand for video is only going to get bigger and bigger.

        The good news is that the vast majority of online videos suck – so there’s still a window of opportunity open for those people who’ve not yet taken to video.

        The even better news is that good videos need good writers. Although Hollywood treats writers like commodities (screenwriting is one of the few forms of writing where when you sell it you automatically give up the rights), they still give out Oscars for best original screenplay. And best adaptation.

        Video is here and at some stage if you don’t adopt it your competitors are going to gain an advantage over you. As I say – good writers are needed to produce good video. So if you write you have an advantage – you should look at using it if you can!

        OK. Rant over 🙂 Thanks for the comment, and no worries about the typo!


        • Paul,

          Totally off topic, but something you said in you comment to Fran roused a mini-rant with me.

          I 100% agree with hollywood/TV treating their writers like commodities. It really irks me.

          I have been an avid reader my whole life. I love a good story; any good story. It has always gotten under my skin that the television and movie companies have historically done such a poor job of conveying story.

          Directors and Actors are important, but to me the writing is far more important. A 5 star actor and and incredible actor have a -shit- script and the film will still be crap. Reverse that and a good script can make the average director/actor look great.

          Only in the last few years has the “story” mattered on TV and then usually it is only in places like HBO, showtime and AMC series.

          Sorry for the way-way off topic rant to just say. I agree. But hey, I have to get my writing in for the day too. 🙂

          • Gene

            no need to apologize – I totally agree. I think it’s a scandal that the screenwriting oscars are what, 12th and 13th in the pecking order. Something like that.

            Now I totally get films are a team activity – to make a great film you need the screenwriter, the director, the cinematographer, the music guy (forget the term they use – think John Williams or Hans Zimmer) , and most of the top actors/actresses to bring their A Game – but if you’ve ever read any of William Goldman’s writings on how Hollywood actually works you’d be surprised to see ANY good films come out of Hollywood.


            I mean, some of the shit that goes on. Unbelievable.

            I think TV writers get a better deal – didn’t a bunch of the writers of ‘Friends’ naturally get promoted to producer/co-producer status with the financial and status benefits to go with it.

            I also think that a lot of the best ‘film’ writing these days in done in TV. Reading about the best shows you find the writers tend to be much more of a collaborative part of the creation process than in the cinema, where they are just treated like crap.

            Oopppssss – now you made ME rant! LOL. Just finishing up my writing for the day, it’s geting late here. Catch you tomorrow. Thanks again for your kind words…


  10. I would add – you can give your ebook away in giveaways and contests on your own blog as well as a sponsor item on others.

    I really like your “record as audio” idea – I may have to use that one, indeed!

  11. hey Keisha

    Thanks for stopping by today. And thanks for adding another use – when I saw your comment I mentally kicked myself for not thinking of that one!

    But hey, let’s look on the bright side. We’re up to 19 now!

    Thanks again.


  12. Steve and Paul, aloha. Steve, thx so much for having Paul over to guest post. Paul, thank you for this incredible resource; it is not “living” on my computer for easy reference.

    Since I am in the midst or, should I say, in the throes of writing my first e-book, this post is especially timely. Paul, seeing all of your ideas for what can be done with an e-book inspires me to make sure I kick it up several notches. I look forward to following the links and learning more from you.

    Your sharing of your vast knowledge is much appreciated. Aloha. Janet

    • Hey Janet

      Thanks for flying in from Hawaii and leaving a comment! eBooks are indeed versatile little creatures – and are great ways of leveraging your online activities, whether that’s to generate revenue, or generate leads.

      And there are plenty of ways of putting an eBook together too. Steve was kind enough to link to a post I wrote on my site – called the ‘Outline and Bundle’ method – go check it out and have a look. It’s a great way for BLOGGERS to put eBooks together.

      Have a great day.


    • Dana

      That’s certainly something you can do when you create your eBOoks. Or if you’re giving away eBooks to build your list you can make sure there are enabled links back to your website so that people can just click and go.

      Or you could put in links in free eBooks to paid products that you’ve created. What exactly you do depends on what you’re ultimate goal is with the eBook.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  13. As for #5 — I’ve got a tip for you. I don’t know if you’ve thought of this before or not — but people reading your blog truly love it. Right?

    That is exactly why you should consider releasing your whole blog in a physical format. As a book!

    At least that is what I’m going to do in order for my personal brand to blossom even more… 🙂


    • Nabil

      In terms of your whole blog what might be cooler is to sign up your blog to Kindle – so people can download it from Kindle. If you want to know how to do it, Brankica from LiveYourLive (who commented above) has a post on her website telling how to do it.


  14. Hi Paul

    Definitely on topic for me. I have started an ebook. Not been giving it all my attention as other projects in the pipeline. However, after reading this post, definitely inspired to kick it up a notch.

    So many helpful suggestions I’ve not seen shared about ebooks before. Thanks for sharing them with us Paul. Appreciated.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Hey Patricia

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment – glad the post inspired you! There’s lots of ways you can use eBooks to leverage your business, not just the obvious ones. They are very handy little pieces of real estate (to quote Peggy) to have around.


  15. I was working on an ebook but after about 7 pages into it, I totally scratched it all off. Ya know, I wanted to write something of a true value, not just write an ebook just for the sake of writing one.

    Great insights here Paul. This certainly got me motivated to get my ass into working on my ebook again.

    Appreciate it!

    • Hey Adam

      Thanks for stopping by – glad I fired you up! Now go write that eBook (and don’t forget my 50% commission! Just kidding…).

      If you blog you should definitely go check out the Outline and Bundle post that’s linked in the text…it will show you a way to create eBooks out of the activity (blogging) that you already do.



  16. Hi, thanks for all these helpful alternatives. I’m truly convinced about the power of an ebook to quickly build significant lists. I’ve seen a lot of companies giving away free ebooks to get massive trafic to their website so for sure it’s working. I have a few doubts about the above mentionned #9…I’ve seen a lot of scam-like initiatives with “ebooks supposed to make you rich in less than a week etc.” so that i’m really wondering if people do still buy ebooks with resell rights…Anyway thanks for this extremely useful article.

  17. Hey Julien

    Thanks for the comment.

    Personally speaking I can’t envisage the scenario where I’d sell an eBook with resell rights. But I know that there are people who do – and I’ve come across it from time to time.

    That’s the reason it’s included in the article.

    As with all strategies you have to decide what your ends are – and tailor your strategy accordingly. It is possible I guess that selling with resell rights could be a good solution for certain scenarios.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  18. Hello Paul,

    At #9, people are selling the resell right, but they don’t allow the resellers to change their content and they usually have some affiliate links.

    The reseller might sale that ebook or use it to build his list, either way, he will practically be your unpaid (not paid by you that is) affiliate which will promote your ebook and it’s content.

    Ebooks are not dead, yet, and I don’t think there will be a time when people will just abandon the idea of an ebook, maybe the interest will decrease but like books, ebooks will carry on.

    • Hey Alex

      That would explain some stuff about selling resell rights….and kind of make some sense too.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing.


  19. Hi Paul,

    This is a great post with some really cool ideas for repurposing an ebook and all your ideas have got me really psyched up – just what I needed for a weekend of writing!

    I checked out your blog just yesterday, you’ve got some really fresh content and I got some great tips for writing which I really need right now being busy with a lead magnet and all.

    Thanks for the insights in today’s post, it rocked!

    • Hey Gabi

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Thanks for the comments about my blog too (and for subscribing).

      Hope your lead magnet goes well!


  20. “So whilst some gurus may have been trumpeting the demise of the eBook – mainly so they can sell their own information for 2K or more – in fact the eBook has stealthily slipped into the mainstream.”

    There are still plenty of people that still coming online or that have not heard of the ebook “demise.” Even though I have been around around for a while, I still buy ebooks in fact I just picked one of this week. It concerns a gardening project I have been wanting to learn for a long time.

    I also see eBooks as a great way to build credibility. Publishing your ebook at Amazon or iTunes can give you some real clout when it comes to selling your services.

    • Hey Sheila

      Thanks for stopping by today.

      What you say is definitely true – but it’s definitely my perception that the eBook has been denigrated in ‘guru circles’ in the past couple of years.

      But with the rise of the Kindle and the Table I think the eBook is moving to a vary mainstream position. Now selling via Amazon and the Kindle won’t necessarily make you a ton of money unless you’re selling in big quantities (but google Amanda Hocking and check out her story, very interesting) – but if you’re putting out quality material (and I know that YOU are Sheila!) then not only will you generate some revenues, but it’s also a way of generating qualified leads into your business funnel. But you need to link your eBook back to your website, product pages etc.

      And yes I totally agree – having books on Amazon would be a great credability builder. (Also a reason to print in physical form too via Create Space or Lightning Source).


  21. I never thought you can do so much with an ebook:D the only options I had in mind were: sell it, offer it for free, but make sure to fill it with links to your site and maybe affilaite links and offer it for free to those guys that subscribe, so it’s free, but you build your list:D

  22. You are absolutely right, there are probably dozens of ways of which we can use our ebooks. My preferred method though, is to write a simple version of the ebook, offer it to my opt-ins for FREE (build my list) and then take my ebook and try to sell it as a higher value package by using audio or video. Great post, thank you.

    • Hey Edgar

      I agree! eBooks are tremendously versatile. And yes you can certainly repurpose with higher value versions (more content, different learning formats). Also a ‘coaching’ version of some eBOoks would work too – where you actually go into more depth on the content contained and use the eBOok as the basis for an instructional course or seminar (this could be via webinar, teleseminar, emailed lessons…there are a gazillion ways! And could be offline as well as online.).

      Thanks for stopping by.


  23. Hey Paul,

    This is a topic I happen to be working on this week as a matter of fact. I have 2 other things to add to this.

    Put it on a site like Fiverr.com and sell it for $5 and/or put it on a free eBook site and just give it away. Your links being in the book itself will generate traffic back to your site.

    Thanks for this post and for the other ideas I just got from it. Came at just the right time.


    • Hey Adrienne

      I’ll be watching like a hawk to see what you come up with this week! LOL. Thanks for stopping by and sharing some more ideas! With the comments this post will end up being 50 Ways You Can Use an eBook….


  24. this is a great list. my girlfriend sent me this link last week, and then i just stumbled on it again from Paul’s blog.

    i hope to release an ebook soon, so this will help get me started with attempting to market it. if things go well, then hopefully i can continue on with ebook marketing.

    thanks paul for the great post and scott for sharing it on your blog.


    • Thanks for the comment!

      Yes, Paul’s post was awesome. He had some really wonderful ideas and I am glad he shared them here! 🙂 Thanks for dropping by Mike!

      • Mike

        One piece of advice re eBooks – it’s unlikely that your first eBook will be a home run. It’s important to have the mindset of getting it out there, promoting it, and then moving onto the next.

        And the next.

        And the next.

        Especially if you make the eBooks related to each other – that way you can market them to your list of buyers. Plus when new visitors comes to your site in a year’s time and there are three or four eBooks there, then the ‘expertise’ perception is enhanced.

        HTH. And thanks for stopping by Steve’s house!


  25. Hey Paul – These are some great tips. I have an ebook I am publishing to Kindle and Nook (etc.). I’m also considering converting it to a teaching course. What didn’t occur to me was to unbundle the ‘articles’ and publish to Facebook. What an incredible way to promote my course (and book)! I love it. Another strategy I’ve considered is to give the first chapter away as a gift – and of course as an enticement to purchase the book.

    I’ve also created an e-course (a series of autoresponders) as a free platform for the ebook itself. This is available on my blog. It’s great way to build a database, offer some material for free and to promote the ebook itself.

    Loved your post. Thank you!


  26. The biggest problem for me, in producing an ebook, is the pictures. I dont have a problem with the idea, but flowers are very visual and no matter how often I photograph my creations, the pictures never seem to come out as well as the beautiful pictures in the average glossy coffee table book, which is what books on flowers are.
    Does anyone else have this picture problem? What can you advise?

    • Hey Jane

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m not a photographer, and my photographic knowledge doesn’t extend beyond point and click.

      If it were me there’s two courses of action I’d be thinking of doing:

      (i) Get someone who CAN take photographs to teh quality you want to do it. This doesn’t always have to break the bank – back in the day when my band needed promo photographs we got a guy who was studying photography at university to take them. The university was happy to lend a room with lights and backdrops for one of their students to get experience. We were happy to pay a fraction of the price to get near to professional level quality photographs.

      (ii) Find someone who can teach you to bridge the gap between your current level and the level you aspire to. You can learn to do anything if you set your mind to it, put the work in, and find a good teacher.

      Getting teaching might be the best bet for the long run – but only YOU can determine that. Obviously you have to factor in time, costs, locations, practicalities and other considerations.


      Thanks for stopping by.


  27. Theresa

    Another way of promoting your course is to write some articles that pick up a point that you might have mentioned in passing – say you gave it a paragraph in the book. Pick that theme up and run with it at article/post length. It will deepen the perception of your expertise on the topic….plus of course add valuable content to your promotional activities.

    4 or 5 such tangential articles could be bundled together and turned into a bonus PDF.

    Thanks for stopping by.


    • You’re welcome and that’s great advice! This is a perfect example of turning something upside down so you can look at it differently.

      In other words, I wrote some posts that ultimately snowballed into a full course… NOW I can go to the course and have it inspire posts!



      • Theresa

        Glad you found it helpful! I like it when people take advice and go run with it….as I’m sure you are going to do.

        Have a great Easter weekend.


  28. Dude! Paul… lol You are everywhere. And your posts are always so good, too. I don’t know how you do it.

    I gotta say that I for one am sick of ebook marketing because every “ebook” I have read lately really stinks. I know that’s generalizing, sure, but it seems like people package together stuff you can find anywhere, call it “secrets” and then stick it in an ebook. Not just the free ones either; I’ve read ebooks that I had to pay for and got so disappointed and turned off from the ebook idea.

    There are a few exceptions – three people come to mind as I write this – but they are also awesome bloggers and don’t make a habit of recycling ideas.

    I will say that the smart people are using the Kindle book strategy and I do believe that it carries a certain perceived value that ebooks don’t anymore, just as ebooks used to carry the perceived value that “free guides” don’t anymore.

    Your #17 is key. Without the thumbs up from important folks in your industry, ebooks just still do not carry the same weight as a good old fashioned print book – especially when print books can be made available in electronic format, now, too.

    Just my thoughts!

    • Tia

      Thanks for your comment. The truth is that I have an ‘evil’ twin that I keep locked up in the basement and unless he writes articles for me he doesn’t get food or water! (LOL).

      I think you’ve hit an important point here. The value of anything that you sell to your target audience – whether it’s an ebook, a webinar course, coaching, or whatever – is at the end of the day dependent on the relationship you have with your target audience.

      If your target audience knows you deliver great content they will be happy to pay for your information in ebook form. (Or other form that you choose).

      It’s a tougher sell to sell an eBook to someone who doesn’t know you that well. Print or Kindle books do a much better job of that – because a lot of customers are relatively unsophisticated and don’t realize how easy it is to self publish on Amazon. So you can have the ‘cachet’ of being published and having your book listed by Amazon. Or on the Kindle.

      Promotion by great folk in the form of testimonials etc certainly doesn’t do you any harm.

      Great points. Thanks for your thoughts. Have a great weekend.


  29. Thanks for the great information about Ebooks. I may also want to have an ebook for electronic music next month. The tips you mentioned here will surely help me elevate my marketing strategy online. I shall be back to let you know of the update of my products upon applying your vivid ebook marketing steps.

  30. Hey Paul,
    I have been told to write a book for the past year. Its funny how
    I happen to come across this article.

    You have a lot of great tips that are only useful if I and others
    implement them

    do you do any WSO?

    thanks for your contribution,
    Jeff Faldalen

    • Hi Jeff

      Thanks for leaving a comment.

      I’ve never done a WSO – I’m in two minds about it.

      And ANY tips are useless if you don’t implement and learn from it.


  31. Whoa,

    Seems like there is a LOT that can be done out of a simple ebook.

    I agree on the bit I wouldn’t be giving or selling re-selling rights to ANY of my own creations, I just don’t see that happening EVER.

    Apart from that, I liked the idea of the iBooks, although I have to say, I wasn’t even aware they existed (maybe because I don’t own an iPad?)

    I think that regarding the format, that’s not that important since iPad already has a Kindle format reading software but I guess it’d help to be on the Apple marketplace anyway for maximum exposure.

    I can see the full potential on this particularly because I can focus on the Spanish market that (either you like it or not) is coming up pretty strong already on consuming English marketing info products (they would buy Spanish based products first if they had the option)

    So reading all this about getting the most out of a simple book we write, actually has been an eye opener.

    Thanks Paul for guest posting and to you too Steve, for having Paul here.

    Cheers to both of you and amazing content, wouldn’t expect anything less from you guys.


  32. Paul, this is a great post!
    Brilliant list of ways to (re)use the same copy.
    Great ideas for all of those who like to write a lot and write useful stuff

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