3 Vital Steps to Choosing a Hot Niche for a New Blog

It’s time for another guest post!  Today we have one from Alex of Business Opportunities Expo who gives a few great tips for picking a niche for your blog.  Take it away Alex…

The single most important decision you make when establishing a blog is choosing the right niche. Your choice of niche greatly determines your blog’s future success and its potential profitability. It also influences your own enjoyment of the effort you invest in creating and maintaining your blog. A successful blog can lead to profit, whether you plan on selling your blog, hosting web ads or promoting certain products.

While blogs can generate revenue in almost any niche, there are three vital rules you must follow when deciding which niche will work for you:

Choose a Niche You Are Passionate About

Recognizing that passion is key is not a romantic notion. It is vital towards the ultimate success of your blog. Blogging requires constant maintenance, daily if not hourly updates, and vigilance in commenting on other blogs. The Internet functions in “real time.” You will lose potential traffic if you put some of your work off until tomorrow. If you choose a niche that you feel passionately about, the time you spend blogging will be stimulating, rewarding and perhaps even fun! Being passionate about your niche helps you write better posts, monitor your blog more efficiently, and obtain a higher level of traffic.

Choose a Niche You Know About

At the heart of your blog are its posts. Starting out, you might have to write all of your articles and knowing the industry is key to attracting visitors. Your overall experience in the industry will help make your blog a “go-to” source for particular information.

Veteran bloggers with years of experience can establish multiple websites in several niches, but as a new blogger you may want to stick to what you know. If you choose to write sloppy, uninformed posts, your visitors will definitely sense you are an amateur.

You can still create a blog in a somewhat unfamiliar niche if you are willing to invest the time, effort and the passion towards learning about it.

Don’t Choose a Niche That is Too Specific

Choosing a niche that is not overly specific ensures that you have a wider audience, more to write about and more products to display. For example, if your blog promotes an internet marketing tool, your choice of blog posts should not only speak about internet marketing. You will want to choose topics that are related to wealth creation, work from home or personal development. Remember, your blog should act like a funnel for your business. The top end of the “funnel” has to be wide. The more people get in the funnel, the more people will opt-in to your newsletter or choose to buy your products.

Share Your Thoughts

Do you agree that if you love what you do, ultimately your blog will succeed and start to profit? Would you ever be in a profitable niche that you are not passionate about? Is passion for blogging and passion for profit the same thing?

Steve’s Note: Alex Papa is serial entrepreneur and founder of many online and offline businesses. In his new website you will find a business start-up course where you’ll learn what the rich teach their kids about starting a new business and business schools do not. In his blog Alex offers the latest Norton discount coupons.

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29 thoughts on “3 Vital Steps to Choosing a Hot Niche for a New Blog”

  1. Hi Alex:

    Doing great. Yesterday I met you at Alex Whalley, and today I read your post hers. The topic of the blog post is good. Specializing a niche for your blog is very important. How about two niches or few niches simultaneously, just to increase the demand in buyers market and so the price? Will it work Or not. Your input will be nice to know as you are
    a specialist, in knowing value of the property.

    Your post is a good read

    All the best

    • My personal thoughts on multiple niches is that it depends on experience level. Starting out a person should only do niche stuff about things they are comfortable with, passionate about and just then one.

      As time goes on and they have more and more niche sites under their belts, working on more than one becomes fine, and need for passion and knowledge decrease. (though research shoots up)

      • Hi Fran, I would agree with Steve on this one. It is really down to what experience you have and how experienced you are.
        Also, it is down to optimization of a site. Just over 2 years ago, I started a site that produced and provided a digital product only for the UK market (it was not needed in other countries). It took about a year to optimize the business. With this I don’t mean SEO only, but other things related to having people do things for me instead of me having to be there and run the site. I had to turn the site in to a proper business system: Some system that did not need me to run on a daily basis.
        Once I had this accomplished I moved to the next business (another site on another niche). Recently I started the business opportunities expo which I promote a lot. This business is only 2-3 months old. I have already started finding means to automate almost everything, and turn this venture into a system too (people and software that run the website/business for me) So, you see, in the last few years, the process was: Take one niche, work on it, turn it into a business system that I am no longer doing the work, and then move on to the next niche.
        Hope this helped a bit, but if you have any more questions please let me know…

  2. I absolutely agree. If you’re not passionate, it doesn’t matter how profitable the niche is – you’ll quickly lose interest. Unless you outsource content generation to someone who writes well.

  3. Hi Alex

    You sure are busy with the guest posting and we are benefitting from it 🙂 I would not want to blog about something I am not passionate about. I think the passion for your niche comes across in the posts and people know when it’s just a sales pitch!

    I want to become the authority in my niche and to do that I have to put in the hours and ride with the bumps on the journey. easier to persevere and have patience with growing my traffic to my site in a niche I love. Thanks for sharing.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Thanks for your comment Patricia. Being passionate is the key to start a business. That’s being entrepreneurial. Entrepreneurs often create and then part from their businesses. They sell them or leave them with managers. For example, I created a business years ago I was passionate about. Later I developed a passion for another business idea. But the first one was already “matured” and running on its own. I no longer have the same passion for that older business, but thanks to the fact that I optimized it and moved on I still get a good income from it every month. So my point is, it is good to fall in love with a business idea and develop it into a business, then it does no harm to move to another one. Having a business is not a marriage relationship, i.e. After a year or two I hope to get out of the business I started recently, “I love her, but I’ll have to leave her”.

  4. Having good knowledge on the niche you want to work with, as well as having passion, are the two most important elements for a successful undertaking. Of course the perfect medium would be to both have passion and knowledge, but in my opinion this is not always possible. Even though it is kind of logical to have some knowledge on things you are passionate about, that knowledge is not always deep enough to please your visitors. There’s a solution to that problem though – reading and learning. Being consistent enough to go through articles on the subjects you are interested and reading books for example, can have great impact on the value you are offering as a blogger. Perseverance and will to learn can help you succeed in the long run. Other than that great article Alex!

    • My $.02 pretty much agrees with you. Passion and knowledge are VERY helpful. Maybe even critical if it is the 1st one done, but as experience goes up the need for passion and knowledge go down.

      Though I would say that it may be impossible to have a blog or a niche website for anything you dislike. YOU should at least be on the “like” level even is you are a expert who can do the work in your sleep.

      Passion and knowledge are pretty darn important though.

  5. Wonderful basic insight here Alex.

    Choosing a niche you feel passionate about is the starting point, for passion precedes greatest. When passionate about an endeavor obstacles become opportunities.

    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day!


  6. My mistake with my first major blog was that I chose a niche that wasn’t exactly too specific, but very overwhelming in terms of the competition I would be facing.

    That’s why I created my new one, it’s a lot broader with its niche and actually covers a couple niches that relate to its main one, so I am attracting people I normally would never had attracted before.

    Which, is cool. Great post!

    To life,

    • There is a definite balance there. Finding just the right level of competition while also the right level of desire is damn important.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting Greg!

      Have a wonderful weekend

    • It is admirable Gregory that you went ahead and started another site. Many people would have quit after the first one. Well done, and I all the best in your venture. I’ll be hopping over soon to visit it!

  7. You said, “You can still create a blog in a somewhat unfamiliar niche if you are willing to invest the time, effort and the passion towards learning about it.” Well, choosing something you don’t know much about, tracking your progress, and blogging about your journey as you learn more about it can, in and of itself, be your niche! I love reading people’s “journey” blogs.

  8. I disagree with the ‘less narrow the better’ aspect (especially if you’re starting out) – the Internet is HUGE and there’s enough room for all competitors.

    That being said, passion is definitely KEY. I’ve just about done it all over the past 13+ years – niche blogging, niche product development, site building, etc. A passion is key because you’ll just lose interest and fizzle out without it. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.

    • I am not always sure how I land on niche topics for blogs. IO often debate whether mine is to broad. Lifestyle design and internet marketing and personal development to help people get to a lifestyle they desire. I always have a lot to talk about, but perhaps I need more focus.

      When it comes to niche sites, though I definitely think it HAS to be narrow as can be.

      I am lucky that I am passionate about everything I do. I could see that people who do a lot of niche sites (not blogs) could do so with a lot less passion. It could be more like copy-writing then, because there is a limit to how much fresh material would be needed/

  9. I think this is sound advice Alex. Following your passion has got to be the single biggest draw to finding your niche. I for one couldn’t write so many articles without being passionate about my subject.

    Taking Tristian’s point, I agree learning together is a very powerful way of building a tribe.

    Thanks for sharing. Matthew

    • Thank you Matthew. I have taken this weekend off to relax and recharge my batteries, plus do a bit of thinking and planning. So it is supposed to be a weekend off. However, even today, I can’t resist writing about my niche because I am passionate about it.

  10. Hey Alex,

    That is right you need to create a blog that you are passionate about and something you have good experience with already!

    See you around!

  11. The key factor here is starting out with a niche that you are familar with and with passion that way you will never get bored or de-motivated thanks for the heads up

  12. Alex,

    i guess i have applied all of the points above, especially, blogging about what you are most passionating about.

    I love WordPress, and i blog about WordPress tips for newbies. When i started blogging, some people asked me to change my niche which has more traffics (they said).

    I refuse doing it, because i want to share my experience, or something that i really know.

    Thanks for your awesome post, i am so happy to read it 🙂

  13. Hi Alex,

    I think it is very important to choose the right kind of niche to go into. And of course being passionate will get you ahead. But being passionate alone might not be enough as there are a lot of hurdles along the way i.e competition, not in the mood to write, just one of those days or just life’s challenges along the way. I think you have to be in the right mindset also.

    I’ve got two blogs, one in the home business niche like you know and another one is the health blog. I plan to expand the latter one since I’m in that industry and I want to help others with what I know. The other reason is also because there are so many people in that niche and it is competitive. But I’m not going to give up either one. I probably have to outsource one way or another. Thx for a great post 🙂

  14. The more that I think about it – one of the biggest earners I have is related to music because that’s my true passion – I should really focus on it more and learn from it because it never feels like I’m working on it – I’m doing what I love and it really pulls in some great side-income 😛

    Just need to keep doing it with all the other interests.

  15. I agree, you should start in a niche you are familiar and passionate about but leave the category wide enough that your knowledge along with the website blog can grow.

  16. Thanks Alex for your very nice post. Indeed one has to be passionate for his/her business.
    If you don’t feel passionate on what you do, you will not have great results

  17. Alex is so correct. If you are not passionate about what you are blogging about, then it will get old, and it will get old fast. The whole point is to do something you love, so it does not feel like just any old job. It takes lots of work, and if you are miserable, then why do it at all. If you were wanting to stay miserable, then you would have kept the 40+ hour a week job with the benefits. The niche you choose should be something you love, and that is why you do it.

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