30DSHS- Improve My Writing Skills

This is the first of what I’m calling the “30 Day Success Habits Series.” In this monthly column, I’m going to talk about the different behaviors I’m trying to create or eliminate for the next 30 days. The idea here is to give a perspective on what it’s like to try to develop a success habit. Hopefully this series will give you that extra *nudge* to change some of your behaviors.

If you want to know more about this concept, take a look at my post about 30 day success habits.

The Problem I’m Having

In the article about professional goals for 2010, I discussed how I want to improve my writing skills. While it’s not my goal to be a bestselling author, I do feel it’s important to work on this area. Especially since I’m going to be blogging… a LOT.

I want to be able to get my thoughts across in a clear, concise manner. So for the next three months I’ll be devoting the majority of my time to developing the “writing skills” habit.

A Little Background on the Habit

As they say, the best way to improve your writing is to simply write. I want to develop a very specific tone but I’ve been having problems lately with basic syntax, grammar, and style.

So I feel it’s important to work on the core skills first before I simply write.

About a year ago I was reading Web Copy That Sells.

In this book the author, Maria Veloso, was talking about the concept of modeling success.

She discussed how if you want to achieve success at anything, the fastest way to accomplish it is to model the strategies of the people who are already really good at this skill.

The idea for my habit came from an exercise she did to improve her copywriting skills. Basically Maria selected a website with a great sales page and copied it by hand.

Why is this useful?

When writing something over and over, you internalize the wording, style, and tone of the author. Eventually you trick your subconscious mind into writing in this manner.

The January 2010 Success Habit

For January 2010, I’m going to “copy” posts from my favorite blogs. Specifically targeting ones with a style I’m trying to learn.

It’s a simple exercise. For an hour each day, I’ll sit down and retype the post onto a Notepad document on my laptop. I’m not plagiarizing these articles. And I’m not doing anything with the post once I’m done. In fact, I’m going to delete these files at the end of the month.

My only intention is to train my brain into writing in a certain style that I want to develop. Hopefully this 30 day exercise will be that first step towards an improvement in my writing skills.

The Verdict

This habit will be evolved. I found that writing other people’s content really didn’t made me a better writer.  I simply learned to type faster.  As they say, the best way to become a successful writer is to write.  So for February, I plan to dedicate at least 20 hours each week to writing content for my online businesses.  Hopefully this process will help me develop a more successful writing skill…

Take Action. Get Results.

1 thought on “30DSHS- Improve My Writing Skills”

  1. Hi Steve

    I believe while you can look and learn from others; you also have to find your own style and voice for your own blog and business. It is so boring going to blog after blog that churns out the same fluff. You have a unique style and that’s one of the reasons I visit your site. Plus the fact you have helpful hints too 🙂

    By writing and writing more I think we can all improve our writing skills. Some are more successful at achieving this and there are those who are naturally awesome writers. These people will usually tell you that they spend hours honing their skill. So it’s back to what we know anyway. Hard work!! there are no short cuts are there lol

    Patricia Perth Australia

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