30DSHS- Improve Writing Skills, Twitter, and P90X

Well, we’ve reached the second installment of the 30 Day Success Habits Series. (A monthly column where I discuss the habits that I’m trying to develop for the next 30 days)

The next month is going to be pretty crazy. I’m glad there’s only 28 days because I’m going to busy with three different habits:

Success Habit #1- Daily Writing

As I mentioned in the post about 2010 professional goals, my focus for the next few months is to improve my writing. In January I tried a simple copywriting exercise. Unfortunately this didn’t really help. I felt like I wasted 30+ hours that could have been spent doing something more productive.

For February, I’m going to get serious about improving my writing.

The first habit I’m trying to develop is to average two hours of writing per day.

In theory, this should be an easy habit to develop. To get this blog off the ground, I have to write about fifteen hours each week. Furthermore, I’m working on the 2nd edition of my information product. Lastly, I have to create a few autoresponders for my newsletter.

So I’ll be doing a lot of writing.

The only difference is I’m trying to turn these tasks into a daily writing habit.

My goal is to wake up each morning and do two things first—Write for two hours and exercise (see below).

That means I’ll complete the major tasks for the day long before I eat lunch.

Success Habit #2- Twitter

Internet marketing is constantly changing. Every day I hear about a new technique that people are using to drive traffic to their websites.

Unfortunately I’ve become extremely lazy when it comes to learning new technologies.

For instance, I’ve been hearing great things about Twitter. Like how it’s now the “cool” way to market your website.

And you know how much time I’ve spent on Twitter? None. Nada. Zilch.

Recently, I’ve come to realize that I need to evolve my business. The best way to do that is to incorporate all this social media stuff. The problem is I’m a complete newbie when it comes to this technology.

So for the month of February, I’m going to spend a little time each day on Twitter. I’ll be talking about my life. I’m going to retweet cool links that I find. And I’ll be adding anyone who seems to share the same interests as me.

But I’m not going to try to go overboard with this habit. I figure 20 minutes a day should be enough to produce results without causing me to develop a twit-diction.

Success Habit #3-P90X Exercise

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’ve succumbed to those crazy P90X infomercials.

I also want ripped abs and a chiseled, muscular build.

The truth is I’ve developed a “doughy look” during the last few months. In November I finished the New York City Marathon. Since then, I’ve had little motivation to exercise.

And because I like to do physically challenging things, I’m going to incorporate a daily P90X workout each morning. (On top of running 4 times a week.)

I’m not sure if this habit is going to stick. But I’m going to give it a shot and see what happens.

Sidebar: So far I’ve done the P90X workout four times. I have to tell you… this crap ain’t easy. At the end of the first workout I resembled a dying cow as I struggled to even do “girly push-ups.”

The Verdict

Like I said, it’s going to be a busy month!  Lots of writing. Lots of tweeting. And lots of exercise.

Will I succeed?  Or will I fail?  Here is what happened with these three habits.

Take Action. Get Results.

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  1. Hey Ralph,

    I’ve done journaling in the past and it’s something that I’ve just started doing again. I definitely think it’s one of the better ways to get stuff out of my head and clarify my thoughts. Probably in the next few weeks, I’ll be writing more on this topic. Anyway…thanks for the comments. Really appreciate them.


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