Get More Blog Traffic Blueprint [Week 12]

Welcome to the 12th edition of the Get More Blog Traffic Blueprint.  This is a weekly series I’ve created specifically designed to help dramatically increase your web stats.

In the last few sessions we’ve covered a lot of social media tactics.  So let’s keep with that trend!  In week 11, we discussed how to create a “mini-commercial” for a YouTube video.  This is an advertisement that goes at the beginning and the end of your video.

The question is what type of content should you create?

Answering this isn’t that simple.  The content really depends on your market.  What works in one niche might not do well in another.  So it’s important to think of different videos you can create in your market.

With that said, here are 35 ideas for your YouTube videos:

Steve Scott's YouTube Channel1)      Answer questions you get from readers and subscribers

2)      Provide simple “how-to” videos

3)      Demonstrate the benefits of a particular website

4)      Create a regular video newsletter that follows a set format

5)      Record yourself in exotic locations or an interesting place

6)      Rant about something niche related

7)      Urge people to take action on a very specific thing

8)      Ask a simple question and urge viewers to respond

9)      Demonstrate a piece of software

10)   Provide a tutorial that walks the viewer through a process

11)   Create a list of niche related tips

12)   Record a roundtable discussion with you and others discussing a hot topic

13)   Narrate a journey to an interesting place

14)   Do a video interview with a knowledgeable expert

15)   Make a slideshow presentation talking about a particular topic

16)   Take your article/blog content and make a recording of you reading it

17)   Create a video montage of photos relating to your niche

18)   Do something funny

19)   Talk about an enjoyable hobby and how it relates to your market

20)   Give a video response to another YouTube user

21)   Offer a critiquing service through your site and record the results

22)   Talk off the cuff about anything that pops in your head

23)   Give a glimpse into what you do on a regular basis

24)   Show equipment/tools that you use in a particular niche

25)   Create a series of related videos that each giving an individual tip

26)   Give thanks to a particular person who helped you out

27)   Relate a current news item or trend to something in your niche

28)   Ask random people on the street the same question and record what they say

29)   Do case study in your niche

30)   Have a regular talk show and invite a different guest in each one

31)   Record something thought-provoking or inspirational

32)   Review an affiliate product or eBook

33)   Film yourself demonstrating a physical technique

34)    Record a whiteboard presentation as you talk about niche-related problem

35)   Host a webinar

These are just a few ideas I brainstormed today for my YouTube channel.  I recommend spending a few hours and creating your own list of video ideas.  Then make the commitment to create at least one a week!

I’m not saying this is an easy process.  But that’s what makes it so effective.  Not many Internet marketers take the time to develop a quality YouTube channel.  If you regularly create unique video content, you’ll stand apart from the people who struggle to generate traffic.

Finally, I recommend you subscribe to my YouTube channel.  In the next year, I’ll be putting all these ideas into practice.  So you can learn a lot by studying what I create.

Take Action. Get Results.

17 thoughts on “Get More Blog Traffic Blueprint [Week 12]”

  1. That’s a great list, Steve! I don’t print out much online info anymore, but this one is print-worthy. There are so many of these ideas that I’d like to try.

    I did a video on a ski lift one time. I didn’t realize the whir of the chair would practically drown out my voice. 🙁 I froze my fingers off for nothing.


    • LOL,

      I will have to check that off the list then (No filming on ski lifts! done!) There really are so many great ways to do videos. I probably have not even scratched the surface with these. But they are more than enough for a place to start. 🙂

  2. Hi Steve

    What a great list. In my small niche I was wondering about relevant topics when/if I ever get into videos. You have provided so many that there will be some I can work on. Thanks Steve. Appreciated.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Oh you certainly should have some Lavender videos. I can think of dozens of good ones for you. 5-6 of your articles..just off the top of my head, would be great topics for “core” of a video, with of course the powerful addition of the video.

      • Lavender videos! Listening to my Aussie accent lol All my credibility going out the window 😉 Will have to have a chat with you later when I have accomplished all the other goals I am/should be working on 🙂

        Patricia Perth Australia

  3. It probably would not be good for me to do #22, but I did recently do a video demonstration of the method I use to host pictures off site.

    I would like to do #5, but I am currently in North East of the US, so all you can see is snow. Really, it is cold here.

    Now, #29 is where it is at. Actually, I like to look at other niches to see how things work elsewhere. I have found a few ideas to steal that way.

    I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

    Have a good day Steve!

  4. Hi Steve:

    Awesome traffic blog post with so many tips. Peggy said right, it is a good idea to print it, as I can not remember such a big list. I will have to read it several times to do that. but all tips are really good.

    Thanks for this cool information.

    Fran A

  5. I find myself more and more hitting that cool print/pdf and printing your article out, and placing on the wall in front of me! Thanks Steve for the Site, and these awesome content!

  6. I have not even dipped my toes in the video marketing waters, but it is definitely something I am keeping in mind, and this post is a great one for quick ideas to help get your videos watched.

    Thanks for sharing Steve

  7. Hi Steve,

    What happened to your puppet fiverr video you posted a while back? This was my ‘go to’ video to keep my kids happy. Now they constantly bug me about watching ‘computer puppet shows’ and I can’t get your link working.

    Maybe I need to cough up five bucks and get my own video made for them…..

  8. Hi Steve,

    This is a great list! I have done a few on this list, but I see some ideas that I will give a try. YouTube ranks number 6 as one of my traffic sources. It is a very good way to drive people to your site. I agree with you, it is not easy, but is very rewarding.

    I like the new look of your site!

    Evelyn Parham

  9. Hey Steve,

    Thanks for taking your time to come up with ideas we could use for videos. This is a nice way to conclude (that is if you are) your youtube video creation tutorials.

    I must say that how to videos are some of the most sought after types on youtube. I know that almost everytime when I don’t understand something I go to youtube and get myself some video tutorials.

  10. Steve, I thought I’d commented on this post. I like video to an extent although not done much of it. I’ve used Animoto (free app) to make videos from powerpoint slides, which is pretty cool (in fact I have one on my home page ). However, I’ve shyed away from doing much talking head stuff. Writing a blog post is easy (to some extent) because you can play about with how things sound and explore ideas, but with video, it just looks a bit clumsy. Having said that I do the odd instructional video for my VA which seems to work well and at least they know what I’m on about.


  11. Steve, I love youtube and have done a good bit of video, but this list was awesome and it clearly gave me some new ideas.

    Another I’d suggest is doing the same as above, but involving a member of your family. For example, I once did a product demo with my 6 year old son. He was a hit and customers loved it. Not only does that teach people how easy something is, but it also builds trust.

    Much thanks


  12. Man, so much to do and so little time!

    Alright, I’ll try not to get overwhelmed here. I had read this post over the last week, and I kind of came over the feeling of being overwhelmed (yet again) by now.

    Great ideas there, Steve! I can’t wait to experience the benefits of practicing video marketing.

    Oh damn! So much to do and so little time. What!? What then was the last post on my blog all about?

    • It is a lot, but driving traffic to your site is equally important as the content. Obviously with only “some” time to put at it you can;t do EVERYTHING. but hopefully you can set aside enough time to do a little and not be overwhelmed by it.

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