4 Christmas *Goodies* for ANY Internet Marketer

4 Christmas Goodies for Internet MarketersI know Christmas is still a few weeks away.

But I thought I’d give you a early present for the upcoming holiday season.

You see, I’m always finding excellent resources while *working* {aka: surfing the Internet.}

The problem is I don’t always have the time to write a blog post for everything I discover.  So in this post, I’ll the best of what I’ve found in the last few weeks.

Ho Ho Ho!  Here are 4 Christmas goodies for ANY Internet marketer {Tweet This}…

4 Christmas GoodiesDirectory of Free Internet Marketing ToolsDirectory of FREE Internet Marketing Tools by David Jay

The other day I published a list of 119 free Internet marketing tools.  What I didn’t know was David already compiled a list of 1,200+ Internet marketing tools and resources.

The cool thing is David recently sent me an email and offered to give away free access to this PDF!  {How awesome is that?}

Like I said, there are over 1,200 free websites listed in this document.  It’s the perfect resource for any Internet marketer.

Here’s an overview of what’s included:

  • Search engine optimization tutorials, software, and tracking
  • Keyword guides and tools
  • Web 2.0 sites you can use to generate massive backlinks
  • Word Press tutorials, plugins, themes, and ping lists
  • Content creation analysis, software, and free resources
  • Social media software and management sites
  • Free online advertising tools
  • Google services
  • Search techniques and specialty engines
  • Plus…over fifty pages of bonus tools that don’t fit the above categories

My advice is to go check out David’s Directory of Free Internet Marketing Tools {Share the love and pass this along!}

Also…be sure to leave a comment and let David know how much you appreciate him putting this together.

Engagement from ScratchEngagement from Scratch by Danny Iny

Unless you’ve been living in cave for the last month, you’ve probably read one of Danny’s articles.  He’s been on dozens of different blogs and sites with his awesome, in-depth content.

Last week, Danny released his “Engagement from Scratch” book which talks about how to build an engaging and loyal audience.

The best part is Danny got 30+ bloggers {myself included} to reveal their proven strategies for building a rock-star following from readers.

Normally, you’d have to pony up some cash to buy Danny’s book from Amazon.  But he’s decided to give away a downloadable copy on his website.  So hop over and grab it now!

The Launch CoachThe Launch Coach Goodbye Special by Dave Navarro

I found this a few months back and completely forgot to post a link. {Sorry}

Recently Dave Navarro closed the curtain on his “Launch Coach” workshop series.

But he decided to pay things forward and offer a “Pay What You Can” special for all eight of his workshops.

Basically you can grab these products for any amount of money (even $1).  We’re talking hours of video and audio content plus PDF checklists/documents.  This is seriously one of the best things I’ve ever found on the Internet.

Sidebar:  This is NOT an affiliate recommendation.  In other words, I don’t earn a dime for recommending this site.

Here’s what Dave includes in this workshop series:

  1. Creating Products that Sell
  2. Building a Responsive List
  3. High-Conversion Sales Pages
  4. Mastering Your Sales Funnel
  5. Optimizing Your Blog for Sales
  6. Becoming Incredibly Productive
  7. Becoming a Big Player in Your Niche
  8. Getting Affiliates To Sell For You

There is an insane amount of information contained in these products.  Go right now and snatch them up!

Duct Tape SEODuct Tape SEO by James Hussey {affiliate link}

Yes, this last *goodie* isn’t free.  In fact, I’ll make money if you decide to buy it.

With that said, I think this is THE guide to check out if you’re a blogger who wants more search engine traffic.

I’m always impressed by the depth of James’s SEO knowledge whenever he comments on a post.  This is a guy who really knows his stuff about search engine rankings.  That’s why I highly recommend Duct Tape SEO!

Recently, I’ve seen the power of applying basic SEO strategies to a blog.  In October I made the commitment to improve my Google rankings.    Since then, I’ve experienced a dramatic growth in search engine traffic.  For instance…

In October my search engine traffic improved by 10.61%:

October Search Engine TrafficAnd in November this number jumped to 30.01%:

November Search Engine TrafficGetting search engine traffic is great because it’s completely free!  I think every blogger should take time to learn how it should be done.  With James’s course you get a simple plan for improving your SEO efforts.

More Goodies to Come...

Hope you enjoyed my early Christmas goodies.  These four resources should keep you busy till the beginning of 2012!

The good news is I’ll post future updates whenever I find something that’s truly remarkable.

So stay tuned…

Take Action. Get Results.

51 thoughts on “4 Christmas *Goodies* for ANY Internet Marketer”

  1. What an early Christmas present! Love these Christmas goodies Steve! Love it especially that Christmas season needs a different marketing strategy to keep up with the demands of this season. Thanks for such a valuable source of information here.

    • Thanks John,

      You are right, just like Christmas is a special time for family and work…it is a special time for online business. This time of year can make or break peoples year.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

  2. How awesome would it be if thing snowballs [pun intended keeping with the holiday theme 😉 ] and others, lots of others, decide to add free stuff to this post.

    Let’s send this baby viral and encourage others to get in the holiday spirit!!

  3. Oh goodie Steve, more great recommendations from you. I love these posts because you introduce us to things we may have missed and great learning tools as well.

    I did grab Danny’s book when Paul told me about it. I plan on reading it this weekend. I hear it’s fabulous.

    I’ve heard about Duct Tape SEO but haven’t looked into it. Might have to do that since you recommend it and you have reaped some rewards from what you have learned.

    Will be sure to check out the rest so I’m bookmarking this page to come back to this weekend.

    Thanks for these early gifts Steve. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


    • Thanks Adrienne.

      I hope you enjoy Danny’s book. I am about halfway through that now, myself.

      If you have the time I think you would enjoy all of this. Of course, time is always an issue.

  4. Thanks for the Christmas Present Steve. I wish I had something for you. I’ve already found some helpful tools in your other 119 free tools and I’m sure to find more here.

    Thanks again.. Have a Merry Christmas!

    • Probably over 1000 of them from the one link alone. lol

      Anyway I am certainly sure you will be able to find quite a few out of that that will be useful…perhaps more importantly it is a great reference. I know I may not want a tool TODAY…but two months from now I wonder where I saw it. That could be a great place to look then.

  5. Seo books are uaslly diffrent from each other, because every seo got a diffrent strategy. notice that what worked for some seo’s will not work for others. that why its a good idea to read alot of book and devlop you own strategy, based on the books you read.

    • Barak,

      For sure. what works for one person will not necessarily work for another. Like you say the best thing to do is to find out why variety of ideas and see what actually works for you and develop your own strategy.

      thanks for the comment

  6. Thanks for these Steve. David’s directory of 1200 sites looks awesome. I’m going through that right now hoping to find a replacement for Yahoo Site Explorer (did you know they shut that down?).

    Merry Christmas to you and everyone commenting here.

    • I am actually looking for the right one myself. I have found a few. But most of them are introductory to pay services. They will give you an idea and may be good enough…but the really meaty data is kept to the paying customers.

      We shall see. I will let you know if I find one that is great.

      For now your best bet it probably:

  7. Thanks Steve for another “goodies” post 😀

    Now I can feel the Christmas atmosphere across many blogs lol! These things will keep me busy for a while. See you soon man!

  8. Hey Steve,

    These are great goodies. I especially like the Danny’s “Engagement from scratch” ebook.

    Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend, buddy.

    • Thanks Dev,

      I appreciate the comment, as always.

      Yeah, Dannys book is great. It was a pleasure to have a part in writing an article for it with all those great bloggers. Some great info in there too!

    • Jens,

      YOu brought up a great point. Most people have some time off during the holiday seasons. It is a great time to learn a few new things – and in my opinion make a solid plan for the following years efforts. Hmmmm Might be an article in that….

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

  9. Thank you very much for the goodies, Steve! I can’t wait to check them out.

    I sure have loads to learn, and I’m grateful for all that you bring out here.

    Also, a million thanks for encouraging what I do at my blog through your comments, and for just being there!


  10. ahan Internet Marketing Goodies? Does not seem like they are free, are they? I will try to get some deeper reviews of those goodies before I invest time on them. Wasting money is acceptable but wasting time (atleast for me) is not acceptable.

    • Arjun,

      Actually they are free… Well 2 1/2 out of 4 are free. One has versions you can pay for…but the link is to the free version. And the last one IS an affiliate link and clearly designated so.

      Anyhow, thanks for dropping by

  11. Hey Steve,

    Nice being here. Love to make connections online and you’ve left a comment on my guest post at Barry Wells and I promised myself to visit the blog of each person who did. So, here I am:) I found your blog pretty interesting and will come back on a regular basis. Love to find good blogs will lots of goodies.

    • Sylviane,

      Why thank you dropping by! I am glad you found the list interesting and i do hope to see you here again. Thanks for the comment and have a wonderful holiday season.

  12. Hi Steve,

    I think you are the real online Santa Claus disguised as Steve Scott. Thank you so much for all these resources for us. Especially useful for us new kids on the block.

    BTW, it will help doubly, if you could provide some form of ranking for all your gifts. It helps us focus on the 3-4 things to implement. Just like how you advised me last time round. I am already implementing them.

    Cheers and Merry Xmas in advance.

    • Jimmy,

      I wouldn’t say they are rankable. They are apples and oranages and teach different things.

      The list of tools is just a list…though it will help you find some great free tools

      Dannys book is more about inspiration though there are some (basic) type steps to take. (and of course a steve scott chapter 🙂 )

      The Launch coach book is a great product that really teaches a TON about markeing and “how to”. He once sold these modules for a lot of $$ and now it is a “pay what you feel like” (which can be 1$ or free). Definitely worth downloading and review.

      Duct tape seo is the one that is NOT free here. It is a really good book and teaches some SEO practices that are not “business as usual”

      It is not really a matter of Best to Worst, but which one is right for YOU

      Hope that non-answer, answer helps 😉

  13. Some great little xmas bonuses there, I have to agree with your ‘duct tape SEO’ recommendation. A great read, and doesn’t focus on the blatently obvious, unlike a lot of SEO books.

  14. Thanks for this early christmas gift. I’ve recently enrolled in an SEO class where we learn a lot of new things. These may come in handy. cheers and a merry Christmas to you, mate.

    • Thanks Jin,

      I hope that you also have a wonderful Christmas. Enjoy your SEO class and i hope you do find some good additions here that will help to make you the star of the class 😉

  15. Steve,

    Ho Ho Ho..Thank you for the presents.

    Dave’s The launch special seems like a great catch….especially for a dollar (O:

    I am definitely getting my hands on those.


    • Adam,


      I am not sure it is worth the original “full” price of over 500$ for the all the modules. But for a buck (or more if your feel it is worthy)…it is an absolute steal. Lots of good info.

  16. Wow, that is very nice of David to offer that huge list for free. Thank you for bringing it to us Steve. I red your 119 tools list and found a few that I had never heard of before. So, I am excited to checkout David’s huge list. Thanks man.

    • Yes, that was awesome of David to give us a great list for free. Very generous. And from having checked it out, a very well organized list. so you can use it WHEN you are are looking for something specific

      In other words not just a file with 1000 links you are likely not going to check out more than 10% of….

      certainly a valuable tool!

  17. DUDE. You are the man for including my book in the list (I have Iny’s book and love that thing), and I have each of those resources and have to agree they’re must-reads (maybe a little biased saying that?).

    I like your idea better than mine (which was a bit silly) for a Christmas gift post – spot on! Made my day, Steve.

    • Glad to have your product here. I hope a handful of people have at least checked it out.

      Anyway thanks for dropping by in this busy holiday season. (at least I know I am busy still trying to maximize sales 🙂 )

  18. It’s good to see that welcoming phrase for the ‘readers of SteveScottSite.com’. I honestly don’t know where to start, this is the first time I landed on your blog and I’m pretty overwhelmed with your freebies. What can I say? Thanks for your generosity, you’ll be blessed!

    • Elin,

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I hope you found everything you were looking for and that the good stuff is not too “hidden” for your first time here. Hopefully you will come back again.


      Have a wonderful, happy and safe holiday season,


    • My mom said it was the best thing she’s read. 🙂

      Actually I wrote the book after getting somewhat fed up with the link-building peddling that goes around – so many shiny tools and methods…and not all of that works (some of it does). So in the book I’ve taken the approach of best practices, have my own sites using the methods and have seen a lot of good traction employing it.

      Hope you check it out.

  19. This tools can really help in some sort of manner and field. I also tried to use Duck tape tool and I was impressed on the result. Especially on the search engine results and organic traffic. When google analytics showed me the report there was a total different from the last months and weeks.

  20. It’s perfect time to make a few plans for the longer term and it is time to be happy. I’ve learn this post and if I may just I wish to suggest you some fascinating issues or tips. Maybe you can write next articles regarding this article. I wish to learn even more things approximately it!
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