How to Start a New Life: 7 Tools for Starting & Creating the Perfect Existence

How to Start a New Life“How to Start a New Life”

That’s a question that many people want to know.

In this post, I’ll reveal a few simple ways to begin a new life. 

The fact is many people desperately need to escape from their present existence.

Some are trying to find the best place for starting a new life.

Others want to begin a “new life” and do something different.

And a few are even trying to live off the grid by going somewhere else.

Bottom line is starting a new life can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people.

So I’ve done some research and found a number of ways to start a new life.

Here is a list of seven websites that will help you get more out of your current every day existence:

How to Travel Full TimeHow to Travel Full Time by Colin Wright: In this Kindle book you’ll discover the secrets to starting a new life where you live your life by traveling.

Primarily, you’ll discover Colin’s secret to living “in the cloud” and how to plan the perfect ‘freedom building’ Internet lifestyle.

3 Pillars for Designing the Perfect Internet LifestyleThe 3 Pillars of Designing Your Perfect Internet Lifestyle by Jay & Sterling: This free 45 minute audio shows how you can start a new life by using an online business to create financial freedom.

I know this is possible because I currently earn a full-time income from the Internet.  One of things this did was fund a seven month trip through Europe.  With the “3 Pillars” product you’ll discover how to design a life that’s full of happiness and satisfaction.

Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t by Steve ScottAffiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t by Steve Scott:  Like I said, I earn a full-time from the Internet.  This has allowed me to travel the world and visit over 30 different incomes. The best part is all I need is a Wireless connection and I can work anywhere.

The way I support my “traveling habit” is through a business model called affiliate marketing.  In my product, I provide step-by-step detail about how to create an affiliate business that runs on autopilot.  It’s great for anyone who wants to start a new life in a different place!

Quit your Job.  Travel the World. The Bundle Quit your Job.  Travel the World. The Bundle by Christine Gilbert:  This bundle of books provides the ultimate list of tips and tricks to creating a new life while traveling.  They provide a great plan for those who have little to nothing to spend on traveling.

Christine does a great job of providing practical tips that help you figure out where to start a new life and what to actually “do” once you’re on the path.

Here’s a list of what’s included in this bundle:

  • How to Quit your Job and Travel Long Term
  • How to Build a Completely Online Career
  • How to Work on a Cruise Ship to Travel Now and Save
  • The Visa Book: The Visa Rules for Every Single Country in the World, “The Traveler’s Resource”
  • Using Twitter to Find Travel Deals, Plan for Travel and More

There are lot of obstacles you’ll encounter when it comes to leaving the past behind, creating a new “identify” for yourself and living a new existence in a different place.  Perhaps these guides can show you how to do this.

Frequent Flyer Master by Chris GuillebeauFrequent Flyer Master by Chris Guillebeau: This guide shows how to go anywhere in the world for nearly free using frequent flyer miles.  The idea here is to use “travel hacking” to rack up mileage without requiring you to spend a lot of money.

I’ve used this product to help fund a deeply-discounted trip to Australia in 2012.  So I know it definitely works!

The Freelancer’s Survival Guide by Chris GuillebeauThe Freelancer’s Survival Guide by Chris Guillebeau:  Freelancing is all about having the freedom to choose projects, live anywhere and create the kind of life you deserve.

On the other hand, it’s pretty hard to manage a freelance business – Especially if you’re starting over in a new place.  This guide teaches you all the critical skills to doing what you love while getting paid to do it.

Guide to Art and MoneyThe Unconventional Guide to Art and Money by Chris Guillebeau:  Another way to start a new life is to support yourself through art.  The so-called “starving artist” is a myth.  You can make money by doing what you love without selling out.

This guide shows how to live life on  your own terms through your art.  You’ll learn how to use new media, networking and good ole-fashioned hustle to build a thriving business that can support you from any spot in the world.

These are the seven website you can use to learn how to start a new life.

Now is the time to do something you’ve always wanted to accomplish.  Give yourself permission to work on that one dream you’re too scared to tell others.  Who knows…this might be something that makes brings true happiness into your life.

We all have the power to change our environment and what we do in life.  The truth is we all the power to start a new life.  Check out these websites and begin that new change.  Ultimately that will bring you a little closer to your ideal existence.

Good luck!

Take Action. Get Results.

22 thoughts on “How to Start a New Life: 7 Tools for Starting & Creating the Perfect Existence”

    • Making change is a process. All you can do is set yourself on the path you want and take your best shot at it. Learn from your failures and keep pushing on!

      Good luck man! thanks for the comments! I hope to hear how your change is going for you in the future!

  1. Hi Steve,

    Welcome back 🙂

    I agree, you don’t have to go anywhere or do anything in particular to change your life.

    The thoughts and feelings you choose create your life experience. You are free to choose any thoughts and feelings you desire at ANY time, independent of where you are. The free will is an amazing good that so few use on a consistent basis.

    I too let go of many toxic folks. The temptation to return to comfortable environments is strong but if you are to create a new life it’s necessary to let go old, negative influences to make room for positive influences.

    Thanks for sharing your insight here.


  2. Thanks Ryan,

    Definitely glad to be back!

    It is certainly easy to slide into bad ways. That is why sometimes being strong and dedicated to success can really be something you have to consciously think about and plan for.

  3. Hey Steve, glad you came back safe and sound – Jeeeeeerrrrrrssssseeeeeey.

    I may have mentioned it in a comment a long time ago but I think it can be reapplied in ways here – there’s something about knowing your past that free’s you to do what you want in the future.

    You look at the sheer randomness of life – meeting of people, right place at the right time, little coincidences and stuff – it’s such a complex process that created who you are today and a lot of people want to escape (as you said) from it but what they really have to understand is that it’s always going to be a part of them – they just need to start fresh if they really want to change it up.

    Maaaan, reading this makes me wanna quit my job tomorrow haha.

    But yeah, I totally agree with you about designing your perfect environment because we easily look past how much it can influence our mood and goals. Strive for the best in yourself, ya know? It doesn’t have to be big and flashy – it just has to be for you.

  4. Thanks for the welcome back, Murray. 🙂

    Your right, you past will always be there. For both good and for ill likely. All you can do is set yourself on a positive path for the goals that you want. life will throw you curveballs and help you out in unexpected ways, but you need to be pointed in the right direction and going for those goals you really want.

    Goals are an extremely personal thing and will even naturally change over time. My goals at 35 are pretty different than they were at 20, that is just part of life.

    Sometimes changing direction or evena setback really can be beneficial in the long run if it helps to push you to succeed in what you really want!

  5. Hi Steve:

    Warmest Welcome Back! As far As I know I came to your blog for the first time. when you were on vacation. How does it feel to be home?? I bet very good. make yourself busy and do not indulge yourself in the past that you choose not to think. Enjoy the rest. you are a strong person you will do good.

    Murlu has expressed it better. As you said in your last paragraph of the blog post, time to start a new life. Plan it for yourself and do all that you could not do because your were too busy. American life style provides so many great opportunities that no other country has it in the world. So move on.

    Wish you only the best

    Fran A

    • Thanks Fran

      Very Happy, to be back! I had a great time, but I think I have been ready to come back for a few weeks. I appreciate all your kind sentiments! 🙂

      I am definitely going to do my best to start a kick-ass new phase of my life. I am really looking forward to some changes. Hopefully all positive. 🙂

  6. Hi Steve,

    Glad to see you back in action and ready to take things to the next level.

    I agree that you do not need to go anywhere or be somebody else to start a new life. The Chinese have a saying that you must first take care of internal affairs before you can take care of external affairs. This applies to the self, the household and the state. Unless you clean up matters at home, it is hard to start a new life.

    1. Leaving the Past Behind

    This is probably difficult for many; especially if they are emotionally invested in events. One way of letting go is to reframe what happened. A lot of things that happen turn out to be better or worse than reality because of our perception. Since we can change our perception, it helps to frame things in a more positive manner. When looking at negative events, try to learn the lessons contained therein and treat it as the universe’s way of helping you to grow to be a better person. “What is to give light must first endure burning.” -Viktor Frankl

    2. Create a New Identity

    I agree with you that the only person whose approval you need is yourself. People will say all sorts of things about you and most of the time, what they say is subjective and based on their own experiences. My approach has always been simple, I would listen and take what was useful while discarding the rest. I love how you reframe the things that happen to you. Our identity is important so care must be taken to manage this well.

    3. Find a New Purpose

    A new purpose means new challenges and it is a great way to start a new life. Having a purpose that resonates with you on a fundamental level will keep you going even when you face tough challenges. Unless you pursue a purpose that fills your life with burning passion, it is hard to create that perfect existence. This does not mean you have to be a fireball all the time. A slow consistent but passionate burn should be the ideal to strive for.

    4. Design the Perfect Environment

    I believe that your home and surroundings are very important. It is your base and fortress which you return to daily to plan your next move. If your base is not strategic or comfortable or to your liking, it is hard to get anything done or to have a perfect existence. As I mentioned earlier, only when you settle matters at home to your liking can you take care of external matters. So your home is crucial to the life you are trying to create. I hope you find a great apartment and make your vision of the perfect living space a reality.

    Thank you for sharing this great post! 🙂

    • Wow,

      What a great comment, you did another whole post here!

      1. Reframing. Right on. That is a great way to go about it. Learn lessons and set yourself for a better future!

      2. Dead on. Outside opinions almost always are subjective. It is worth listening too, but realizing that all the opinions come through a filter of the other persons perceptions is essential.

      3. Having the ability to pursue a passion is truly a gift. Everyone should attempt it or be working toward the freedom of being able to work within your passion.

      4. Yup. As the saying goes, the home is where the heart is. Having the ability to set up a comfortable home environment is a big part of the battle.

      Again, thanks for some great and in depth commentary! 🙂

  7. Hi Steve,

    I have just stumbled upon your website and this is the first of your posts that I have read. This comes as quite a coincidence as in one month’s time I leave my job as a professional military officer of 13 years service and start my journey towards living a new lifestyle of my own design.

    Starting this journey from a career that has been all consuming for 13 years, I couldn’t agree more with your points. It is very easy to derive your identity and purpose from something external; however, if this external source disappears so potentially will your sense of self. Re-creating your identity and sense of purpose from something that is intrinsically part of you removes the risk of losing your sense of self through external influences and factors.

    • Brenton,

      Thanks for your service! I only spent a couple of years in the military, but my brother finished 20 years service about 7 months ago and is basically starting over his life over from scratch. So I know from a strong second hand opinion that leaving the military service can be one of the best times to start fresh and send your life in new and amazing directions.

      You are definitely right though, a very important part of that is making an identity, purpose and goal from within yourself. Thanks for dropping by! I look forward to hearing more from you and wish you the best. Good luck and thanks for great comment!

  8. Hi Steve, this is a very inspiring article, a lot of great information. I think the reason some people want to “escape” their present lives is not necessarily desperation, but rather to some degree for fantasy. But for those looking to just change their life for the better, your tips will certainly put them on the right path! Take care.

    • I think you are right. People may be fooling themselves sometimes that the “grass is greener”. It is certainly possible that change is not what some people need but the ability to enjoy and be thankful for what they do have. So much depends on the person.

      For those that do want/are able to make the a change though action and goals are somethings that are really needed, so either have it be important enough to take the steps or decide that they are comfortable and happy with what they have.

  9. In terms of goal setting, do you think 6 month goals are the ideal? I have a very tough time envisioning goals more than 2 years… it kinda gets too overwhelming for me.

  10. y thoughts on goals is that 6 months is the really good mid range for goals. You can still have very actionable items and very specific steps with the goals on how to reach it. 6 month goals should be very achievable (though it is still good to “reach” with them”

    For long term goals I like 5 years. These are a lot more generalized obviously, but it is good to have these. Good 5 year goals might be more fantasy related. Like maybe become a millionaire, get married (if you don’t even have a girlfriend now) or even what job you want if you are going to school.

    It is more of a picture of where you would like to be, then you make your 6 month goals so that you work towards the long term ones.

    I guess what I am saying is not to get TOO bogged down with specifics for 5 year goals. Just have a general idea.

  11. Hi Steve,

    Welcome home! I have to admit, for me, it felt like you never really left. You were always here and I guess that’s the beauty of an online business.

    I think that any minute of any day, we can choose to start over and redefine ourselves. We get to choose what we think and how we feel.

    I think we have to let go of what doesn’t work in our lives. Sometimes that’s really hard to do; especially if it relates to family and friends.

    I think we have to have the courage to be who we want to be instead of living with the labels that other people give us.

    Before you can truly start a new life though, you have to learn to let go of the past. I really struggle with this but I work at making it a habit to always look to the future.

    Thanks for the great tips, Steve. As usual, you make a lot of sense.

  12. Great post. I think that a lot of people may be dealing with reinventing themselves. I am all for that. Not that I want to hide from my past, because it makes me the person I am today. But, there is so much in the world to learn and experience that each time you open up an new avenue it is like starting over again.

  13. I certainly agree with the find a new purpose part but i also see it important to use what you’ve already focused your energy on. I don’t think it’s right to spend 30 years working on one thing and then just say, ‘I need to get out of here!’ i think it’s important to incorporate some things with others.

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