41 Hot Internet Marketing Niches

Greetings from Belfast, Northern Ireland.  It’s been a pretty hectic last couple of months.  All I’ve had time to do was travel and a little bit of work. (So that’s why I’ve been lousy at updating y’all on my adventures).

The other day I was biking through Inishmore (a small island near Galway, Ireland) and I got to thinking about a report I was about to release, “41 Hot Internet Marketing Niches.”

What was on my mind was how I wanted to present this information.  At first I was going to sell it for around $10, but I’ve decided to ditch this idea and make it another free report I offer through this site.

I even shot a video in Inishmore that talks about it:

To be honest, I’m extremely excited about this eBook.  I feel it’s one of those freebies that can offer massive value to anyone who reads it.

Well… here is the link to the “41 Hot Internet Marketing Niches” report.  If you decide to read it, please check back here and let me know what you think!

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5 thoughts on “41 Hot Internet Marketing Niches”

    • Neil,

      Thanks, glad you liked it.

      I wanted to make something that was useful to people, chocked full of good information (particularly for people starting out) and totally free. I am on a kick now to try hard to increase my readership and this is one of the primary means I will be using to try and do that, so I appreciate you positive review. I also tried to inject a little “fun” into the topic, hopefully that comes through too.



  1. Steve,

    This was an absolutely fabulous report.

    Really I am amazed at the quality and depth that you put into a free eBook. Thanks so much!

  2. Steve

    I’m a current subscriber and I’d like to get 41 Hot Internet Marketing Niches. How can I get a copy? I tried to sign up for it, but got kicked out due to the fact that I subscribe already.


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