5 Incredible Ways Positive Thinking Can Help You Expand Your Internet Business

Time for another guest post!  Today Steven of Very Best Software discusses how you can think and grow your Internet business.  Take it away Steven…

An average human being has over 100 new ideas going through his mind everyday. Most often people lack the ability to fine-tune those ideas and effectively explore them to their profit. Human mind is like a magnet; it draws forces from the ideal realm to contradict them with reality. This is why most internet entrepreneurs are still running the “rat race” when they should be making money in the real sense.

As an internet business owner, there is one skill you cannot do without in the course of your business – Positive Thinking and Attitude. It does not matter whether you have chosen the best paying niche or the less competitive one. It is simple; positive thinking is a personality trait that you must possess to become successful as a business owner.  Here are the Benefits of Positive Thinking:

1. Better Focus = Greater Effectiveness = Bigger Results

Anyone who has been on the internet for more than three months can actually take you through the difficulties and problems of internet marketing. People tend to have a list of the ‘reasons and whys’ something can not be done. Positive thinking skill will help you focus your efforts on what you want to accomplish rather than the forces working against you. It takes you by the hand and walks you through – making sure that you do not succumb to those negative forces which will definitely work against you.

2. Setting Better And Achievable Business Goals

Any adventure without a goal is bound to hit a rock. Goals are like road maps and are an indispensable part of any human life and or business. No entrepreneur can set an achievable goal without the power of positive thinking. Goals become easily achievable and progressive when set with the positive thinking guidelines.

3. Growth Opportunities

If you do not have positive thinking attitude, you will see difficulties like every other averaged entrepreneur. The power of positive thinking will help you see and recognize new opportunities. It makes you more open to different possibilities. It can even lead you to create opportunities for your business just by teaching you to believe in what is possible.

4. Proper Positive Business Adaptation

Any business endeavor comes with challenges and pitfalls. It is only with the positive thinking skills that you can better adapt to these unfavorable conditions by making the necessary changes to your business goals – without loosing the trust and belief you have in yourself and your business.

5. Believe In The Power Of Impossibility

This is one of the most outstanding benefits of positive thinking skills. Possessing the positive thinking skills will help you seek new ideas, identify new opportunities, and brainstorm for ways of improving a given situation.

Positive thinking and attitude is the magic cloth that you have to wear in order to attract the bright side of nature. It brings out the best business opportunities, arms you with new ideas and business secrets, and makes every mountain possible for you to climb.

Steve’s Note: Steven Papas is the owner of the VeryBestSoftware. In his blog you can get the Norton internet security coupons.

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28 thoughts on “5 Incredible Ways Positive Thinking Can Help You Expand Your Internet Business”

  1. Hi Steve:

    I did come to the computer as a habit and first thing I did was to read your blog post. Positive thinking is very important for anything and everything.

    It does empower the strength of holding all the positives and move with hope and gratitude.

    You are right it overcomes power of impossibility too. So, Steve think positive and enjoy your Thanksgiving day and do give thanks with positive thinking and enjoy the Thanksgiving dinner with yours.

  2. Hi Steve, what a fantastic post! I don’t think that any entrepreneur would do without positive thinking. There were many times when I would have stopped and walked away if it had not been for the support I got from positive thinking articles. I like the last paragraph about “believing in the power of impossibility”. Impossible is nothing really! Great post Steve

  3. Hi Steve(s)!

    Totally agree with what you are saying here, mate. The benefits of positive thinking are huge and countless. They permeate every facet of your life, both business, and personal. I try to stay positive, but all too often I find my glass not just half empty, but that some bugger’s swiped me glass! 🙂

    Thanks for writing this article, it’s always good to reinforce things like this.

    Kind regards,

    P.S. Geez, with all these Steve’s, we should start a club 🙂

  4. What uuuuup? Hope you guys are killing it.

    Would just like to share a quote by Henry Ford

    ” If you think you can or you can’t, your prably right”

    Positvive thinking combined with goal setting is unbelievably powerful. Know what you want and expect to achieve it.

    Ill leave you with the red car theory.
    QUESTION : How is it that its not untill you buy a shiny new red car you seem to see a lot more of them on the road than you did yesterday?
    ANSWER- you brain will look for things that you tell it too. Simples!

    B B B B Blaze Yo’ Trail

    • Very true. the mind is quite a powerful thing and can be really steer you where you want to go (or where you don’t) depending on attitude and how you “set it up” The first person you need to “convince” before convincing others is yourself.

  5. I like positive thinking….but also like responsible thinking too. IE, even when things get back, I take responsibility for all of my decisions….and consider that to be one tremendous positive as well.

    Took me decades to get there….

    • Barbara,

      Good point, taking responsibility for your actions (good and bad) is a sure sign of maturity.

      I also think this is important, because mistakes happen, but if you can take responsibility for them you can actually learn from them and grow rather than simply end up making the same thing happen again.

  6. Steven and Steve,

    I think positive thinking can help us in life in most situation. Many times we think the worse and hardest on ourselves as we want and expect best out of ourselves.

    When I have accepted my faults and shortcoming and forgave myself, I have been able to focus on what is important and really LIVE the life.

  7. I tend to be a positive person but one of the things I also have to be is real. Sometimes situations are not so positive but it’s how we handle them that counts. Often there is a lesson to be learnt that will make me a stronger person. Just my 2 cents worth. Thanks for sharing Steve.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • It is true that sometimes there can be situations that it is hard to find a “silver lining” for, but it is sometimes even more important to try to be positive in these situations..even if you have to really work at it. It can be tough, but it helps.

  8. If you don’t have a positive thinking and self confidence you already lost any race you’re having, because you can’t expect for someone to trust you when you don’t trust yourself.
    And being a pessimist or negative, not only has consequences on your health but won’t solve your problem, stop the pessimism and to something.

    Great article, this are some advices that everybody should consider embracing.

    By the way, Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. I’m sorry to be the dissenting voice here, but while I hate negative thinking and everything associated with it, I can’t agree about the power of positive thinking. Entrepreneurs naturally have a different way of looking at things, a way of seeing opportunities where others do not, but is that really positive thinking?
    Self belief is important, but belief in the power of impossibility can simply be a way to waste huge amounts of time and money.
    One of the most important talents for any entrepreneur, in my opinion, is the ability to let go of a project that just isn’t working, dust yourself off and go for the next one. Too much positive thinking and you never let go.

    • Hi Lesley,

      You said you can’t agree about the power of positive thinking. While I agree with Brenton’s comment below, that positive thinking may not be appropriate in all situations, there are a lot many situations where it is strongly applicable. I would like to ask you to give it a try someday. Of course, you can’t be thinking it will not work and expect it to.

      Positive thinking is not about being stubborn and thinking that something will work when it is obvious that it will not. As for positive thinking overcoming things that were once thought impossible, there are a lot of proven instances. Like you said, in those cases a lot of money could go into it, but it wouldn’t be a waste if the outcome is a success. Think about Ford, and how we got the engine that runs all our cars these days.


    • I do see what your seeing, I agree….to a point. I believe in trying for impossible dreams. Just because everyone says something cannot be done doesn’t mean that it is true.

      That has been proven again and again throughout history. It is more of a young persons game though, because you have to be ready to fail utterly and start over. To win big you sometimes have to risk big.

      BUT.. I am also conservative enough that I see that doing the reasonable thing is sometimes safer, and when you are bashing your head against a wall gaining no traction it is sometimes best to try a completely new angle.

      In a way I see it as a balancing act between optimism and pragmatism.

  10. I think Lesley makes an interesting point in the comment above. For my mind, life is often about knowing when to apply what tool from your kitbag of personal living techniques. Positive thinking is a very powerful tool when applied correctly but in certain circumstances a touch of pessimism may lead you to a more appropriate decision rather than the application of ‘Pollyanna Optimism.”

    Circumstances where a touch of pessimism/cautiousness may be appropriate is when there are real risks of severe negative consequences.

    Martin Seligman wrote an interesting book called ‘Learned Optimism’ where he discuss the concept of ‘Flexible Optimism.’ He also created a simple mental model designed to break the loop of negative thinking at the time that these thoughts occur and replace them with positive energising thinking. I have used this thinking technique very successful during my thirteen years as a military officer both in combat and non-combat related situations.

    Here is a link which summaries the key points of the book Learned Optimism by Martin Seligman including his technique for breaking the loop of negative thinking:


    • Thanks Brenton,

      I like the term Flexible Optimism. It does have a great mix of taking the positivity of being highly optimistic and mix in some reality and “common sense”. I think I may have to check out that book, it sounds pretty good

  11. Very good post Steve!

    Sometimes we struggle, trying to realize what we should really do to move forward and succeed. But i believe something is missing here. It’s faith!

    What i would say is that the basic element that determines the action of our subconscious mind when we want to think positive, is faith! When we can permit faith as a dominating thought to occupy our minds then all things are possible!

    Kind regards,

    John Mak

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