7 Advantages of Running an Online Business

It’s sad but it’s true: most of the people I know don’t like their jobs. In fact, I have a few friends who actually claim they hate their jobs. I’m proud to be an exception to the rule—I love what I do for a living. As you probably already know, my primary business is affiliate marketing and I firmly believe 100% that it’s a great work option for anyone out there who wants to run their own online business.

It’s taken me a couple of years to get to the point where I’m at now, but I’d estimate that I currently spend an average of five hours per week managing my affiliate marketing business. A lot of people who want to start their own business want to escape the rat race. The the ability to make your own schedule is definitely a great perk, but there are also dozens of other advantages to running an online business in addition to flexibility. I’ve covered a few of the other advantages below.

#1. It’s Easy to Get Started with Little Cost Involved

Most businesses require a lot of time to set up and a lot of start-up capital, but if you’re starting an online affiliate marketing business you don’t have to wait days or even weeks to get started. You could do it right now. I don’t recommend it, but you could start an online affiliate marketing business without spending a dime. All you have to do is install a free blog, choose an affiliate link and start promoting your offer!

Instead, though, I suggest registering your own domain as opposed to using a free blog service like Blogger—it will only cost you a few bucks and your site will look a lot more professional. Potential customers will be willing to trust your opinion a little more if you it looks as if you didn’t toss your site together in five minutes (even though technically you could.)

#2. There’s Unlimited Income Potential

Online businesses like my affiliate marketing businesses are built on systems.  After a bit of trial and error, you’ll be able to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. Once you learn how to “work the system” and tweak things appropriately, you’ll realize what’s earning you money as opposed to what’s costing you money.

Learn to work the system and your income can increase substantially. I can’t promise that you’ll make millions right off the bat, but online affiliate marketing businesses really do have unlimited income potential. It’s possible to earn to a steady income and have a nice life as a result.

#3. Online Businesses can Be Automated

Online businesses are great because they can be automated. As I mentioned above, I’ve reached the point that I don’t have to spend hours upon hours working every day. I recommend doing everything yourself in the beginning because you want to know how the process should work. After awhile, though, you can outsource the tasks you don’t like doing yourself.

For example, some people do not enjoy the process of generating website traffic for their business, but that’s okay because it’s a process that can easily be outsourced. You can also hire writers to create web content such as ezine articles and a virtual assistant could easily manage your Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts. In fact, you could even hire someone to create videos for YouTube!

#4. You Can Work Anywhere in the World

As long as you have a computer and internet access, it doesn’t matter where you are—if you run an online business, you can work from anywhere in the world.  Believe me, because I’m living proof. I just spent seven months traveling through Europe and my affiliate marketing business didn’t suffer a bit. If anything, it improved!

#5. You’re Building an Asset

Any business can be sold to another person. People purchase established stores and restaurants all the time. There’s no reason that an online business can’t be a turnkey operation, too. Once you have things in place, you can sell your business to someone else.

Remind yourself that you’re doing much more than making things better for the time being. You’re building an asset that can be sold to someone else for a profit. By the way, if you ever get to the point that you decide to sell your asset, you can always start all over again with a new online business!

#6. It’s Often “Recession-Proof”

At the moment approximately one third of the U.S. workforce is unemployed or underemployed. This means that there are a lot of niches that an online affiliate marketing business can benefit from right now. People want to learn how to start a home business, how to find a job, or how to improve themselves. Everyone out there is looking for that edge, even if they’re still employed at the moment.

Your site could be that edge!

#7. It’s Mentally Stimulating

Last but not least, running my online business is fun—especially when I compare it to the few jobs I had back in the day.  Right now, I’m the one calling all the shots. I no longer feel like a trained monkey performing whatever tasks are asked of it.

My online business is mentally stimulating and I definitely know that I’m a lot more creative than I’d ever be with any standard 9-to-5 career. I absolutely love my job and wouldn’t go back to my “old life” for anything!

What are YOUR Advantages?

These are but a few of the many advantages of running an online business.  If you’re already an Internet marketer, I’m sure there are a few things you personally enjoy about this profession.  So I’d like to know your thoughts.  What are some advantages you’ve experienced so far?  Comment below…

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39 thoughts on “7 Advantages of Running an Online Business”

  1. The fact that you can work on your project at any time of the day is the greatest appeal for me. I do enjoy my job but I would love if it were later in the afternoon or at night – unfortunately, not many businesses allow that kind of flexibility (waking up at 6:30 sucks!).

    I usually get the most done between 9 and 2 at night; working on my own projects at the time feel more productive than the whole day I have at work!

    • I agree with Murray. I have been getting into website creation and internet marketing, and probably work most nights from 730-2ish as well. I know it’s oft-repeated but when you are doing something you enjoy, it doesn’t feel at all like work! I do with I had more control over my schedule (and didn’t have to work 10 hours a day at my job!) but hopefully I can realize that goal over the next few years.

    • I understand you completely. My favorite work style has wierd hours too. I usually have 2 days a week (now that I am back that I work fom like 8am until midnight) I write write write. This means that for the rest of the week, all I have to do is a little custodial and upkeep stuff and most of my time is my own.

      there certainly are not many jobs out there that would sync well with 2 16 hour days followed by 2-3 hours a day for the remainder

      That is the great thing about internet work, though, you pick and choose your own hours for what works best to for you. If you have a job these hours are pigeon holed into when you are not working, but the time is yours

  2. Hi Steve,

    I haven’t start earning any income out of my blog but you are one role model who inspires me with what you have achieved. Those advantages you have listed out are very attractive and probably the reason why blogging has become so competitive. So many people have jumped into blogging wanting a slice of cake. We need to have patience and knowing the correct process to make it work.

    I believe there is much more in blogging compared to normal jobs. It can be most comfortable job in the world but also difficult to achieve the results.

    Thanks for sharing your insight.


    • Lye,

      Blog money is slow money. I am only starting to make money from mine, and It is not at “profit” level yet. It will be one day, because I am working hard to make it there, but for now I mainly do it because I love it.

      Affiliate marketing is a lot easier (though sometimes perhaps not as fun) to turn those first bucks. Long range I am not sure if either method is “better” for making money. My “gut” feeling is that a successful blog with some affiliate marketing done within the blog is the best “long term” success strategy. It does take a long time to get there though

  3. Hi Steve;

    Another outstanding post about affiliate marketing. The benefits you mentioned are so awesome that everyone will like to be starting doing it. My mind is already set for it.
    I guess I am not focusing on it enough but I do think about it, I desire it and then now I have to wait for the third part so see an action for getting my goal. You and your have been a big help. I appreciate it very much.

    fran A

  4. Hi Steve

    I admire all that you have achieved. This affords you the lifestyle most of us who are now on the net blogging would aspire to. I love the fact that I can have flexible working hours and it’s great not having to answer to anyone else with my business.

    Although I have just started, this is the dream I had for some time. To have my own home business and enjoy all that this journey entails.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Patricia,

      For just starting out, you have done a wonderful job so far. I already see you as a leader and an inspiration within your niche. I have no doubt you will achieve great success within it!

  5. For me, some of the advantages of running business online is you can handle it on your own, and you can work conveniently in your own space and time. And the other advantages you’ve mentioned here are all awesome! I appreciate every bit of your post. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi Steve,

    You have really laid out 7 great advantages that many people don’t truly understand until they have been in this industry for at least 6 months. Not that it takes 6 months to make some good money, but it could take 6 months for people that have been programmed to be a zombie in the corporate world to be debugged.

    I had worked in retail managment for 15+ years and the 80 hours a week was all the bs that I was swallowing for so long, but I found this industry and just as I am typing this on a Friday morning at 10:44 am I have my nice cup of coffee, still in my pj’s and looking out the window noticing how quite it is.

    There are so many reasons to get into this industry and one of the most rewarding that I have found is self growth – I have learned so much and grown as a person!

    Thank you for sharing this great post with everyone – looking to hearing more from you!

    • Thanks Robert.

      I agree with you wholeheartedly. It is wonderful to be able to live a life with a degree of freedom. AM doesnt mean that you don’t have to work: you do. It doesnt mean that you will become rich really fast (possible, but very unlikely) It is not even a SURE thing.

      But it is not incredibly hard, most people “can” succeed with learning a few tricks and tips and it really is location and time dependent.

      Pretty much it will work once you put the effort in and work it.

  7. My biggest advantage is flexibility. My mom has macular degeneration and she needs to go get treatments twice per month. This means I have to drive her to an afternoon appointment. sit there for at least an hour, drive her back. This would be a minimum of 2 afternoons off per month. What employer would want that?

  8. Hi Steve,

    A super insightful list. All of the reasons resonate with me.

    As Murray and crew note above flexibility is one of the key aspects of running an online business that REALLY works for me. Yesterday I was super tired and hit the sack at 6:30..not a typo. I woke up at 4:15 in the morning. Instead of dawdling around for 3 hours waiting to enter NJ rush hour traffic I started working right away, repackaging some of my old posts and articles for a new ebook.

    Being mentally stimulated on an hourly basis really is fun, right? Beats dealing with angry truckers at Port Newark, trust me 😉 I’ve learned so much in the span of 2 years it’s almost overwhelming to dwell upon. I certainly wouldn’t have it any other way and feel eternally grateful to make a living from home.

    Thanks for sharing Steve and have a powerful day!


    • Definitely feel you there. It also is great for avoiding all that money on NJ tolls too.

      My hours are crazy, some days I work 16-18 hours and then have a few days with barely any work done at all. I love that I can be really productive and bust my ass on some days and then work lightly on others.

  9. Hi Steve,

    escaping from daily job is usually the main aspiration of people who are searching for the online success. It is great to imagine all the flexibility, endless earning opportunity and “be your own boss” thing.

    But lots of people believe this online success can be achieved easier than offline one. Yes the barriers to enter online market are much lower, however this causes that most of the online markets are over-saturated and you have to work your ass out to be able to get in front of your competitors.

    • Very good points,

      I am always pointing out that a lot of efforts for online marketing are dealing with working hard and often foregoing immediate success for long term success. It can be a great career, but it is certainly also not for everyone.

      Anyone who thinks it is a path to easy money and riches is being fooled by some of the scammy marketing systems that are out there.

  10. Hey Steve,

    I think it’s absolutely amazing that we live in an age when you can start and have a profitable business for zero dollars out of pocket!! And yes, of course it’s better to spend a bit, but just the fact that it’s POSSIBLE for zero dollars is pretty amazing.

    For me, the biggest draw of an online business is that I can do what I want! I can do what I want online to make money… I can blog about what I want… I can be as creative as I want… I love having all of these options!

    Thanks for the great post, buddy. Keep it up!

    • Thanks Tristan,

      Yes it is amazing. It is also important for people to remember when looking at the mega buck plans to “success” that there is often as much solid onfo in a 50$ plan as are in some $3000 guru packages. In fact much of this information, though not always “easy to find” is out there for 100% free on blogs and lead magnets.

      Almost everything is out there for free for the people who spend time and look for it.

  11. Hi Steve,

    Very nice post! For me personally, the benefits of running and having my online business is that I work doing something that I love to do, can work from any where I want to and any time, I’m my own boss, and make a living online. I it is such as a wonderful feeling when someone accomplishes all that 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  12. I thought I was doing good with affiliate marketing until I got more into CPA. Man that is the BOMB! The advantages get better when people make things simpler like for instance, a one form field submission 😉

  13. Changing your career for something more flexible like an online business model is not just for those who hate their jobs. In one week I leave a job that I have loved for 13 yrs but have come to realise that it is no longer healthy for mine and my family’s lifestyle. Even when you love you job, sometimes you realise that a change may still be needed.

    • It can certainaly be a culture shock to leave a stable career to tackle a new one. the effort and spin up time to get it going can be rough. but in the long run the effort is worth it and pays you back with freedom, flexibility and the sheer joy of being able to do what you want.

  14. I am fairly new to the affiliate marketing game but I see that it does take a lot of trial and error to find out what really works. Haven’t been able to totally leave the cubicle for good however (O: – Did it for almost a year with my freelance webdesign business; but had to get back in the cubicle due to financial problems and not having a backup plan. Well, did learn a lot and really enjoyed working from home though!

    The best advantage of working from home was definitely being able to set my own work hours and saving the travel time between home and work – especially when it was an hour and fifteen minutes drive one way.

    Later on steve.

    • It certainly is no easy and instant thing to leave work behind. But it adds up you will bet there (again)

      The fact that you do have some previous experience in working online I think helps a lot too.

      Even prior to 2005 when I started in Affiliate Marekting I had *some* internet and internet sales experience. I do not know If I would call it great experience, a fair share may have been what NOT to do, but even bad experience teaches you something

      (like having a backup plan and not having all eggs in one basket, maybe)

  15. Most inspirational.

    These are the benefits that can allow anyone to live a really nice lifestyle. I’m excited about this business model. Working on your own terms and having that great flexibility to work anywhere is the ultimate.

    Best of all may well be the fact that you can be as creative as you want, chasing your passions and being paid for doing something you love.

    Great stuff as always, Steve!

    • The creativity thing is big for me. I do not consider myself to be an artist, or have anywhere even close to that in terms of creativity, but being creative is a muscle and I really enjoy being able to be a little creative and I believe that I am afforded the best chance I have to do that while working for myself (and outsourcing as many mundane tasks as I can)

  16. All I can say is… I can’t wait!

    Oh, I just had a thought… have you ever done an article that shows the down side to an online business yet? I’d love to read that too.

    Kind regards.

    • there might be something to that. I have certainly commented on *some* of the bad points but I do not know if I have done a dedicated post, that I can remember. I will have to think on that. It does sound like an attractive “anti” article that should get a lot of people up and commenting.

    • Barb,

      Very good point. not only can you, but I think you *should* change directions every so often.

      Any business online or off needs to keep growing or it stagnates. You can either pour more repetitive actions into it for more growth then it hits its platuea. or try to maintain and decrease the downward slide and start all over in something new while your business is mostly passive income (like I am doing with SSS)

  17. I like the freedom and control over your own life that Internet Marketing gives. However it wasn’t until I read your post that I realised what I like the most; #7 It’s mentally stimulating.

    If you’ve been doing the same job for 20 or 30 years it becomes boring and not enough of a challenge. Internet Marketing is all new to me, and what I like about it is that there’s ALWAYS something new to learn. It’s just not possible to know everything, so no chance of getting bored. 8)


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