7 ULTIMATE Ways to Earn Internet Income

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22 thoughts on “7 ULTIMATE Ways to Earn Internet Income”

  1. Hi Steve:

    Great Monday post here. The heading said 7 ultimate ways to earn income, but when I read the post it felt like there is only one way earning income. Email newsletter. May be I am wrong. Great points through out the post. How is coaching course via emails. Must be very low priced , I think.

    However ebook empire that you have talked about before is also great.
    As you said at the end, it is time to take action. You have done your job, the rest is on the networking group individually to show some work done. I guess thos who have not done anything need some motivation .

    Make it a great week for yourself

    Fran A

  2. Awesome post, Steve! I’ve really enjoyed this series, man. You’ve done a great job. It’s sad to see the series come to an end, but hopefully we can garner enough new idea recommendations in the comments for you to write another post in the series!

    I don’t think you’ve talked about buying and selling domain names before. I’ve been making money this way for a few years now and it’s a great way to make some extra money. Last week I bought a domain name for $16 and sold it for $51. It’s just something I do on the side for fun, but if you do it full time I could see how you could make money from it. The downside is that it’s really easy to get caught up in the excitement of buying domains and then realize too late that all the domains you bought suck.

    Another way to make money that you haven’t mentioned (at least I don’t think you have, maybe I forgot) is having an Amazon store. This is something I’ve just gotten into in the last few weeks but I’m amazed at how easy it is to sell my old books on Amazon. I just price them a buck or two lower than what the cheapest used book is already selling it for and it’s gone in a day or two.

    Have you mentioned Etsy in any of your posts? (Again, I have read them all, but it’s hard to keep track of everything!) How about a CafePress store?

    In one of your previous posts you mention having an eBay business. This is another one that I’ve been doing for a while. Except that my model is a bit different from the one you mentioned about finding a wholesaler. I’m an experienced rock climber, and I’ve been buying and selling climbing gear for over a decade. I buy used rock climbing gear from Craigslist and online climbing forums (that have a classifieds section) and resell it on eBay. By just checking these forums and Craigslist in my spare time, I easy made a few hundred bucks every month.

    I think you already mentioned writing PLR… But did you also mention PLR podcasts or videos? Have you mentioned selling completed ebooks along with exclusive rights (you sell it to just one person and they can do whatever they want with it)?

    How about web design (which could include blog setup) services?

    Starting a forum? Either ad-supported or based on a premium model.

    I’ve never heard of being a virtual jurist before! That’s… interesting 🙂

    Whew. Anyway, a great post, and like I said, hopefully we can get you to write another one in the series. Some of the ones I’ve mentioned here you’ve probably already talked about, but there might be one or two you didn’t cover.

    • Wow,

      I feel like Michael Corleone, “Just when I think I’m out, they keep pulling me back in…”

      You are so right, you pointed out some even more great ways to make money. as many as I did, I only touched the surface! Domain name arbitrage was one I HAVE heard of and should have included for sure.

      I might have to think about doing one more. (c’mon…just one more, no one will ever know….) 😉

  3. Hi Steve,

    This has been a great series and I’ve learned of some make money on the Internet models I’d never heard of… like virtual jurist! That’s an interesting concept.

    I appreciate all the reference links you provide too!


    • There are so many out there. Many that I probably could not readily think of. After reading Tristan’s post above, maybe there is even one (or two or three or 15) more in the series.

      I doubt anyone who read this would be interested in being a virtual jurist, but it is kinda cool that such a thing exists. Someone who love crime procedurals on TV could have something to do while watching one of the 52 versions of “Law and Order”. I am sure for some people there could simply be no better way to make money, while others (like me) would rather have a root canal. That is the beauty of the thing, though, it seems there are as many opportunities as people looking.

  4. Hi Steve,

    Awesome insight into an ever expanding topic.

    Each day I learn 5 more ways to make money online. So many great ideas out there to prosper from. The only limit in this area is our creativity for there are literally tens of thousands of ways to make money online, and that’s just for starters.

    Thanks so much for the Donate advice. I am building a list of 365 days of my inspirational quotes and hadn’t thought of receiving donations for my work. Up until now I was charging $12 and directing users to a Paypal link.

    Now I’ve added the Paypal icon and am using a donate model with a suggested donation amount. I know I’ve touched many with my inspirational quotes so giving my readers the option to send my payment my way resonates with me. I do what I do and let karma handle the rest.

    Thanks again for sharing your always keen insight Steve. Enjoy your week 🙂


    • I have never tried the donate method, but I have seen it in action. SPecifically when tied to a specific event. I saw a few blogger do it for “donate so I can go to ‘Blogworld expo'” this last (October?). It seemed to work for all of them, and that was in the few thousand dollar range. and of course subsequently they gave some really good posts that got into the “meat” of the topics from there.

      Not everyone will donate, but enough will, some perhaps far more than they might have “paid”, so you never know. certainly worth a shot.

  5. This was a great series of post with lots of great ideas and resources.
    We all appreciate the work and effort that went into producing this. Now come the time for action. As you’ve stated, narrow things down by doing your due diligence, then take some action.

    Enjoyed the series, which stimulated many additional ideas.

    • Glad you liked the series Jimi,

      There are certainly a ton of ways to make money, sometimes it can just be a case of being diligent enough to actually pursue them. One thing is for certain too…no one should pursue them ALL.

  6. I’ve been keeping notes the entire time; so many great ideas man. I’ve figure up a few ways to turn a older projects into ones which actual business models instead of hoping for the best; now, the hard part: going after a few of these.

    I have a some of them already implemented but the true value of all the posts comes in the cross over; being able take those other platforms and adding it to an existing project.

    Man, simply too much to digest haha.

    • You make a good point. re-purposing and finding new ways to make money from old ideas is certainly part of it. You can make a system out of it and find ways to automate parts.

      That is part of what I am planning on doing with my “go large” that I mentioned in another post. Automating a lot of it (IE paying outsourcers) and hopefully making a huge splash that will pay me back and then some.

      as for too much to digest. For sure. Some of them will not apply to everyone, but they all apply to someone….

  7. This has been a great series of posts that have given me a few ideas on what I should be working on in the near future. The first step for me is designing a newsletter template and developing the content to send out. I won’t be planning on making money from it right away, however. I will aim to create a longterm campaign that will eventually lead to some additional income.

    Thanks again and look forward to the next series of posts.

    • That is the way to look at it. Newsletters/email marketing is like blogging. It is all about the long term. People that create a blog and slap so many ads on it you cannot see the text, from the point when they have NO VISITORS are unlikely to ever get any visitors.

      It is the same with email/newsletters. YOu want to offer a ton of free and good content. Don’t be scared to occasionally offer something for sale, but do not expect too much from it at first. I had those couple of days with some “insane” sales numbers, but it was from a list I have been building and working on for about 4 years.

      It is like those horrid ads, “make 32, 287 a week online” It IS actually possible, but only as the culmination of a long plan with a lot of work leading up to it.

      YOu totally have the right attitude for it though! 🙂

    • I have never done a premium site myself. The way I see it is

      High startup (you need a lot of authority/readers allready)

      Content (you need to supply as much content over a month as you would for an ebook.

      Constant Value. If you are charging people monthly fees, you have to be giving a lot of value per month. Chances are one person cannot do this, so you will likely need a team. Of course teams need to paid.

      Money: Sometimes you can actually make MORE moeny per word for a really well publized eBook… Well this is one I am not sure of, since I have never DONE a pay site, but I assume.

      The people in the network can make it work for you. sometimes the connections on things like the forums are as important as anything. If you get some really active people helping each other out, the value of it can pay for itself, with little effort.

      Residual as long as there is enough quality content you get people there and get a nice residuals from the monthly fees.

      No promotion, covers, formatting. Ebooks and the like all cost the person making them, in either time or energy. There is marketing to be done, backlinking, coverdesign, formatting… the list goes on. With quality content, you can just write ebook quality material and just post it as a “training module,” etc. Basically it gives you more time to focus on the material not the BS.

  8. Talk about comprehensive Steve, this whole series has been exceptional, original, and every article has given me moments of eye brow raising thoughts and ideas. The value you give to readers is exceptional Steve, it’s really no accident your site is doing so well.

    Much thanks


  9. Steve, nice collection! One follow up question I would have, the answer to which might turn into another post altogether, is do you use the same list for your newsletter that you use for the one-off emails?

    • The answer to that is…rarely. I sometimes will do a one off newsletter, but not to often. Generally I have lists that are for one-offs and lists that are auto-responder. They may get the same info, but in different format. Sometimes for something like Valentines day or Christmas I might double up with a one-off, but I try hard to avoid situations where I might hit someone with back to back emails. I don’t want people to feel pressured or spammed.

  10. Well thought out post Steve. I’m always looking for extra ways to earn internet income. I thought #7 was really funny, but # 1 and # 2 are the tried and true methods, you defiantly have given me some new ideas.

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