9 Ways to Make Money with YouTube

How to Make Money with YouTubeI’ve got a video for you today!

This one is a little twist on my “earn income” series I’ve posted in the last few weeks.  It goes into nine different ways you can make money while promoting on YouTube:

YouTube is a great place to earn an online income.  A lot of my affiliate marketing success was created by a series of simple videos in my niche.  My advice is to take one of these nine ideas and use this site to create a side-income stream for your online business.

Well…let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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15 thoughts on “9 Ways to Make Money with YouTube”

  1. Wow Steve – your posts are always informative – but I am such a newb when it comes to youtube that this was incredibly useful. I had NO IDEA youtube could be used in all these ways. Normally, I don’t like video, but I am really enjoying your snippits, so much so I’m wondering whether Brendan and I should have a go. What do you think? I don’t like the idea about appearing on camera, but your youtube style videos seem to work very well.

    • You guys certainly should have a go at video. I am not particularly good at being “on camera” myself, but I see this as becoming a BIG traffic source going into the future. Since I am not crazy about those style of “on camera” articles, I tend to do it a little more along the “powerpoint” method or done more as a tutorial.

      These methods can have a double bonus, you not only “describe” what is going on but you let people actually see the steps. In some cases this can be a lot more powerful than the written word. (though, I do not plan on stopping writing normal posts, by any means)

      At best Youtube can end up a MAJOR traffic generator and actual money maker in and of itself. AT worst it will get you “some” traffic, so it is certainly worth checking out a bit more going forward.

    • Jane, good luck with your flowers. It would seem to me that there would be a lot of opportunity to show off some really nice arrangements and promote through YouTube. Definitely a great idea. Good luck!

    • Jane –
      I always think funny videos do the best on Youtube, so maybe you could make a video of your staff delivering flower arrangements to sworn enemies in an attempt to bring them back together. You know – you could deliver one to Michele Bachmann from Barney Frank, etc.


  2. Hi Steve,

    Great list of youtube money making ideas here. The Cult of Personality tip works well for me.

    When living out your passion like minded people seem to find you. Of course you need to market but your videos can become viral with greater ease. One person who loves your stuff refers you to another person who would like it, or they share it on their social networks, or they ask to strike up a partnership. So many wonderful opportunities pop up when you decide to follow your passion and creating youtube vids is a powerful way to make your passion contagious.

    Gary V might be the best example of this. The guy know his stuff but energy separates him from everybody else. He exudes personality. Super charismatic dude who lives and breathes his passion each moment. He’s become wildly popular because he does what he loves to do and those with similar interests are drawn to them.

    Taking the consultant approach is also prospering. Advertise your expertise by uploading videos that help to teach people how to succeed in your niche and direct them to your blog. The best form of promotion is advertising your expertise.

    Thanks for sharing your insight Steve. Enjoy your weekend 🙂


  3. Steve,

    Although video/webcast is something that I would want to do, I’m not good at speaking. I see how video can be beneficial to one’s business. Like Ryan said, Gary V is probably one of the best for this stuff. Gary does not only know his stuff but also he does it with passion. I read Gary’s Crush It! book and learned a lot of stuff.

    But then again, speaking is my problem. I am not a natural-born english-speaking dude. I have accent that might be hard for some to understand at times. But I think I’ll be good if I can get close to how John Chow speaks.


  4. Steve,
    Very nice suggestions. I like the idea of doing testimonials for others. That could be turned around to having testimonials done for you. Jane could do a video of her happy customers with their flowers.

    Anyone that is afraid to be on their own videos could start out his way.

  5. Great ideas Steve.

    You’ve provided lots of incentive to get into video production mode and follow-up on some of these opportunities. I actually fired up Camtasia last night and did a little test video to play around with and get those creative juices flowing. Hope to have something new up soon.

    I have to take you to task on one thing though. I disagree that Old Spice was once regarded as a boring, old man type of after-shave. It *WAS* a boring, old man type of after-shave, no doubt. I think that’s where the term “toiler water” came from. LOL
    Alright, enough battering of that product. But seriously, they are a great example of changing an image with the use of video promotion.

    Thanks for the post and the inspiration.

  6. Hi Steve

    Information-packed article as usual 🙂

    Youtube to be used for monetization has been emphatically presented. Has changed my outlook of you tube being just a video based entertainment channel.

    Thanks for the wonderful article!

    Best Regards

  7. This video gives me idea, now with the help of you tube I can earn money but it seems like it is hard for me to take a video for others that they will like it.Can you give me idea on what video should I take?

    • Yes, I should go back and fix these old posts. Thanks for reminding me. I had that old account shut down by Youtube. From talking to them it was because I used the word “make money” and not the content. Frustrating. Thanks for reminding me of this. I will fix it.

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