A Beginner’s Guide to Internet Marketing Success

I have to admit to something…

In the last few months, I’ve ignored a number of things in my Internet marketing business.  One of them is this site.  While I’m still posting a couple of articles a week; there are a lot of obvious *flaws* that I’m currently working on.Steve Scott's Start Here PageOne thing I’ve neglected is making this blog more *user friendly* to new visitors.

Specifically I don’t have a natural starting point for people want to build a successful Internet business.

Thanks to a recent post on Pat’s blog; I’ve created a “Start Here” page.  Simply put, I consider this to be a beginner’s guide to Internet marketing success.

On this page, you’ll find a collection of the best posts I’ve written about creating a profitable Internet business.  These are the same principles I’ve used to earn a full-time income from a non-IM related niche.

Here is a list of the topics I cover on this page:

  • 54 Ways to Make Money Online
  • How to Run a Successful Affiliate Marketing Business
  • Advanced Affiliate Lessons from the “Go Large Project
  • How to Create a Profitable eBook Empire
  • How to Run an Internet Business
  • Time Management and Productivity Hacks
  • Creating the “Internet Lifestyle” Mindset
  • The Importance of Outsourcing
  • How to Get More Blog Traffic

I’ve written 432 posts on this site.  So we’re at the point where it’s hard to know what articles to read first.  My suggestion is to start on this “best of” page and check out the lessons I’ve learned in the last seven years of Internet marketing.

So go now to this page ==> Start Here

Take Action. Get Results.

20 thoughts on “A Beginner’s Guide to Internet Marketing Success”

  1. Steve

    I did something similar when I read Pat’s post. Only I don’t have quite the depth of archive to choose from! 432 posts – are you serious???

    There’s a couple of titles listed there that I’ve not read, so I’ll be going to check them out later. Good stuff.


    PS – you should bundle those posts together into a ‘IM FOr Beginners’ eBook and do some stuff with it!

    • Thanks Paul,

      I have a -long term- plan to turn the blog traffic series into an eBook, or at least have it be the core of an EBook, I would add in about 50% new material. But that is far off. I have a lot more research and experiments to run before I would be comfotable with that.

      I have given thoughts to bundling (and adding a little material) to some of the other collections that work together to create more “free reports” which I am sure i will do far sooner than another Ebook.

      I am still bashing my head against the wall trying to make the one I am working on “awesome”.

      Anyhow, thanks for the comment and the ideas

  2. Steve, I don’t think many internet gurus give time management the attention it deserves. For many people the problem with working on the internet is not so much the technicality, or learning something new, it’s learning how to work by yourself for yourself, and do so without any likelihood of immediate reward. Brian Johnson’s motto is that no-one fails at internet marketing, they just give up before they succeed, I think that is largely due to an inability to manage themselves, and I’m saying this not with a feeling of superiority, but from experience. So I’d echo Paul’s statement about creating more e-products, books, free reports, whatever you want to call them, but put time management, on which Ive read many wise words on this site, front and center.

    • Thanks Lesley,

      I love that Brian Johnson quote. I really do think that there is A LOT to do to be successful online. I do not think it is something that is beyond anyone though. It just takes time, effort and a plan.

      The plan part is something people miss, but I do agree…it is essential. A plan can get you to your result in 10 steps rather than 10000. It can be all the difference.

  3. Steve, let me echo the thoughts above, I hope you do produce yet another excellent product, there is so much for everyone on this site, and although mine is about a silly trivial subject, I have learned a lot. I am putting together a basic guide to the use of silk flowers through various posts, so I will be sure to create a ‘start here’ for use as a guide.

  4. Hi Steve,

    Wow, you’ve really done a lot of work on this site, it must be incredible when you look back and see just how much work you’ve put in!

    I still refer to many of your individual posts that I have bookmarked, but with the ‘Start Here’ page things are going to be so much easier now. You really have a knack for teaching, thanks for always finding ways to make things easier for your readers!

    • Thanks Gabi,

      It does sort of feel good to look back on all the stuff that has been done.

      Believe it or not, it is even easier for me to find all the posts now. After 16+ months I have hard time sometimes even remebering exactly what I have and haven’t written on.

      Those posyts are by no means “all” but I think they give people a good sampling of the stuff I have written.

      Hopefully people will use and enjoy them!

  5. Cool, maybe I should make a starter page. Well I dont know cause I think starter pages are only neccessary for niches like the IM one.

    • Actually once you get grouped topics of articles, or even ones you want to “highlight” I think a “start here” or something similar may be good for just about any niche. At least for any authority blog.

      At least once you have enough articles to make it worthwhile.

    • I think a starter page could totally work for some niche sites. I’m thinking it would be a good idea to do a page for one of my sites. Start with the explanation post of what “it” is, then go on to the ones where I talk about what to do with “it” and where best to get “it”.

      Thanks for the idea, Edwin!

  6. Hi Steve,

    This is really wonderful my friend. Your “start’ page has a complete guide on how to earn money online, not only for beginners, but even for intermediate and advanced bloggers. It is always helpful to have all the related articles in one place like you have done. You have written so many articles 432, it would take me probably another year to have that much. 😉 Great work Steve and thanks for sharing

  7. Good idea about putting it in book form. (Just shout if you need help 🙂

    I don’t think it’s so much that people don’t understand the technical stuff – working from home means something completely different for those of us who do it and those who want to do it. It’s the idea that you can work from home and be an instant millionaire in 2 hours flat.

    Most people who come from a job-background where people receive orders and all of them do the same type of work . I’ve had friends tell me they want a website, with no goal for what they want to sell – they just wanted to make money online.

  8. The idea that money can be made with no effort on the internet is ridiculous.

    Everyone who works online know that. unfortunately many people who -don’t- work online do not believe that. All they see are these ‘get rich quick’ guys and they think it is that easy.

    These people need a real actionable plan more than anyone!!

    Thanks for the great comment!

  9. Hi Steve

    What a great idea. Makes it super easy to navigate, especially for newbies and also new visitors to the site. I have noticed on my own site recently that new readers do read older posts and stay on the site longer if it is a niche they are particularly interesting in.

    Have to make it as easy as possible to find the older posts and this suggestion seems like a good one. Thanks for sharing with us Steve. Appreciated.

    Patricia Perth Australia

  10. Hi Steve, you know, I have a similar problem. I’ve got some links in my footer, but thinking about it, having the starting point at the bottom of the page is not very smart is it…

    I’m going to drop my 3 types of services into a service button which will give me a little more space in my menu bar which will fix this.

    Thanks as always for the inspiration.

    Btw. you’re managing more than me, I’m struggling to do 1 a week at the moment, thanks to all my other projects…Information overload doesn’t help either…


    • I actually had some in the footer too for a while. I like the cleaner look without them. But that can actually be a fine place for them too. As long as it is clear what they are. (I also like the way you can “write more” about the posts in “start here”

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