Why People FAIL with Affiliate Marketing

I have a quick video for you to watch today. This gives an explanation as to why many people fail when they *try* affiliate marketing:

Like I said in the video, I think many people fail because they’re being given BAD information.  The so-called Internet gurus love to create products that promise instant riches with little work.  But they don’t do one simple thing – Teach people how to build a legitimate long-term business.

What do YOU think?

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32 thoughts on “Why People FAIL with Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Hi Steve great video. I agree that most people are not building long-term businesses. A quick search of the Warrior Forum comments will find a ton of people asking if systems are scalable or require little work. Unfortunately the marketing is giving people what they want however the products don’t deliver.

    Hopefully with enough of us out there talking about the reality and how to really build an online business things will change. However it is hard to fight human nature.

  2. Steve – why do people believe in magic money? On Tuesday Brendan and I interviewed Chris Malta for our webinar series and one thing that was clear from the hundreds of questions that poured in was than many people are still looking for a magic solution to all their problems. It’s not just affiliate marketing, it’s every type of Internet business.
    I’m all for dreams and trying to achieve them, but sometimes I think people only have themselves to blame when it all goes wrong.
    Enjoyed the video – great content doesn’t have to be long.

  3. Hey Steve,
    yeah so many of these Clickbank products are ridiculous. I bought 2 of them recently to try out but they just don’t teach you a way of making money. It’s crazy. But then again, who would think that you could learn to make money for just $37 or whatever.

    Downloaded your free report, gonna check it out!

    (I refunded those clickbank products I bought btw)

  4. Thanks Lesley,

    It is disconcerting that people are always looking for “easy ways” I think that has been the way people get taken advantage of for hundreds of years. The internet just makes it easier because these people do not have to look you in the eye when they try to rip you off.

    It even really goes to TV too and direct marketing products. Think of all the weight loss products that promise incredible results with next to no effort.

    I firmly believe that everything worthwhile in life takes some effort. A GOOD product is one that can steer you along, provide you with a path, or tackle a small hurdle and make it easier. You can make the tasks EASIER but never EASY. A distinct and subtle difference.

    Rant over (at least for now….) thanks for the great comment Lesley

  5. Hey Steve.

    You’ve hit the nail on the head, all of these sham operations with promises of fast and easy money represent the shiny objects of the internet that attract people by the thousands, thinking they will be the next rags to riches story. The vast majority of those products are engineered to play on people’s vulnerabilities.

    A simple product that actually lays out how to make money honestly is what will see the most success. It’s okay to say that you will have to work your tootsies off for months and you can possibly make $20k this year if you do so. This at least sounds more realistic and honest.

    I always ask myself one question regarding these products and that is this; If I were making $20K each month, would I really bother to show someone else how to do this for $97?

    Why bother creating all of those videos and content for $97, when I’ve been pulling in $20k? It just doesn’t add up and neither do most of those programs.

    Now, since you are promoting the niche profit course and there have been no claims of fortunes make in 3 days, I am seriously considering this, since one of my goals for 2011 is to build several sites that will collectively bring me a 4-figure monthly income. I’ve looked at the program structure and detect not a hint of the standard BS that many others are pitching.

    Trust is a powerful thing. 🙂

    Nice video, Steve.

  6. Hi Steve

    As always you tell it like it is. I like how you say you can make the tasks easier but not easy. I find that encouraging. Also with so many of the emails that land in my inbox each day, so often they may be from different well-known internet marketers promoting their buddy’s products, but they usually have the same subject headings and the same blurb! They land one after another! Delete button pressed. Gotta wonder do they think we are all stupid??!!

    When different friends share their experiences with me it always contains the words I am familiar with “hard work”! But in this “instant everything” time we live in; most don’t want to be told that. They want to just go on believing the lie.

    Patricia Perth Australia

  7. Hi Steve,

    LOL on your commentary, good stuff 😉

    I’m convinced most newbies have the right intent but get the wrong advice. I know I did. Some of the marketing strategies taught as being “successful” in a prior program were pure BS. What’s worse, I felt like a total tool implementing these strategies and had some lovely phone calls where prospects blew me out of the water for my site and copy. Hey, what the hell did I know?

    Truth be told I am grateful for these experiences. They taught me a great deal about being honest, up front and transparent at all times. You might be led in the wrong direction but once you know something isn’t kosher – and have prospects remind you of this fact – then you have to make a decision to do the right thing and find out how honorable people market their online businesses.

    Sure the BS tactics attracted prospects, but what type of prospects were they? People who wanted to be handed large sums of money without working for it. Dishonest marketing techniques generally attract bad apples, or lazy people. Not exactly the type of folks you want to be doing business with.

    Thanks for sharing the video Steve. Keep up the great work!


  8. Sorry Steve, I don’t watch videos? Blimey, there’s so much I’ve got to do, and now you want me to watch a video as well. You’ll be telling me I’ve got to make one of my own next. I know you, there’s no stopping you once you get your teeth into something.

    Anyway, I’m not here to watch videos. Oh no. I’m here to thank you. eh? Where did that come from? Well thanks for making me post 4 times a week, and comment 75 times a week, It’s working a treat.

    Do you know what’s happened though?…..Go on guess….I’ve turned into a writer! Yes, me the artist, who can only think in pictures, has turned into a writer. And I reckon It’s you who inspired me.

    Like I said, thanks Steve. You’re a great bloke. And no, I haven’t been drinking. Quite the reverse, this is my 5th day without a beer. I obviously do need a bit of medication though……

    Leamington Spa, England

  9. Hi Steve:

    Good video, this points out the strategies, where newbie and not so newbie alike fall into the trap. I have fallen in this trap a while back too many times. No more sign ups for me.

    Click bank itself uses so many tricks for the newbie to get their earned commission, they have rules and rules after rules, that does not help new sign ups to make money. Kristie Hines, has to work six months to get her first check.
    She has a video online.

    Fran a

  10. I think too many people love to teach ppl how to make money, but they themselves have no experience with making money online. I think creating a digital product is perhaps the worst way to make money online, simply because someone will just pay you once, and that’s it. It’s better to create a web app or some sort of service where they will pay you over and over.

  11. @Jimi yeah I ask myself the same questions. If there was some simple loophole to making 5 figures a month + people would be foolish to give it away for what amounts to peanuts. Unfortunately the people who are willing to “work hard” are tiny in comparison to the amount who want easy and quick riches.

    There certainly can be tools and guides that are helpful. Just as long as they claim to be THAT. a tool or a guide. They can shortcut the learning curve, gather information needed that may take a long time to “collect” or learn on your own and maybe show the most efficient and practical manner. Perhaps even be a tool that automates a lot of the dull boring stuff. But nothing is ever going to TRULY guarantee instant success, just success after hard work, and likely a little luck.

    @patricia It is kinda sad actually that so many people buy into, and perhaps expect, instant gratification these days. With all the noise from the “instant success” products out there it seems like it may be hard for real things of the “help” variety to be seen as “worthy” in comparison to the grand pronouncements.

    @Ryan I hear ya! I too think that almost everyone who has been on for a while has fallen for an outright scam or a product that may be “ok” but WAY over promises. I know over the years I have spent A LOT of money on products. Some very good, some very horrible, some outright scams and some decent information. Much of it end up falling in between, but it seems to be the scams that attract people.

    Of course even I fell prey to them when i was starting out. It is hard not to at least “see” if something like that works at least once.

    Well, those of us who are willing to put in the effort are the ones who wioll end up with the success and those that just jump from one product promising instant riches to the next will just end up spending a lot of money.

  12. @ john NO worries. I feel you. I groan when I hit sites with long videos. I read far faster than any video can go and do not like watching them myself. That being said, videos WORK, so I will be throwing the occasional up every now and then. On ones that cover something SPECIFIC like HOW TO do X. They may be worth your time if it is something you are not familiar with. otherwise I understand, wince I would rather read than watch 90% of the time too. oooo I am thinking about getting a transcription tool…so mabye in the future I will have a video and a post. Though since it is transcribed it may not be “cleanly” written. We shall see though.

    Short version of video: affiliate marketing scams are prevalent/AM scams are bad

    I am glad that you are inspired and that commenting is working for ya. Writing frequently is certainly a way to become better. I am a far cry from Shakespeare. (particularly in comments, where I write FAST and do not edit) But lots of writing certainly helps you to get better (as does repetition of anything). Glad it is going good for ya and hope it keeps getting better.

    I will have a couple of beers for you tommorow night! 🙂


    A lot of it is in what you promote and how you go about doing it. (IE avoiding scams and targeting niches) I know my brother made i=his first check from CB a lot quicker than I did, about a month, and that was from almost NO knowledge, but he has still to start getting the large and regular checks.

    There certainly are ways that people are able to pump up their gravity (and gravity will get higher the more people “believe” your product will work, because the more people that sell it, the better it does. There are good products on CB though. Just in the MMO, and BNB and affiliate marketing niches specifically there are a TON more vultures than there are good ones. I am sure the top CB product for “fly fishing” is likely worthwhile and anyone who attacks that could possibly do well (after they build up a nice network of backlinked sites)
    It sure ain’t easy though

  13. Gotta play Devil’s Advocate here a minute Steve. I don’t believe you can blame the “gurus” for putting out those Make a Million in Your Jammies products. They produce those products because that’s what the market demands. After all, you won’t find too many buyers for “Spend 6 Months Writing Killer Blog Posts and Make Enough to Buy a Pizza!” or “Earn Your First Adsense Check with Just Three Years of Hard Work!”

    Supply and demand. The market demands the push-button, no-work, easy-money solution. And there are those who are willing to provide it.

    • @ Cindy You may have a good point. I certainly try to put a little “snap” in products I endorse, but there is making the best of something and just outright lying. I agree that if the market wasn’t there they wouldnt exist. certainly the people who want an easy buck are to blame just as much (a fool and his money are soon parted and all that).

      You make some good points, but I still get angry at seeing these guys scamming people. I can live with people who overhype. In other words a product is “good” but they make it sound like it will cure Cancer, because in the end, you at least still get a “good” product. but the outright scams I still find shameful.

      @Stephen LOL great analogy! I might whisper the rotting vegetable secret to a few friends, but I wouldn’t let it go for a 27$ payday (minus 50-75% commissions). I would give the info free, or not at all. It would really be TOO valuable to put a pricetag on. Charging $100,000 for such a secret might be worth selling it (low volume) but who would buy at that price.

      Ultimately I agree, no matter what the product 90% of the people will buy it and take no real action, but there could/should/and are some products that give them real training if they really follow it. The problem is that these ones are harder to find and often don’t sell nearly as well. It is just sad.

  14. Everyone who has commented so far knows that making money online requires the same commitment as making money offline. You just can’t hit a button and expect your bank balance to grow and grow. If you could, why would you sell the process to somebdoy else?

    If I could make gold from rotting vegetables do you think I would sell an ebook for $27 telling other people how to do it? No way! I’d be down the supermarket buying as much veg as I could possibly carry! And I’d be using the seeds to grow my own!

    Cindy has it right; people don’t want to wait and work hard, they want everything now and will pay for information on how to do it. But, if a total newbie read an ebook on how to MMO they wouldn’t have a clue what the author is talking about; WordPress, FTP, Clickbank, traffic, link building, Google’s sandbox, AdWords, PayPal, SEO – it’s all double dutch.

    They buy, they read, they do nothing. That’s what the people who create these products like. That’s what they want people to do.

  15. Hey Steve, I love connecting voices with faces and the video was great.

    You are right about this, lousy product = lousy sales. Especially that some of those products may not be all that bad but the way they advertise them makes me click away forever!

    I love to buy from affiliates and I always do when I buy anything for my websites but I always make sure that the person tested it and “guarantees” that it is good.

    That is what I always do when I recommend a product.

    • Thanks Brankica,

      I agree, I buy a lot of products. SOme of them just for testing to see if I feel comfortable BEING an affiliate for them. I think that it is far more important to protect your “reputation” than to make any sale. Of course being an affilaite marketer, it is ultimately sales we want, bottom line, but you can go about it with some integrity and at least TRY to promote products that are the real deal or choose to promote the flashy products that say, “come get me now, sucka!”

      Thanks for the comment Brankica!

  16. Hey Steve,
    I think everybody wants to get rich and wants to do it fast while working less and like Cindy said before me, because of these demand of magic solution of get rich quickly schemes there is a growing market of people (they themselves trying to get rich quickly) that produce this kind of products.

    It’s all like a large wheel that keeps spinning and spinning and the spokes keep getting replaced.

    The truth is that people are falling for this crap, because some of their friends or all the things they hear or read on the internet say that this is the place to make money quickly and with little work (and again this is all because of those offers you just presented, and people who promote them trying themselves to get rich).

    One thing that will stop this “net rush” would be a, lets call it, better internet education. If people would understand that the internet is almost like the real life. If you want to develop o business online you have to work hard before having a profit, nothing comes for free or easy.

    • Damn there have been some great analogies and examples in the comment sections for this one!

      I love you large wheel analogy, and I think you made a good point. A lot of people come into these slick products and make THAT product their first stab at attempted sales. Many of those products (of course) encourage that. As you pointed out as soon as one either quits or gets wise, they are replace by another. Wonderful analogy.

      Yes I think an internet education would be great. It is sort of like the SEO thing. I DO NOT consider myself an SEO expert, but I DO think I know more than maybe the average marketer. I see people that really are experts out there, and people who know a hell of a lot less than me calling themselves experts. There should be some sort of training to give out a certificate. (for SEO it would HAVE to be from Google) Even a truly reputable firm could offer one on marketing, perhaps even like a licencing from the BBB or something, where if you get XXX number (or percentage) of complaints about the stuff you sell they pull back your license.

      Of course that means more regulation and I also hate regulation, so I am not sure if I agree with my own statement (LOL), but it is an idea.

  17. Steve,

    There is a big segment of people that do fall for these sites. I would say that they are either those that are looking for a push button life in general or those who are sending in their money to the preacher with the diamond ring. That segment will be there and there will be those that will fill that place for them.

    We are moving more and more towards what Patricia calls the “instant everything”. Recently I sat at a drive up window during a rush time, the drive up window line was long and the dining room was full. I got what I thought was fast courteous service…I mean I had my hot meal and a pleasant smiling sever in less than 9 min. But I could hear the man in front of me loudly complaining to the girl about how long he had to wait.

    Okay, enough rant. I agree and I appreciate those who make it easy for me to be their affiliate. They produce honest products with added value and they give me the tools I need to promote them.

    Congrats on your new YouTube Channel.

    • Sheila,

      They will always be there. Nothing much that can be done. As lonas there are people who seem to WANT to be taken advantage of there will be people who will jump to the call to do it for them. I guess the thing is I just don’t have to like it. LOL

      You make a good point about the “drive through”. Sometimes it is a matter of perspective. You can highlight the good or dwell on the bad.

      I agree, having done (and still doing) both affiliate marketing and affiliate products, there are LOTS of good ones out there. Many people DO make products that are worthy to buy for many people, and really do take all the steps necessary to ensure that their affiliate have every reasonable chance at success. I guess the thing I am a little, “down” on right now is how many of those “good” ones do not often do as well as the scammy ones.

      I understand the human nature of it, it is just that it is a little depressing at times.

  18. Steve. I’m following you as you know. Not all the way, because that’s too much work. But enough of the way, to pay for my beers. That’s why Im here now. I’ve run out of beer money.

    So, I’ve written a 3,000 word post or article (I will take your advice). It’s a pillar post I think. It’s also so good, it could go viral. Cocky aren’t I?

    OK. THIS is the problem. While I was keeping quite and no-one knew me, I started to put my location on each post. Town and Country. Do you think I might get any nutters calling around?

    • LOL, going Viral is TOUGH. I have taken what I thought were strong stabs at it with no real luck. Good luck though.

      As for addresses I am torn. I have mentioned a few times (it used to be in my about me) that Steve Scott is actually a pen name. (not far from my real name though) Right before I started this site I had been running my affiliate marketing business for a few years. I had (and have) a whole lot of people who contact me about that stuff fairly frequently. I thought nothing of using my real name and then one day some carzy person showed up on my door talking half gibberish.

      To be honest it freaked me out. Less than 1 month later I started this site, and used a pen name because I was still a little freaked. Anyway, now I think for a site like this where people are all normal using my real name would not be an issue (but of course I am branded to the name now…so it is easy to use to to avoid confusion)

      In your case, I wouldn’t “worry” about it, but I might not want to make location and address so easy to find. If you do make a local pub/band portal and you piss someone off… it is likely you would not want them showing up on your doorstep. Email and maybe telephone # if you really want to be able to have people contact you should be sufficent the way I see things. (of course on the other hand, crazies can still find you address, so it really might not make a difference.

      For country, that should not be an issue, I readily tell people I live in the state of NJ, I have mentioned Belmar a few times as the town I live in. But if your town is really small…it might be better to leave that out.

      WOW, I just realized I got really long winded for, “it depends”

  19. Aw, Steve, how can I say … most people don’t like to work when it comes to Internet income. They just want a formula, like Copy-Paste and profit and don’t really care about anything else.

    But, I’m still amazing about how much money people sell stuff like this still make over time. I mean, we all know what behind this. But, it’s just amazing how strong the marketing machine is 🙂

  20. When I first started I bought a membership to “Profitlance” and soon found out the content it promised to deliver was worthless because I did not know anything about duplicate content. A lot of these make money courses are absolute scams but there really are a handful that can actually help you such as one two years ago called “Google Sniper” that seemed to set the blogosphere on fire with concrete info. Before you buy into a course do some research and really try to get a good feel and feedback from users in forums like DigitalPoint and WarriorForums, etc. If you don’t research chances are like what you saw in this video, you will be disappointed with a worthless product meant to only make money off of you.

    • Yeah, there are good products. It is possible even some “scammy” looking videos could have serious and decent information (though my personal bias says it is less likely) Researching really is the key. The best part of researching is really finding sites that you feel are reliable who talk about it or sites that do so without an affiliate link. There can be a ton of sites saying good things about a product but if they are all affl. links they have a reason to do so.

  21. It’s so true. People think they’ll make a squillion dollars overnight and when they don’t, they think that anything to do with online money making is crap. That’s a shame.

    I’ve found that you just have to keep trying out new programs, using different methods. Be in it for the long haul. Slowly you built up an arsenal of methods and products that work.

    I also think per lead programs are good, particularly for newbies, since it’s easier to get some money with them. And that gives you the confidence to keep on going.

    • YOU hit the nail on the head with the line, “be in it for the long haul” getting into a niche should really be a 2-3 year process. ANyone who does not like a niche enough to still be in it 2-3 years later, perhaps should find a different niche. Micro niches, tis might not be true for, but any siginificant push at a niche easily requires this. I have been in my other niche well over the 3 year mark now, and it is to the point now that it makes me a living with almost no effort on my part. But that is no effort…NOW. I put in a lot of effort, it is just that I do not do anything with it now….affording me time to do THIS blog and start in THIS niche

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