Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t [Update]

April has come and gone.

This is unfortunate because I was hoping to complete my first Internet lifestyle project by now:

Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t

Affiliate Marketing without B.S. UpdateSo it’s May.  And still no product.

I’ve had a number of people email me, asking what’s going on with it.

That’s why I thought I’d give a quick update on this eCourse:

The 2nd Draft is in the Can!

As I detailed in this post, most of the hard work with writing is the second draft.  It’s where I (try to) edit and make everything grammatically correct.  This project has been particularly difficult since it’s more than 80,000 words.  Yikes!

The good news is on Friday I put the finishing touches on the second draft.  I can give a big sigh of relief.  The hard part is now done!

I still need to do a lot of things.  But I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

A Sneak Preview of Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t

So let’s talk about what’s in this product.  As the title promises, I’ve attempted to create a course that follows a no-nonsense, no-bullshit approach to affiliate marketing.

You won’t see exaggerated income statements or bold-faced lies about how you can make millions from the Internet.

Instead you’ll get the exact system I use to earn a full-time Internet income.

I don’t claim to be rich.  But I honestly feel like I have a pretty good life.  This is mostly due to the hard work I put into my affiliate marketing business.

In Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t, I’ve broken down the entire process into eight learning modules:

  1. Introduction to the Affiliate Marketing Mindset
  2. How to Find the RIGHT Affiliate Niche
  3. Niche Market Domination
  4. Setting up a Six-Figure Affiliate System
  5. Affiliate Email Marketing Success
  6. How to Drive Massive Traffic to an Affiliate Offer
  7. “Next Level” Affiliate Marketing
  8. How to Run a Profitable Affiliate Business

That’s the basic course in a nutshell!  In all likelihood, I’ll think of catchier titles for each section.  Overall this is the exact process that I’ve use to generate affiliate income.

In addition, I’m offering a few extras:

  1. 3 Email Coaching Sessions (If you read this post, then you know I HATE email.  So this one is a huge offer from me.)
  2. Time Management for Affiliate Marketers

Finally, I’m considering some sort of “upsell” offer.  Probably this will be an audio version of the entire course plus a few extra reports.

Stay Tuned for FREE Stuff…

I try to give value with every post I write.   So I thought I’d close by talking about a freebie you’ll get – Even if you’re not interested in my course.

In a few weeks, I’m going to post a PDF file (maybe even audio) of an ENTIRE module.  (Not the introductory lesson.)

That’s right!  You’ll get 1/8th of my course because you’re a loyal reader.  That means no opt-in form or push to buy my product.  Instead I’ll simply post a link to this file.

Why am I doing this?

Because I honestly feel this is the best way to show the value of my course.  Rather than trying to convince you it’s good, I’d rather provide a preview and let YOU make your own decision.


That’s it for this update.  I’m hoping to complete this product by early to mid June.  I’d like to take a month trip to Germany/Austria/Switzerland in July.  So I have a little bit of extra motivation to get it completed by then.

Wish me luck!

Take Action. Get Results.

38 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t [Update]”

    • Thanks Moon,

      It certainly hasn’t been as easy or as quick as i had hoped. But it is still coming and hopefully it will be something that will be really useful to help people learn affiliate marketing. I really am taking pains to make it as good as I can.

  1. I can’t wait to see this Steve. It is time for a lot of marketers to cut out the bullsh*t!! Especially with all of this so called push button software that the so called “gurus” are pushing.


    • Yeah,

      I have always hated those. “One push fortune” plans. I was even foolish enough to waste money trying a few starting out. Hopefully the word is out and this may (in some small way) give the honest scoop on the real ways (that take hard work and effort) to make money online.

      Thanks for a great comment! 🙂

  2. Way to go Steve! Now you’re really out on the ledge for everyone to see and we can make sure that you follow your timeline. 🙂

    Seriously, I’m looking forward to it and I can’t wait for those 80,000 words.

    P.S. I want to go on a month-long trip too. That’s awesome.

    • Thanks Peggy,

      Rest assured I am looking forward to getting it done. Though I have some long term plans for some other ebooks, they are far off. It will be nice to shift into marketing for this one.

    • Thanks Dorthe,

      I hope so. On the one hand even if they don’t buy they will get what I hope is some valuable content… But of course I really hope that showing this value will get people to buy.

    • Thanks Daniel,

      I can’t wait to get it out there… Actually I can wait. Have to make sure to time it when the product is about ready to go…lol

      Yes, I will have an affiliate program. Ultimately I will out it out on CB. But I may offer it to people who read here first, to get them in on the ground floor (at least I hope there will be a ground floor)

      I will also be working on all the AM goodies to go along with it and make a little package. (emails, banners, buttons, sample article, maybe even sample video)

      Still a lot to do and decide on that avenue. It is also posiible I may “prerelease” here and then have an affiliate release (at higher price) a few weeks later.

      All things I am still thinking about.

  3. Hey Steve, I almost skipped through the part where you say what is in the course. I don’t care! I just want it! 🙂 So if you need any help with anything, I will help, in exchange for a sneak peak, lol. Just can’t wait and I am sure it will be well worth it!

    PS What is the plugin for e-mail and pdf at the beginning of your post?

    • Thanks Riley,

      I am a little disappointed in myself that it has taken a lot longer than I thought it would, but I do also agree with you.

      I want it done “right” more than I want it “done”

  4. Hi Steve,

    Good luck on the new course. It is hard work but that also tells how valuable the information will be. I will be waiting for another month to have a peek on it. Keep going.


    • Sean- I’m definitely going to have an affiliate program. But that won’t be put together till a month or so after I’ve released the program. I want to make sure I do it the right way and not throw up some half-assed system.

      Thanks for your interest…I’ll definitely post more information about it once I’ve completed it.

  5. Any post with a picture of a dude rock climbing on it is tops in my book.

    I’ve been getting lots of emails and comments about my infoproduct, too. I think there might be a revolt brewing… I’ve really got to pound that thing out soon.

    Good luck on finishing yours up!

    • Opportunity missed… I should havew photosopped your face onto the guy as an “in” joke.

      Anyway, yah.. you need to get yours out too 😉

      It is better to wait and make it “right” rather than rush it out and have it be less than it should though. (at least that is how I sleep at night)

  6. Steve,

    I can’t wait to see what you have in store! I am building a concept toward a project that could use affiliate marketing. I’d love to get my hands on the free stuff first, of course.

    I’d like to learn more!

    • For sure.

      Hopefully it will help you when I get to the point of postin it. (probably close to or “at” the release.

      Anyway thanks for dropping by… Have a great weekend!!

  7. It takes to build a good product, better to take your time to give it the quality it deserves rather than rush it out and produce a shoddy product.

  8. Hi Steve I am eager to see your new launch. So don’t make us wait too long. Is it an affiliate site? or coaching site?

    Well at least tell us more and an approximate launch date, as suspense is killing me.

    Fran A

    • Bryan,

      This project has taken a lot longer than I anticipated, but hopefully it will be worth it, and of course I will offer that large chunck the the magic word f.r.e.e

  9. Steve,

    I’ve followed you for a long time but this one is my first post. And I just want to say “THANK YOU SO MUCH!” for being so generous with your information 😀 I’ve learned a lot from your blog.

    And great to know that you’ve completed the hardest part of your project! So, keep up the great work and wipe out all the bulls*** of the Affiliate world 😉

    Looking forward to seeing your FREE PDF! (Could it be about traffic? I’m struggling with that part LOL!)

    Wish you and your business all the best!!!


    • Duy,

      Glad you like the blog and I appreciate your stopping by and dropping comments! We shall see about the module. maybe i will do traffic. I have not 100% decided yet. But I will think about that. As for traffic in general you can get an idea of how to drive traffic with the “get more blog traffic” sereis I have done. you can find all the links here:

      Some of the ideas will be blog specific only, but some of them work great, “in general”. At least it gives you a place to start while waiting for even the free pdf if i do put the traffic module in their

      • What!? You offer all those stuffs without charging a dime? LOL! Thank you so much Steve, I’ve found a gold mine 😉 Will be back more often to learn, that’s for sure!

        All the best!


  10. Wow, this looks like a fantastic course. 80,000 words? That’s like a novel 🙂

    I have been thinking about doing affiliate marketing for a while, not like now, when I’m just writing a few posts and selling a product through my reviews. I have also thought about running my own affiliate program and selling my own product, but that’s a lot of responsibility… I’m not sure if I’m ready.

    I believe that giving a way one of your modules is the absolute best way to promote the course. I love free stuff, and especially free trials. That’s almost the only thing I promote. I want people to be able to understand the quality of the products before they buy. It also stops the complains and customer service won’t be something you would need to worry about 🙂

    Looks great!

    • Jens,

      Hopefully this ebook should be perfect for you (a little experience, but a lot to still learn about AM.

      It IS a lot of responsibility to run your own affiliate product. I think everyone should strive for the goal of doing that, but selling successfully as an affiliate first is wise.

      For one thing it is about connections. When you sell my product (for instance) as an affiliate and THEN after time contact me to sell YOUR product to MY list, I am much more likely to do it. Of course the product ALSO needs to be good, but these is often a close relationship between the movers and shakers in a niche.

      (I do not consider myself a mover-and-shaker in this niche, by any means. But I would consider myself one in my -other- niche…where I make most of my $)

      Starting out selling and then moving on to your own product is not only logically the way to do it but it reinforces the chance that you can “go-live” with a product and have it be a success.

      Thanks for the comment!

  11. Looking forward to hearing more about this product Steve. As an affiliate marketer I am always looking for tips and strategies to improve my business, and if you have ideas I can leverage on that would be brilliant! Did you say that this will be in clickbank? Are you going to offer upsells in the future?

    • Hopefully I will have a few in there for ya. It might be hard to “surprise” the expert level guys like you. Though I think I put a lot of good stuff in it.

      I am going to have some sort of upsell. Probably .Ii will find a freelance “reader” with a good voice to record an audio version and have an audio file/podcast as a small upsell. I may do more than that.. I haven’t decided yet, though.

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