7 F.A.Q.s about “Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t”

Steve ScottYou might wonder:

“Why am I here?”

This is a page where I answer questions about my eCourse: Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t

I don’t like to blindly send people to a product page.  It’s always better to explain how something can help instead of hitting them with an aggressive promotion.

So let me answer seven Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about my eCourse…

What is “Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t?”

It’s an 8-Part eCourse that shows you how to create a full-time Internet income.  Specifically it provides a blueprint for creating a profitable affiliate marketing site.

Thousands of people have created successful affiliate businesses.  Unfortunately that means there are many misconceptions about what actually works.

“Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t” avoids the hype.  Personally, I hate useless information products. That’s why I wrote my course in a no-nonsense, no-fluff manner.

Is this a “Get Rich Quick” Scheme?

Definitely not.

Frankly, I think you’re too smart to fall for that kind of crap.  There is NO such thing as an Internet business that requires little-to-no effort.

Think of it this way… What if YOU knew how to make fast Internet income?  Would you give away this secret?  I didn’t think so.

My product requires effort.  Plain and simple.  The good news is you can semi-automate the process once the ball is running.

You won’t get rich quickly.  But you will discover a practical blueprint for creating full-time Internet income.

Is it for Beginners?


I’ve specifically designed the course with beginners in mind.  I remember what it’s like to start out.  It’s a really scary feeling.

But don’t let a fear of technology stop you.  It’s actually pretty easy to start a website – Even if you don’t know a thing about computers.

My course provides step-by-step detail for creating a website.  The best part?  It only takes a few minutes to set up.

Is it for Advanced Affiliate Marketers?

I think it is.

Three of the modules provide lots of advanced techniques.  These are the actual actions I use every day with my affiliate business.

For the advanced affiliate marketers, I teach a simple a four-step plan:

  1. Focus on a single niche and dominate this market
  2. Create awesome content that hypnotically attracts web traffic
  3. Turn this traffic into responsive list subscribers
  4. Get list subscribers to purchase affiliate products.

It’s not fancy.  But it’s a system I’ve successfully used for over five years.

Will I Need to Build a Massive Website?


Actually the course teaches you how to set up a simple two-page website.

You will need to create additional content to generate traffic.  Fortunately, I know a few *hacks* that minimizes the work.

The easy part is setting up the site.  The hard part is getting people to come check it out.

Will I Need DOZENS of Websites?


This does NOT teach you how to build dozens of small, niche affiliate sites.

I believe in a simple philosophy:

“One Niche to Rule them All”

This means you find one market and completely dominate it.  In the long run, this is the BEST way to make a full-time income.

The bulk of my income comes from a single niche.  So I’m living proof that narrowing your focus is THE key to affiliate marketing success.  It’s worked for me.  And I believe it’ll work for you.

How Do I Get Started?

That’s easy…

Go to the Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t home page where I provide more details.