THE Affiliate Research Formula [Free PDF]

THE Affiliate Research FormulaThis post will be a brief one.

That’s because you’ll need the time to read the free PDF I’m offering today.

As I mentioned last week, I’m going to release my first information product on Monday, July 4th.

It’s called: Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t.

The goal of this course is simple – To detail a successful affiliate strategy without the lies and hype you often get from ‘Internet Gurus.’

Now, the major obstacle with selling a make money online course is I have to answer the question that many people have: “Can I make money from what I’ll learn?”

I really can’t guarantee my product will be the magic pill for everyone who reads it.  I think some people will find it useful.  Others won’t.  That’s a fact of life that I can’t change.

What I CAN do is offer a preview version.  So today I’m giving away a module to all of my blog readers.  Here is the download link –> THE Affiliate Research Formula (Right click to save to your desktop.)

The cool thing about this download is it gives a complete blueprint for researching an affiliate marketing niche.  Even if you don’t decide to buy; you can still learn a lot from this PDF.

I’m doing this because it’s important to demonstrate value before asking anything in return.  Offering this PDF is how I ‘prove’ my expertise.  If you find it useful, then I’m confident you’ll love the rest of my course.

Anyway, here is the download link again –> THE Affiliate Research Formula

The course will be released at 12:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time) on July 4th.  All you have to do is check out my blog and you’ll see a link to where you can grab a copy.

That’s it for today.  Be sure to download this report.  Also, comment below if you have any questions about this product.  Thanks!

Take Action. Get Results.

34 thoughts on “THE Affiliate Research Formula [Free PDF]”

  1. Hey Steve, downloading as I write. I wanna say I can’t wait for it to come out, and I bet it will be awesome.

    I read through the affiliate masters course, the free book I got as a Site Build It user and know how affiliate marketing is hard to do if you don’t learn it properly. Hope people will be smart enough to get your book!

    • Thanks Brankica,

      I feel a little bad because I haven’t had time to do a regular post in a week. So my last two posts (this one included) have been just marketing for the book.

      On the other hand, I have been busting my butt for over 6 months on this, so hopefully people can enjoy the free module even if they do not buy the book.

      I really think there is some great info packed into the free module alone for someone starting out affiliate marketing. Actually even for finding affiliate marketing niches.

      I look forward to your comments after you have checked it out. I know you are a strait-shooter. (I know not to call it a rant too! 😉 )


  2. Steve, what I really love about you and how you promote things, is that you DON’T guarantee this is going to work for everyone.

    You tell us what we need to do and how we need to do it and it’s up to us to put it into action. You can’t force us to do anything and you can’t promise results, which is why you don’t guarantee anything.

    Looking forward to your launch! Great free product!

  3. Hey Steve,

    Just got done reading this and it was simply fantastic!

    As you know, I would say that I’m pretty well versed in blogging and online business so something like market research generally doesn’t draw my interest because I’ve been there and done that but I can honestly say that I picked up a lot of great things from there; it’s a real breath of fresh air in the affiliate marketing community.

    I really liked the stress of having a solid selection of affiliate products per category and topics ready to rock in them.

    I’m currently planning a new project that I want to make sure I have completely outlined for the first year. This section helped me generate a few ideas I can run with so already it’s well worth it’s value.

    Can’t wait for the rest of the product to come out. I’m really looking forward to it because I know there will be more than one or two things that will get my work to the next level.

    Thanks man.

    • Murrray,

      Awesome man!

      It is good to hear that a guy who has been “around the block” a few times in this area got some positive stuff out of it. I am pretty sure it is a very complete product for someone starting out, but I have tried to throw in some stuff for the people who know what they are doing too.

      ….That is a harder thing to judge, though, becuase obviously if someone is really experienced no matter how ‘novel’ I think an idea might be…they may have thought/heard of it.

      Glad there was enough to spark your interest in this! 🙂

      Thanks for the great review.


  4. Stop teasing me Steve and just give me a buy now button! This is great stuff and I look forward to reading it today. With all the value you’ve put here I’m sure it’s going to blow everything out there out of the water.

    • I am a tease… aren’t I. Well, this is the last tease. Next time I talk about it will be on July 4th when it is released. 🙂

      I hope you are right…I KNOW I have put the right amount of effort into it, and my opinion is that it is great, but there is only one opinion that matters…public opinion. Hopefully it will be great!

      Thanks for your awesome and encouraging comments.

    • Keith,

      Sorry I couldn’t release it a little earlier. I am not just “teasing” as I said above. There are lots of little “last minute” things I am taking care of.

      I am actually rushing to -make- the July 4th deadline. Which is really a drop dead time, since I go on vacation a little more than a week later.

      BTW, which NJ beach are you going to. Just curious, my apartment is across from the beach in Belmar.

  5. Hi Steve,

    I have just finished reading and what can i say! By looking at module 2, i am already amazed by how thorough and informative this PDF provides. There is a lot of work needs to be done and it’s really for the action takers. From a glimpse of it, i would say this is the most complete affiliate marketing course out there.

    Lots of examples and places that we can get our ideas from and i really agree this free version already provided massive values.

    Thanks mate.

    • Lye,

      You said something that is key. One thing I stress… and I think is essential in addition to ANY system is action taking.

      You can read the best book in the world and if you do not get out there and hustle it is all for naught.

      One difference between this book and many of the “push button” success stories is I try to make that plain.

      These systems can work…but they take work and effort.

      Thanks for the great coment and the positive words. Certainly appreciated!

  6. Hello Steve, the post and your formula is just simply good, productive as well. However, as you have said you are not regular with posting, its ok, whatever you publishing is just outstanding, appreciated a lot. It really shows your 6months effort. Best of luck ahead.

    • Zaman,

      Part of the reason I am a little upset with myself is because I have been very regular. I went 1 year (to the day) of posting something daily.

      I made a decision to cut that back to 3X a week, with one BIG post a a week. And did that religiously for a few more months. Only in the last few weeks have I “fallen off” a bit.

      I don’t like excuses and of course I have some… but still it bugs me that I haven’t been up to my normal level the last few weeks.

      Anyway..thanks for the comment, and giving me a chance to “mini-rant” at myself. 🙂

  7. Hey Steve,

    I have just downloaded the PDF, and it was just as amazing as I thought it would be. I have never done any research when it comes to niches, although I have tried a little keyword research when it comes to my blog. To me, it always looked like a very time consuming thing to do and a very complex thing. Now, I understand way more about how it works… and I really need your full product 🙂

    Thanks a lot.


    • Keyword research DOES take time to do it right. No doubt about it. Buy it can be the one-two hours time that keeps you from 100 fruitless hours of work and points you toward 40-50 hours worth of work that will be worthwhile.

      It can really, really make all the difference.

      Thanks for the great positive comment Jens! Glad you liked it!

  8. Steve, looking forward to it. I’ve just been on a call with a few people who are stuck with their internet marketing, and it made me think of you – because the reason they’re stuck is that they are reading, learning, absorbing, whatever you like to call it, but they are not taking action. I love that you always remind us that we can’t get anywhere if we don’t DO anything.

    I haven’t downloaded, why would I when I know I want to buy it?

    • Thanks for the endorsement. Wanting to buy it site unseen is a pretty big leap of faith! 🙂

      I am certainly a fan of “learning” things. (Hence coming out with the ebook.)

      But as you know, the best way to learn is by doing and learning as you go. Let your clients know…of course mistakes are made. But think of them as learning experiences. Since most of the stuff people “need” to get started online is cheap.

      There is no reason to NOT jump in. The only thing your clients need to be wary of is spending any serious money until they are more sure of themselves.

      (we all know there are some hucksters out there)

    • Thanks Jane,

      Hopefully it should help you and your flower site, though admittedly it is geared more toward affiliate products I am sure there will be enough meat for you to be worthwhile.

  9. Hi Steve

    Can’t wait till July 4th . . . well I know I have to but I’m sure you will get a great response. Thanks for the free peak at what we are going to get.

    As always, your information is soooo valuable and I’m sure your regular readers will be pressing that buy button as soon as we all can.

    And have a great holiday. Europe . . . I so loved visiting there and when I was living and working in the UK it was so easy. Now it is so expensive to get there from here and so far away! Glad I did my travelling when I was young. Enjoy every moment Steve. You work so hard you sure deserve the break.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Thanks Patricia,

      Glad you liked the freebie! 🙂

      I certainly will have a great time. This trip is all designed around a lot of hiking and off the beaten path traveling. Not just hitting the cities. Definitely something I want to do while I am still physically capable.

      I was to a lot of these spots last year, but I only did a couple of the hiking trips, I love that countryide…it is so bueatiful. I am sure the vacation will be great amount of fun…and yes… a nice break.

      Getting this ebook done (and done right) has been rough.

  10. Hi Steve:

    Delivering as promised, I do want to read this complimentary Affiliate Research formula. I am not sure if I need it, but I like to read everything from you, so, well I am hoping some awesomely new trends and strategies for the affiliate research formula, might tickle my brain. I will download it after the comment. Before 4th of July I will be able to write my comment to your ARF.

    You have a cool summer day, it is an extremely hot day where I am.

    Fran A

    • Thanks for the comment fran. Hopefully there are some good ideas in there for you. Research is a pretty important topic in my mind!

      Have a wonderful weekend and a Great 4th!

  11. “…it’s important to demonstrate value before asking”

    I think you hit the nail on the head here Scott. People are looking for ways to make money in their spare time. Especially in this economy.

    The fact that you are providing a free sample of this with this attitude “…I really can’t guarantee my product will be the magic pill for everyone who reads it. I think some people will find it useful. Others won’t. That’s a fact of life that I can’t change.” Is perfect, and honest. That is what is drawing me in. Thanks for the free pdf, I’ll look in to this.

  12. Checking it out now, and loving it simultaneously !

    I was thinking of something to bulk the comment up but I am engrossed in reading the book, so I cant think of anything more to write, please don’t disturb!

  13. Just read the guide, Steve – wanted to let you know good job on it. Very resourceful, down to earth, and thorough.

  14. Thank you for making your Affiliate Research Formula PDF available. I have never found any online resource like it that teaches newbies how to do the research – step by step, easy to understand and easy to apply.

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