ANNOUNCING: Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t

Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**tWell it’s finally here!

I’ve been writing and editing for six (very long) months.

Now I’m pleased to formally announce my first Internet Lifestyle course:

Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t

Okay…this post isn’t designed to ‘sell’ you on this product.

Instead I’ll answer a question I’ve received a few times: “How much will it cost?”

Right now, this course is being offered at a price that’s pretty low considering what’s included.

I’m only doing this for one week.    This isn’t some sort of scarcity tactic.  Come back on Tuesday the 12th and you’ll see I’ve raised the price by at least 30%.

The reasons I’m offering a discount is to reward my loyal readers.

It’s been a year and half since I started this blog.  During this time I’ve learned a lot from all of you who have asked questions or provided feedback.  I’ve received so much value from the connections I’ve made through this site.

So I hope to return the favor by offering a deep discount.

Anywho…It’s been a lot of work.  But I’m glad I did it.

Here is where you can access this course ==> Click Here for Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t

Take Action. Get Results.

41 thoughts on “ANNOUNCING: Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t”

  1. Ok Steve, I purchased without reading one bit of the sales page.

    Why? Because I know you and trust you. I KNOW you walk the walk and that’s why I can’t think of anyone better to learn more about affiliate marketing from.

    Alright, I’m going to go back and read your sales page now and then unpack the huge amounts of content you’re providing. 🙂


    • Peggy:

      i have been reading Scott’s stuff for awhile now, quietly 🙂 But I could not agree with you more on the trust factor for this man. Always brings the value and the truth. And as yousaid, huge amounts of content from him as always!


  2. Steve

    Congrats on getting this out there and launched. I know how tough it can be to launch a course like this – especially a course like this.

    Kudos for finishing it and then releasing it too! When I released my first major course I created the sales letter, made the course consist of weekly modules, then created the modules in the actual week they were delivered!

    Man – it nearly killed me! I’d much rather do it your way – though not sure I could without the pressure of a deadline.

    For anyone reading the comments – stop reading now, go and buy whilst it’s $29. It should be a no-brainer for you – I’ve read most of it and it would be value at $79 or $99 IMO.

    Good job Steve. And best of luck too – voices that tell it like it is are sadly rare in the Hype and BS Age. Steve, you are one of those rare voices.


    • Paul!

      Yes, it was a pain! It does feel good to finish it. Now I just have to handle the million other things before I go on vacation next week!

      Thanks for all the support and kind words you have given me. You rock Paul!

  3. Congratulations on the launch Steve.

    Without giving away details/spoilers to others I can honestly say that THIS course is THE one. It really does have everything and I’m going to use many of the models for upcoming projects and a few major revisions to my existing blogs.

    There’s a part of me that wants to slap all these people that are buying up crazy expensive courses from the “gurus” because they only come 10% close to what’s covered in this course; it really is a definitive piece of work on affiliate marketing.

    I can’t wait to get through the rest of it and start integrating it into my content and business strategy. The tips you’ve shared over the last year on the blog has exponentially increased my earnings but this hits it out of the ball park.

    Great job Steve, you did it!

    • Thanks Murray,

      I appreciate your kind words! Glad you are liking it and like a lot of what I have put out on the site.

      I appreciate your help and support, man!

  4. Wow, that’s a steal! I’m not even joking! I did narrate this for Scott, but I learned so much that I’ll be in the process of trying to narrow down my niche market here in a couple weeks.

    Completely blown away!! You will NOT regret purchasing this Affiliate Marketing Without The Bullsh*t course!!

    DO IT NOW! 🙂

    Kudos to you, Steve, for all of your hard work! 🙂

  5. Thanks Steve! I bought your course without hesitation.

    I have been following your blog and implementing strategies you introduced on my tech blog. They worked and helped to boost traffic and subscription to my tech blog. I truly believe that your new course will be another helpful guide with lots of actionable recommendations.

  6. Hi Steve

    Going to press the buy button now. Know it will be well worth it. And thanks for working so hard to produce this for us. Know I will be learning heaps.

    Patricia Perth Australia

  7. Steve,

    ’bout time… 🙂 I bought the premo package – looking forward to listening daily while absorbing your knowledge. Congrats on the new release! I know you’ve been busting it for a while to reach this goal. Can’t wait to hear about an affiliate opportunity.

    • Rick,

      ‘”’bout time” does put my feelings perfectly. This whole project took a lot longer than I planned at just about every step. Fortunately I am pleased with the outcome and I sincerely hope you will be too!

      I really appreciate your taking a shot (and getting the premo package 🙂 )

      As for becoming an affiliate. I will out out all the information for that this Monday!

  8. Steve,
    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!
    You know, I really have been waiting for this moment (O:

    I just purchased my copy and really looking forward to not only reading it but actually implementing the techniques module by module.

    Time to get to work now (O:
    Talk soon brother!

    • Adam.

      Thanks man! I appreciate it!

      I appreciate your support here and I hope that the ebook really gives you some good ideas to kickstart your own biz.

      I appreciate the vote of confidence.

      Have a wonderful week!

  9. Hi Steve,

    I am few days late but i am a proud “Affiliate Marketing without the bulls**t” course owner now. It’s a massive value course and i just can’t wait to get my hands on it and start reading.

    Thanks for this great product mate. It’s definitely worth waiting for.

    • Actually you weren’t really late at all. I had only released it the day before. “I” however, am late with replies. 🙁

      Anyhow, I appreciate your purchase and I hope that it really helps you out and gives you some great info!


  10. That is an awesome sales page! Did you do it yourself?

    The graphics for the covers are amazing as well. Top notch!

    I can only imagine the content inside is just as good.

    • Hey Benny!

      Thanks for the kind words…it’s great to get positive feedback; especially after busting your butt for six months.

      I did write the sales page myself. But the eCovers I outsourced. (Not really a graphics guy.)

      Anyway, I just discovered your blog…and I’m poking around the site right now. Looks like you’ve got great content! (Especially the 40 blogger article you just put together.)

  11. Congratulations on your new course Steve. I was very tempted until I realised it involves building a list. I have just cancelled my Aweber account, and no longer want to try and collect emails. I shall be back here though for more of your blogging advice. Best wishes for your new venture.

    Leamington Spa, England

    • Thanks John,

      Yeah, there is (of course) more than just list-building. But that is a pretty integral part of affiliate marketing success (IMO). So chances are it wouldn’t be for you.

      That is fine. It isn’t for everybody. I would rather you don’t buy it, than buy it and realize it had a heap of tactics that you would not use.

      Anyhow, for now I am highlighting affiliate marketing and this ebook of course, but hopefully in the near future I will still have a lot of tips you would like to use.

      Thanks for the best wishes. Have a wonderful week!

    • Fran,

      Thanks! I appreciate your support and kind words. Sales have been decent so far. Mostly from all the loyal blog readers like yourself. It is the next weeks and the week after that are more of a concern.

      (as the affiliate marketing product picks up affiliate marketers..)

      But I have done it before and know how to make this a success.

      Thanks for the comment. Have a great week!

  12. Hello Steve,

    Congratulations on releasing your first Internet Lifestyle course! I have a lot of faith in you because you seem genuine and you’ve proven your success beyond a doubt.

    At the moment my life is very busy with full-time University studies, part-time work, and exercise. These activities combined consume approximately 50-60 hours per week.

    My question is: Is there a minimum weekly investment for a newbie Affiliate Marketer to become successful? Perhaps somebody who spends 6 hours a week will advance at a rate 1/7th of a person who spends 42 hours a week? (6×7=42)

    • David,

      First of all, thanks for your comment!

      First off it is hard to tie hours to work exactly. A lot depends on niche, personal “skill” with writing, knowledge level etc.

      In other words, the amount of time it could take in and of itself can vary greatly from person to person.

      But regardless there IS a lot of time involved to be really successful.

      To a certain extent your 1/7th idea (taking an AVERAGE base time) is probably right, but it would be hard because there is some “minimum” work you need to do.

      Perhaps something like using to market a few of your offers could be a good place to start. It gives a platform that while not perfect can give pulpit to launch from. then when you have a few articles there (and a place to link FROM) you can make your own sites.

      It does take time to be really successful in affiliate marketing, but with you severely limited time you can get your feet wet, make a few bucks (likely less than minimum wage AT FIRST) and aquire some of the knowledge to really make the most of your time.

      Hope that answers your question without opening up about 40 more.

  13. Steve!

    I know I just had to get into this but I didn’t have time till today to lock in my purchase. I didn’t even need to think hard about it. I just knew that this is going to be great value and I’m not going to read any other ebooks/products on affiliate marketing except yours 😀

    • Bryan!

      Awesome! Glad you got it in time. Hopefully it will be all you need for affiliate. I know you “know” a fair bit, so some will be refresher, but hopefully there is a lot of good info in there for ya!

  14. Hi Scott,
    I just finished reading all 8 Lessons and have to say that you put together some great content in this course! I have been researching different methods for the past 6 months and have been waiting for this to come out. It was worth the wait. You really break it down for a person that is new to all of this to put your plan into action and avoid all the BS that is out there…and there is a ton of get rich BS floating around.
    I do have one question…in reviewing affiliates for the niche markets I am targeting, do you recommend any affiliate companies to look for products aside from clickbank?


    • Chuck,

      First of all, thank you very much for the great positive review!

      To answer your question: Yes. CB is the “biggest” and therefore the first place i would look. But there **is** a lot of “crap” on CB too. So certainly look farther afield.

      I am not too much of a “Physical product” guy but Amazon, Overstock, Walmart (online) and places like that all have strong affiliate programs that are worth finding out more about …if it fits the niche.

      As for infoproducts: EJunkie, CJ, and paydotcom are just a few of the other big ones you should at least look through while searchinf for the best affiliate offers to give people. Remember: finding the best quality offers matters!!

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