Don’t Be a 40 Year Old Balloon Guy

Today I want to tell a story about a valuable lesson I learned. It’s something I often think about whenever I have any doubts about my purpose in life. Perhaps you’ll learn something from it as well.


The Lowest Point in My Life

It was March of 2004. I just moved back to New Jersey from South Carolina after going through a divorce. I still had to help my ex-wife with the mortgage payments. So I was forced to move home with my parents because I couldn’t afford another place.

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About Steve Scott Site

Welcome to the first post of the “Steve Scott Site.”

What’s the idea behind this blog?

On this site we’re going to cover “Personal Development and Lifestyle Design for Men.” It’ll be my goal to discuss the many things that have helped improve my own personal success. And at the same time, I’ll hopefully entertain you a little. Maybe you’ll learn something from the successes (and extreme failures) I’ve experienced in the last few years.


Am I an authority on this topic?

Hell no! Yeah, you’re not going to find me onstage in front of thousands of people. However one of my passions has always been personal development and living life to the fullest.

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