Become a “No BS” Affiliate Marketer

No BS Affiliate MarketerMany of you have stopped by with you great reviews of my new product, “Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t.

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who has taken a chance with this product.  I am happy to say all the reviews have been great so far.  You all make me feel awesome!

Now let me quickly stray to the bad side.

I know what all my regular readers are too polite to say to me in comments:

Enough of this S**t, Steve.  We get it!  You have a product out.

Now, enough with the promotionLet’s get back to your regular posts.

I feel you!  I really do.  I know I have been very promotional recently.  It will stop.

The Bad News: I have one more thing to bring up.

The Good News: I Pinky Swear Promise I will not mention it again in a post for a few weeks.


The final thing I want to bring up is becoming an affiliate for my product.

But first a quick apology…

Mea Culpa

I had long planned to do a post that WAS NOT about my product for my Monday post.  I even wrote one.  It was called, “Putting the Lifestyle in Internet Lifestyle“.

The fact of the matter is… it sucked.

Perhaps my head was not in the game.  I wrote it.  But I hated it.  I am sure in time I will fix it and it will be a post I will publish.  But for now it was a choice:  publish something I was not happy with.  Or just let it go by.  I chose the latter.

Now I had planned on doing THIS post for Wednesday, but since I leave for Europe in a couple of hours, there is no chance of my “Monday” post getting done this week.  So Mea Culpa!  I am sorry to do back-to-back-to-back promotions.  But after this I will not keep pestering you all about the product.

I have a great guest post coming this Thursay.  I think my brother is cooking something up for Saturday and I will be back with a quality article on Monday.  (Even, if it kills me!!)  None of these articles will be about Affiliate Marketing or my product.

…And now for those interested in the No BS affiliate program

For those not interested in becoming affiliates for my “No BS”  program, thank you for your time.

But for those interested in becoming affiliates, lets go over a few things.

First of all, thanks for your interest helping to spread the word about  “Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t

Now let’s give you the link=====>>>> Become a “No BS” Affiliate Marketer

How to sign up is simple.  Just follow the steps in the link above.

What is do you get as an Affiliate?

To be honest I am still working on making a complete affiliate program.  But I have most of the working parts done.

The affiliate program is now on ClickBank at a 75% commision.

All you need to do is sign up there an get your hoplink to become an affiliate.

But I also have some tools to hopefully make things simpler, if you sign up under the affiliate page.

No BS Affiliate Marketing1.  A sample sales email to send to people

2.  10+ Sample sales tweets for the product.  (Simply cut/paste and add your shortened URL)

3.  A branded copy Module 2 – Affiliate Research Formula.  (Seen in the graphic to the left.)  To use as YOUR OWN free giveaway.

This last one can be delivered in two ways.  On one hand I can send you a copy branded with your own links and YOU can handle distribution.

This method might be good if you want to put it on your own website.

...But I am trying a method that I haven’t really seen before, that makes it even easier.

If you send me your Clickbank link (or redirect) and  Market Samurai link (optional) I can also create your own page with optimizepress.  This page will be an exact copy of this page:


But it will be something like   ===>>> NAME.

If someone downloads the PDF through your personalized page and purchases within 60 days, you will get the commission.

If they read the ebook and then follow one of the branded links inside later… you will get the commission.

If you gave me your Market Samurai link… and they read the module, follow the link and buy a copy of Market Samurai… you will get the commission.

If they skip reading the Free PDF and click the “Let Me In” button to instead go right to the sales page…. you will get the commission.

In other words with optimizepress I will also be handling all the hosting and distribution duties.  You can give away a branded free offer, and get a link to a page for your sales.

All you need to do then is distribute the link.

I want to make being a Steve Scott Affiliate as easy (and hopefully profitable) as possible.

I am not going to BS you about how well this product is selling and how awesome the sales page is.

I DO think the sales page is good.  The product IS selling well, but that is mostly from people who have been reading this site for a while.

But many people out there have never heard of Steve Scott.  I do need your help to find these people and convince them to take a chance on this course.

  • I DO believe the program is valuable.
  • There have been lots of positive reviews so far.
  • There is a strong free offer.
  • I have made this as simple as possible to be an affiliate.
  • There is a full 75% commission on every sale.  As well as the small chance for a Market Samurai commission.

Over the next month, remember, I will be adding tools for affiliates.

I will add more:

  • Complete Emails
  • A couple of sample articles (for article marketing)
  • Some banners and graphics

I just ask you be a little patient for these updates, since I am on vacation for the next month, they may come a little slowly…

I need YOU to join me for this next step for marketing “Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t

Why don’t you come aboard and be a No BS Affiliate Marketer

Take Action. Get Results.

11 thoughts on “Become a “No BS” Affiliate Marketer”

  1. That’s great stuff, Steve! I like the way you are thinking of sharing a bigger pie with your affiliates.

    I’ve seen your work over the last one and a half years, and am a proud owner of your product. It would be a pleasure to sign-up as an affiliate and help spread the word.


    • Chuck,

      They are working now. The server went down for a day and a half.

      It is back up now! I am about to go through the backed up messages of people wanting to become affiliates now. Thanks for your interest and sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully we didn’t lose to many people because of that.

      -Gene (Steve’s Brother)

  2. Steve.

    I have just spent the last two days thoroughly going through your course – I will email you in full detail later, and I have a crafty review planned but needless to say – the course is brilliant!!!!

    You emphasise what is important for LONG TERM growth. not just the fly by night crap that usually gets sold, and the course is really well laid out. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn how to make it in affiliate marketing, but with 75% commission – now I have to! 😉

    quick question – relating to the course, and I think the same question I have been harrassing you and Gene for for ages now…

    How on earth do you get an article published at Ezine Articles when the bio links back to a squeeze page?!?!
    everytime I try I get the article rejected with the comment that the link does not link to enough relevant information.

    Steve mate, you hit this one out of the park – and you continue the lesson indirectly through your affiliate program!

  3. Hey Steve,

    I’m definitively going to sign up for this as soon as I get back home from my vacation. And by then, you’ll probably have your banners ready as well. And I’ll be finished both reading and listenting to all the audios.

    It’s a brilliant course!



    • Jens,

      Steve already has a few different sized pictures ready in his download package. No banners yet, though. My guess is he likely won’t get to those until after HE is back from vacation. (which he is cutting from 6 weeks to 3.5 weeks, so maybe not TOO long after you are back.

      I know my brother appreciates all your kind words on the course!

      -Gene (Steve’s Brother)

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