9 Places to Find Best Selling Amazon Product Ideas

Best Selling Products Shopping CartThis Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the United States.

After that is the dreadedBlack Friday,” which marks the beginning of the hectic holiday shopping season.

This is the perfect  opportunity for anyone with a killer physical product site

Right now, millions of people are ready to pull out their wallets and buy gifts for their loved ones.

This looming holiday season provides a reminder that promoting physical products can be extremely profitable.

In a recent article, I discussed six strategies for making passive income.

One of things I recommended is to diversify your revenue streams.

And a great way to do this is to create small niche websites that promote Amazon physical products. {affiliate link}

Now, one of the big problems with creating a niche Amazon site is knowing what to promote.  That’s why I’ve listed nine sites that can help you find top selling physical products…

Google Shopping Website

Google has a variety of tools that make it easy to find best selling physical products.  For instance, they have a search function where you can shop for specific items.

Simply go to Google and use the shopping section to get started:How to Find Google ShoppingOn this page, you’ll get the search function like you would with Google.  In addition, you’ll see two things:

  1. Popular This Week: This tab shows the best selling physical products
  2. Seasonal Items: This tab shows what’s popular for this particular season.  For instance, right now they have a “Fall in the Season” list

Here’s what I mean…Google Shopping Search ResultsBoth of these tabs allow you to find the specific items that people want!  So I recommend starting here to discover what’s “hot” right now.

Amazon Best Seller List

Amazon.com is the biggest retailer of physical products.  So it only makes sense that they offer a few tools to help you discover what’s currently popular.

My personal favorite  is the Amazon Best Seller list:

Click to Enlarge

You could spend hours on this one page.  Amazon has done an excellent job of making it brain-dead simple to find out what people want.

To start, Amazon offers six ways to discover “hot” physical products:

  1. Best Sellers
  2. Top Rated
  3. Hot New Releases
  4. Movers & Shakers
  5. Gift Ideas
  6. Most Wished For

Just click on each tab and you’ll get a variety of product ideas.

Another way to generate ideas is with Amazon’s category pages.  This site has over 30 different sections – Each with a list of products that sell like hotcakes!

Google Search Results

Alright…you people know how to do a Google search.  What you might not realize is this tool provides an excellent way to do research on a product.

Google has the #1 database for what people are searching for.  You can use this to your advantage if you want to drill-down and do a serious product research.

For instance, let’s take a look at the Canon Powershot.  This is a camera that’s sold well over the last couple of years.

What if you wanted to get specific brand names? 

All you have to do is enter “Canon” or “Canon Powershot.”  Then Google will “predict” results based on your search:Google Search ResultsThe best way to use Google search is when you have a general name of the product and want to discover specific models.

Yahoo Buzz

Sometimes it’s useful to know what topics are trending throughout the world.

For instance, Yahoo Buzz has a Movers category which shows the search topics that are quickly gaining popularity:Yahoo Buzz MoversMost of these search results don’t apply to physical products.  But once in awhile, you’ll see a “hot item” that people want.

My recommendation is to look at this page once every day to see the trends that are currently emerging.

eBay Pulse

eBay is another great place to find best selling physical products.  A great place to start is the eBay Pulse page.   This gives you the top 10 products that are sold in every category of popular auctions:

eBay Pulse Results
Click to Enlarge

Be sure to check out the “Most Watched List.”  Then click on each of the category pages to get an idea of what products are in-demand at this moment.

Shopping.com Top 100

Shopping.com has a list of its top 100 product searches.  I like this tool because it provides a list of items that you normally can’t find on popular sites like Amazon or eBay:

Shopping Top 100As an example, you see there is a product called the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100.  This is a product that’s sold on Amazon.com for $699.95:Wilson Systems Tarpon Kayak from Amazon.comIf you promote this product through Amazon.com, you’ll collect at least $28 per sale.  Even better – Spring time is over four months from now.  That gives you plenty of time to create a website that targets this particular product.

The Wilderness System Tarpon 100 is just one product listed on Shopping.com.  Poke around this site for a few hours and you’ll get dozens, even hundreds of ideas.

Squidoo Top 100

Squidoo.com is one of the few sites that still let you self-publish content without a lot of restrictions.  That’s why it’s a great place to locate top selling physical products.

One page that I like is Squidoo’s Top 100 Lenses.  You can glean a lot of knowledge from this simple list.

For instance, there is a page called: “Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts 2011

Squidoo Top 10 Christmas ListsThere is an insane amount of in-demand products on this page.  The author has created a list of ten recommendations for each of these sections:

  1. 10 Best Video Gamers
  2. Babies
  3. Toddlers
  4. Boys (Ages 5 to 8 )
  5. Girls (Ages 5 to 8 )
  6. Boys (Ages 9 to 12  )
  7. Girls (Ages 9 to 12)
  8. Teenage Boys (Ages 13 to 17 )
  9. Teenage Girls (Ages 13 to 1 7)
  10. College Students
  11. Christmas Gifts for Him
  12. Christmas Gifts for Her
  13. Top Ten Green Gift Ideas
  14. Christmas Stocking Stuffers
  15. Christmas List Ideas
  16. The Top 10 Best Christmas Ideas (great one)

Do the math.  That’s 160 ideas – Fully researched with links to  specific products.  Create Amazon sites around these and you’ll have a nice source of online income.

Google Keyword External Tool

Let’s talk about another Google property.  This time we’ll use the Keyword External tool. Without a doubt, this is the best place to get excellent keyword information.

As an example, let’s do a quick search for the Wilderness Systems Tarpon kayak I mentioned before:

Google Keyword External SearchNot only does this provide a list of related products, it also shows the demand for each.  My recommendation is to do a search for every physical product you’re considering.

In addition, you can also use Market Samurai {affiliate link} to get advanced research on keyword competition and traffic numbers.  (This is what I use before I enter any market.)

EzineArticles.com Shopping Reviews Header

EzineArticles.com is a site that’s used by a lot of Internet marketers.   As a result, you can use it to “reverse-engineer” hidden markets and products.

The best place to start is the Shopping and Product Reviews section:EzineArticles.com Shopping and Product ReviewsCheck out this page on a regular basis and you can legally “steal” ideas from some of pretty smart Internet marketers!

How to Get Started

Knowledge means nothing if you don’t take action (Tweet this!)

All nine of these sites provide an opportunity to find “hot” physical products.  But they’re worthless if you don’t take that next step.

Most people have become accustomed to shopping online – Especially from a site like Amazon.com.  You can use this to your advantage by creating niche sites that target physical products.

Build enough of these sites and you’ll have an excellent source of passive income.

So just read this post!  Check out these sites and start building a niche site today…

Take Action. Get Results.

49 thoughts on “9 Places to Find Best Selling Amazon Product Ideas”

  1. Steve! This is great. Some of these, I never even thought of before. Especially Shopping.com. Which, by the way, has their own affiliate program that is through CJ. I haven’t used it yet though… I’ve been noticing on my Amazon referrals it’s pretty interesting to see how people are now buying a lot more multiple items than they have been. This is my first holiday shopping season as an Amazon affiliate, and it’s been fun to watch so far!

    • Bethany,

      That is the great thing about Amazon Associates. They sell so many things that almost everybody buys from them sometime or another. If you can just get them on the page to buy the smallest product you never know what you can end up with.

      • As an Amazon affiliate, I keep hoping this will happen, Steve. I get a lot of clicks, but no purchases. Dag nabbit. Will continue to press on and appreciate your good advice for finding best sellers.

  2. Hey Steve,

    I love ebay pulse and amazon. You can easily dig out tons of great product keywords with decent search volume and reasonable competition. However, I don’t really like the low commission of Amazon…

    The other place I like to research is some using offervault, i.e. to promote those physical product via CPA network. Their commission structure is a lot better and those risk free trial is great for conversion.

    • I almost never fail to reach the 6% mark on Amazon. The bar from 4% to 6% is set pretty low. Is not a bad commission for physical product. Like I said above the other good thing about Amazon, is that you get them to the page to buy a stick of gum, and they might buy a washing machine, and you’ll still get a commission.

      Amazon Affiliates is not really, “my thing” but can be a pretty decent way to make some money. Especially during this holiday season.

      Offer bulk also sounds like a great idea, thanks for adding that.

  3. I’m a long time eBay and Amazon user so I guess I’ll stick to them when looking for and comparing items and prices. This weekend can be hectic plus last minute sales on Cyber Monday…

  4. Thanks for that list, I was not aware of some of them… Innovative use of google search, I must say! The best sellers in Amazon affiliate page works best for me. But I haven’t tried a few of them yet.

  5. Steve

    Good list of tools – the other thing that people could use this list for (with a tiny bit of tweaking) is to determine if there’s a viable market for info products…whether ebooks, webinars, courses, yada yada yada you know the drill.

    How much better to produce a product that there’s a demand for rather than guessing?


    • Paul,
      Good point.
      These can be a great way to test the waters. If something is a really responsive niche, you can use it to branch out in quite a few ways.

      Sometime I make Squidoo lenses for this too. See how they do there. If I can get them to rank there, then can be a good idea to take it live. UNfortunatley for this holiday season there is no time for that at all…even acting NOW may be a bit late. LOL

  6. Nicely done Steve, no one has an excuse about finding niches any more…it’s pretty much summed up right here (for online resources).

    Magazine racks, bookstore’s newest releases, your library etc… are some of the offline ways to find a nice “hot selling” niche.

    Good stuff.

  7. Hey Steve, you never fail to impress me you know.

    As long as people do as you say and take action then they shouldn’t fail with the list of resources you’ve put up here. I think it’s fantastic and am so glad that you have the pdf option at the top for everyone to download your posts.

    It then gives us all every opportunity to go through the details and follow your guide with ease. I love that feature 😉

    I also wanted to thank you for leaving me the link to your 7 links post. I’ve been over and read that one post and will make my way through the other 7 in due course, with ease now I have the link 😉

    Have a great day tomorrow and try not to eat to much, you’ll only regret it later 😉

    Have a good one Steve,
    take care, Barry

    • Thanks Barry,

      I appreciate you dropping by and leaving a great comment. Your absolute right of the problem with this list is taking action. Most people simply won’t.

      Anyhow, ask again for dropping by and have a wonderful Thanksgiving for you and your family.


  8. Any idea how we can get around Colorado HB 1193 here in Denver?

    Perhaps an alternative to Amazon.com? I am about to help a friend of mine set up a yoga training email list, and I like the idea of sending subscribers for a yoga mat or book, and getting commissions on anything else they might buy.

    • Well, there are really shifty ways to get around it. But i wouldn’t recommend those, they could lead to trouble. (Like giving an address of an out of state relative and telling them you moved).

      The best way is to use other sources. Walmart has an online affiliate program, i believe and I know Commission junction has a huge amount of product affiliates. None of these are as elegant and simple as Amazon, but if you are promoting a specific class of product sometimes they can go further in depth.

    • A few ideas: Use Squidoo and use their amazon accounts. They’ll take half the momey, but half of something is better than all of nothing. Try out viglink or sigilinks on a site. They’ll take some commission, but you can promote through a bunch of different sites using them. Maybe a joint venture with someone in an Amazon-safe state in which they “rent” affiliate link space on your properties.

      • Good Idea. I should have thought to add squidoo. That is how I buy my own Amazon products. Well…at least when the purchase is big enough to make it worth my while to open Squidoo first and go through there. They do take half…but they have so much volume they usually qualify for the top percentage, so you loose a little, but not a ton. It is something like 4% rather than 6% or 6.5%

        Thanks for adding in the Viglinks and siilinks ideas and out of state JV option. Lots of good answers here to Omar’s question!.

        • I figured I’d chime in since I have to deal with the same things, being in one of those Amazon outcast states myself. There are just some of the ideas I came up with and am putting into testing currently.

  9. Thanks for this great post Steve! I downloaded the pdf so I could easily follow some of your suggestions. I found out about the pdf option by reading about it in one of the comments. You have another great idea there.

    Thank you and have a great Thanksgiving day!


    • Thanks Fran,

      I think the Print PDF is a great addition. I know I tend to write posts on the “long” side and this can be useful for some people to read later.

      I hope you also have a wonderful Thanksgiving and great long weekend!



  10. Hi Steve,

    I love Amazon and their associates program it can be so lucrative. I would also like to add some others to your list.

    Commission Junction
    Your own home
    out and about

    It really is anywhere that can give you inspiration and ideas. Then you take them, do your keyword research and select your niche from there.

    • Chris,

      You are right…ideas are everywhere. I get quite a few product ideas from things I think are cool. You are 100% right…if you like it…others may very well like it too. 🙂 Thanks for the great comment.

  11. Some great resources I hadn’t really thought of using. As you’ve said elsewhere, it’s a little late for this holiday season, but then this can be both for the long haul and for ongoing sales all year round.

    I’m getting my annual spike to a load of Christmas related posts, some of which I wrote over 5 years ago yet are evergreen and popular (if only for a few months each year) and also allow additional new pages which are interlinked to rank well and generate visitor interest quite quickly.

    (It’s amazing how many people search for the music for “Silent Night” even in June! 😉 )

    • Andy,

      I know what you mean! I have a few posts that are a little bit more seasonal in nature too and I am aslo surprised how many people do search off season too. You are certainly right too… it may already be to late for Christmas, but might be just the time to start applying this to “valentines day”, spring, or maybe even the summer rush

  12. Hey Steve,
    Since christmas is coming and I have a lots of people to be give presents, I am searching or some articles that could give me some qualitative ideas about presents and gifts for this coming christmas. And I am so glad that I met this article of yours, it would help me a lot on my shopping.

  13. Fantastic post. These are some great resources, steve. Some of them are new to me and never thought of using.

    Thanks for compiling this awesome list. Have a great Thanksgiving day.

  14. Some ppl pay big money for the info you provided in this post so hats off to you Steve…the only thing that could have made this better is if you gave a great paid traffic source to send immediate traffic to it 🙂

  15. Great tips on finding new products to sell.
    But did you really have to motivate all your readers to start selling amazon affiliate stuff? It’s not like there is not enough competition yet, haha 🙂

  16. You offered us an interesting set if useful sites for shopping and you reminded us that shopping holiday season is starting……)) Probably all of your readers will definitely use some of the sites you mentioned above. Thanks a lot for sharing it!

  17. Great guide Steve!

    Niche marketing is always a good source of passive income. And it all starts with picking the right product (if it’s about physical products). I used to stick with Amazon and Google keyword tool. But other methods are very powerful. With the 9 “special weapons,” there is no way we can’t find a decent product to start!

    Thanks for showing us your arsenal man! Very impressive 😀

  18. Hi Steve,
    Great post as always. Some of the methods that you refer are completely new. I never thought that way. I guess the ‘best selling’ in amazon site itself returns the best ideas.

  19. Thanks for the great tips Steve. There just isn’t enough time in the day to try everything out though. The opportunities are endless.

    I do find some of those affiliates like amazon kind of low for the payout. I guess if you can sell that much or get people that purchase multiple items at a time then it can be good.

    • It is a tradeoff. Compared to AM Amazon are very low payoff, but CTR is a lot higher and someone can go there looking for one thing, decide they are not interested and you can sell something else.

      I am not a “main” Amazon Affiliate guy, but it can be effective in its own way. Some people swear by it. Definitely worth looking into at least on the periphery

  20. Thank you so much fir your great help Steve! I never even imagined that there are incredibly useful tools like these. It really is a very huge help to me and to everyone else. Thanks once again.

  21. Thanks for the information. And also for the diagrams that exlplain what your saying. Its great for people like me who need some colour and diagrams to understand something fully!

  22. Hey Steve,

    Well, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

    I’m a little late to the party on this post. I’m also not a big shopper. I never venture out and go shopping during the most maddening day of them all. My family also is always late in giving us their list but once again, this year we won’t be celebrating until the end of January due to my nephew working on a cruise ship and he won’t be home until then. So we have plenty of time to do any type of shopping. Thank goodness for that.

    Thanks for these great tips though. They can come in handy any time actually.

    • Thanks Adrienne,

      I hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday yourself. Sounds like a pretty good deal not celebrating til January. There are probably all sorts of good after Christmas specials that you can get in on. 🙂

  23. Hi Steve,

    That’s a great list of resources there. I do pretty well with Amazon and have been mainly using the bestsellers list, combined with my sales results, to pick out products. There’s a huge amount of information available there – I always take a look to see how long any item in the bestsellers list has been in the top 100, especially at this time of year.

    However, I will certainly be widening the net a little in future based on some of the tips that you posted here. Thanks a bunch 🙂

  24. Steve,

    Awesome list and detailed explanations. I’ve recently started experimenting with Amazon as an affiliate (I haven’t earned a single dime yet). What I’ve done is added relevant and targeted ads to old blog posts. I’ve seen the stats at amazon go up, and hopefully this will turn into profit.

    I’m going to take a closer look at niche sites for amazon products as well.

  25. Hi Steve, Thanks for sharing this information, i have not used amazon till now but through this help it will be easy to me to order something ordering through amazon and i am really looking forward to buy a good camera from amazon.

  26. The Amazon Associates proves to be one of the top-paying affiliate networks online as many people like to shop there. To really make a decent income from the program, promote products that sell in reasonable volume, with decent price and which Amazon can offer discounts on.

  27. Hi Steve,

    I am trying to locate the “Popular This Week” feature on google.co.uk but cannnot find it for the life. I have selected the “shopping” option and when the page loads, it just comes back with a search box.

    I am a UK based person.

    Loving your work on here.

    Would be great if you could show me where I am going wrong, as I cannot see the feature.


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