Get More Blog Traffic Blueprint [Week 8]

It’s time for week eight of the Get More Blog Traffic Blueprint.  Here we cover the specific blogging secrets you can use to create a flood of visitors to your site.

In last week’s discussion, we talked about the Blog Lead Generation Diagram:

Blog Lead Generation Diagram

Specifically I discussed the importance of promoting two different websites: Your blog and a lead magnet site.

We’ve already covered the individual traffic methods in last week’s lesson.  So today we’ll discuss the four central parts of this diagram:

1)      Your blog

2)      Your lead magnet site

3)      The email sequence

4)      The offer(s)

Let’s talk about each…

Your Blog

As I said in the previous lesson, a blog is about giving great content and being social.  Your job is to create content on a number of brand channels (YouTube, Facebook, guest posting, etc.) and network with people who share similar interests.  Done correctly, these two activities will get a lot of people to visit your blog.

In a way, a blog is like a home.  You want to make it a nice, welcoming place that people will revisit often.  Obviously, the best way to do this is to post lots of great articles.

Now, I also believe your blog should emphasize content – NOT advertising.  Most folks are in the blogging biz to make money.  But when people see your site for the first time, they shouldn’t be hit with a bunch of ads.  Give great content upfront and visitors will naturally check out your offers.

Take a look at the diagram.  You probably noticed that most of the traffic is directed to the blog.  That’s because this site is the primary hub of all your online promotions.  Yes, eventually you’ll have other websites; but your blog should always remain at the center of everything you do online.

Also in the diagram you see that the blog sends traffic to two places – A lead magnet site and offers. (For now, we’ll ignore the fact that we often link to other places in individual posts.)  Overall, the majority of your outbound links should be sent to the places that make money.

As you know, list building is THE best way to make money on the Internet.  So I highly recommend that most of your blogging efforts should be directing toward getting people to subscribe.

Furthermore, you’ll also want to send traffic to affiliate offers or your own products.  You shouldn’t bombard readers with a bunch of promotions.  But about 10% of your content directs people to tools/products that helps solve their individual problems.

Your Lead Magnet Site

As we’ve discussed, another place to drive traffic is a lead magnet site.  I recommend you heavily promote this web destination.  In fact, put as much (or more) effort in marketing this site than you do with a blog.


Because it’s much easier to build a list when you offer people two basic choices – Subscribe or don’t subscribe.  I love blogging.  But it’s not the easiest way to build a list.  With a lead magnet site you leverage techniques like article marketing and PPC to get LOTS of people to subscribe.

Again take a look at the diagram.  You see that there’s a lot of traffic coming in.  But the only place you send people is to the email sequence. Don’t give them any other option.  Either they join your list or they go away.  I know this sounds a bit harsh, but if you give people too many choices; you decrease the likelihood they’ll subscribe.

With a lead magnet, your only goal is to get people on your list.  That’s it!

The Email Sequence

List building is all about creating and strengthening relationships.  A person gives a lot of trust when they subscribe.  Make them happy with this choice by giving valuable content – On a consistent basis.

Email content is a lot like blogging.  You talk about their problems, provide a few solutions and talk about your own experiences.  In addition, you can strengthen this relationship by directing people BACK to specific posts on your blog that provide lots of value.

Naturally, as you interact with subscribers you’ll recommend a few products.  You don’t have to beat people over the head.  Just explain why you like a product and how it solves a specific problem.  If you’ve done a great job with providing value, people WILL check out your offers.

The Offer

The ultimate destination for your blog traffic should be The Offer.  Readers should come to this site “presold” on this product.  Then it’s up to the sales page to turn these warm leads into paying customers.

Obviously, this series isn’t about monetization.  But my point is this – KNOW where you’re driving traffic. When people click your links, understand “why” they’re doing it.  What purpose does it serve?  Are you trying to make money? Or does this link provide additional content?  Asking these questions is a great way to maximize the results you get from blog traffic.

Final Thoughts on the Lead Generation Diagram

There are countless ways to drive traffic to a blog.  The trick is to do it the right way.  I know that offering a lead magnet site requires more hard work.  But you’d be surprised at quickly you can build a list by offering a free report on a crappy, little site.

I recommend using both a lead magnet and a blog to create a network of traffic.  Both of these destinations help you to carve out a big slice of your particular niche market.

Take Action. Get Results.

30 thoughts on “Get More Blog Traffic Blueprint [Week 8]”

  1. Thanks for this series Steve. I’ve been using a landing page for my lead magnet, but since you’re advice I’ll be creating an entirely separate site for it as well. We’ll see which one will do better.

    I’m looking forward to seeing where all of this is leading, as I’m sure there is a method here. Regardless, thanks for sharing all the great info.

    • Thanks Robert,

      I am glad you liked it. If you make sure you keyword optimize the lead magnet site and work to give the site a proper promotion I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised with the results! 🙂

  2. So I don’t have a lead magnet page, but I do however have a lightbox that pops up. Should I also have a separate page? By the way, your advice in an earlier post about Tweet Attacks is golden, the best money I have spent!


    • Thanks Sean,

      Glad you liked the Tweet Attacks. quickly building a Twitter list of then doing your best to find as many people interact with as you can is a great way of driving a heck of a lot of traffic. (I still need to work in the interactive part myself!) tweet attacks really helps to do that and so much more!

      As for the landing page, absolutely you should have a separate one. Do a little keyword research and find a lifestyle design keyword phrase that you could possibly rank for with a little effort, and make that the domain and hopefully the title of the product you’re trying to use as a lead magnet. Then have a simple subscribe and get the freebie or don’t subscribe and don’t get it. Of course you really need some sort of good lead magnet before you do this.

      For instance, you might notice I have a new lead magnet I just finished the other day. I’m not quite ready to really start promoting it yet, but I already have a dedicated site to it and plans to make a big push for it later. ( BTW)

      Like stated above, it is a simple page. Join or don’t. No other options. For the fans you already have, lightboxes and links on the page work best. but this option is for those that are brand new.

  3. Hi Scott:

    Awesome blog traffic system you have created and how it connects to each and every aspect of Internet marketing. The key is to drive traffic the right way. it is a good post though I did not read the last weeks post on traffic, I will read it now.

    fran A

  4. I think the lead magnet site solves my blog subscriber problem. I can focus the lead magnet on a tight niche. I will then have some idea of what my subscribers will be interested in for an email sequence.

    Now all I need is that magnet………..I have an idea. I know you recommend original work Steve, but I’ve got loads of PLR stuff I’m not using. How about giving away a free PLR eBook and/or video course every Month for a year? What do you think?

    Leamington Spa, England

    • A lead magnet certinaly can help to grow subscriber list/email

      The important thing is that you focus on what is a core audience. What is it you want to attract people to? That is an important hing, because you want the list to be targeted on specific things not just a random collection of people.

      Any name will help (somewhat) but targeted ones are worth so much more, because you know (hopefully) what they want and can help them get it.

      As for PLR, to be honest I haven’t dealt with PLR that much. I have a little collection of PLR that I’ve gotten, usually is freebies from other things I’ve bought. I even sold a couple pieces PLR of my own a few years ago, but I didn’t make a big push for it I didn’t make a lot of money. Just a couple offers on the Warriors forum.

      Giving away PLR stuff can be a good idea as long as you make sure the that really is valuable. As one thing I’ll stress over and over again is that whatever you giveaways of freebie offer has to have inherent value, not just a method or trick to get people signed up.

  5. Hey Steve, I guess I have been doing a decent job of getting traffic back to my site by doing a lot of what your diagram specifies. Of course, I don’t have enough time for all of it, but I have picked a few things that have worked best for me and really attack those.

    Thanks for the great series on blog traffic!

    • Obviously it all works “best” done together, but parts and pieces will help of course. For instance i know the power of guest blogging but I have yet to really start making that push.

      Keep attcking and your results will get better and better! 🙂 to

  6. Well Steve, I took your advice and I am seriously working on my lead magnet. Plus, I am also researching on the available domain names so that I can have it as a different site.

    And yeah, I am definitely going to read what you offer in your new income trilogy report.

    Later on man..

    • Adam,

      Awesome. Having a great lead magnet will help greatly. It is quite an accomplishment and also makes the whole process a lot easier for getting subscribers. I look forward to hearing more about your lead magnet as it progresses! 🙂

  7. Hey Steve,

    Can’t wait to chat on the phone because a lot of things I’d like to cover. I have some plans for setting up the landing page sites for each of my campaigns but in the meantime, I’m going to be working on creating ones for my existing sites.

    I’ve got a few new niche blogs launched that I’m allowing to be indexed in the time being – gonna put together a few list building freebies for em and repurposing other pieces; hope all goes well 😛

    • Hmmm

      I found this post stuck in the spam bin in between erectile dysfunction and gambling chips. I wonder if that is saying something?

      Having read your article on your goals I must say I am amazed at the amount of stuff you have planned.

  8. Right now I’ve been focusing on ‘The offer,” well actually I’ve been building a wordpress theme which i plan to give away. If the traffic goes as planned, then having the links on the admin page should bring in traffic.

    This is the same for having this the #1 thing to promote. If i can get as many people to visit my site from google by the template, then hopefully some of those visitors will convert over to other things.

    Great post!

    • Very true Peter. A well done quality WP theme will certianly generate a ton of visitors and worked right many of those visitors will convert.

      A theme or iece of software is very durable and something that really separates you from the crowd. I wish I had knowledge in that direction, but I am stuck with simple ebooks, since I am pathetic in that direction. Though in my long term goals I hire people to make programs/themes etc. that do what I want. Just need the $$ and the vehicle for promotion first…so that is a couple years away.

      Anyway back on topic, a theme is a pretty awesom hime lead magnet the way I see it!

  9. Steve – I like your strategy for generating traffic for a blog. Thank you for your thoughts on using strategies like article marketing and PPC to get many people to subscribe. I too have found it’s a lot tougher to get many people to subscribe using just a blog. A lot of people are intimidated by using lead magnet sites, but once you get that first subscriber on your list it becomes a lot less intimidating.

    • Thanks Kerry,

      Glad you liked it. YOu you are absolutely right it can certainly be intimidating for people first to have lead magnet and deal with a list. the good thing is that overtime the early effort pays for itself many times over.

  10. Wow Steve you always overdeliver. And your attention to detail spot on. I can see why you are such a successful marketer.

    Really enjoyed the post and the series. Thanks so much for taking the time to share such valuable information. I’m not at this point in my journey yet, but great reference for later when I am 🙂

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Thanks Patricia :),

      I disagree a little bit. I think you’ll almost are at that point, or close to it. you should lease be taking some thought about setting up a landing page and ultimately product for that. Maybe you’re not quite there once you have an e-book you should be ready in every other way. 🙂

  11. Hey Steve,

    Its like you saw my checklist for this weekend 😉 All of these items are on it. The idea generation for each, actually.

    I appreciate you helping me to think about why for each of these.

    Also, I really like the point you made to Sean. Having as many *different* ways to get to your target is a great idea. Using different keywords, pages, graphics, etc. are all good ideas as people all have somewhat different preferences.

    Have a good day!

    • Mark,

      They are all my plans for the fun and exciting weekend too!! 🙂

      Make a great additional point about the “scattershot approach” it is hard to tell where you get your traffic from because honestly you often get it from many places. the best thing is to be as consistent as possible and have as many hooks in order as possible.

      I say, “as possible” for a reason, a lot of pens on how much time and effort you have put into it. The more you can do obviously the better, but sometimes time can be a big issue. it is certainly important to set aside a certain amount time for these efforts regardless.

  12. Hi Steve,

    I’m a little concerned that I’ve made a mistake. I am reading the bit where you say that your blog should be at the center of everything you do online. I stopped blogging months ago.

    I bought a blog package from a guru and I didn’t choose the domain name or the niche. So, it wasn’t right for me. Since then I’ve been trying to build some niche sites and a few landing pages with free lead magnets to build a list.

    Should I have a blog attached to all my sites? Or is it okay to do it the way I’m doing it? I’d really appreciate any advice you have for me. You need a tip jar so I can leave you a tip. 🙂

    • Jazz,

      No, your fine. “IF” you want to make your blog a success you should use it as a hub for everything you can. Blogging is THE HARDEST way to make money online IMO, niche sites being a fair amount easier. I like your idea of niche sites + landing pages. I had success doing thing that way long before I ever started a blog. TBH I still have had a lot more success with those narrow niche sites and affiliate marketing. Just treat each “niche” site with landing page as a “blog” in that scenario…just add in some linking in between them (but only where related and applicable).

  13. Greetings! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to
    give a quick shout out and tell you I really enjoy reading through your articles.
    Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the same subjects?
    Appreciate it!

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