Bloggers Night Before Christmas

Bloggers Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the Night Before #Christmas and ‘round my web plot

Not a spider was crawling, not even a spam-bot

Daily postings were hung on my blog page with care

In the dim hope that viral visitors soon would be there.

The RSS feed sat proudly, all orange and white

With the hope that max subscribers would be coming tonight

Outsourcers were working very hard for this day

While the virtual assistants tweeted the night away.

Then from the comment section there arose such a clatter

It seemed that a Troll had arrived, all in a lather

“Your Blog, it is stupid, “he said in a snit

“Your prose, it is weak, you are a dumb sh** ”

Commentluv still gave the troll a shiny do-follow link

This I deleted as quick as an eye it could blink

Away from my homepage I flew with a flitter

The article you see; I simply forgot to Twitter

Then it began, this great Christmas Miracle

I will tell you the story, though it may sound satirical

Though with SEO I have been quite actively frugal

On this cool Christmas day I was found by the great Saint of Google.

The giant behemoth that no mere Bing could dethrone

I knew in a moment, to page one my post it had flown

Quick a pingback his heralds arrived, defying FaceBook claims,

He whistled and shouted and podcast their names!

“Now Images, Now Instant! Now Maps and Now Finance!

On, Docs! On Earth! On, Voice and on Adsense!

To the top of the list, keywords above all

Now dash away, dash away, dash away all

And then in the URL I heard a big clink

It was the sound of a slug being changed in a permalink

My traffic was sketchy, but showing a rise

I had lightning fast load speed and all that implies.

Google’s fiber how it twinkled, the homepage so merry

The background was green, the font it was Cherry

Images danced on screen, pixels lined in a row

While wiki returned a search on Henry David Thoreau.

The Tweets were ‘a flowing and so were the Stumbles

Comments were coming and none of them grumbles.

My eBook was written, and linked on the page

My site I now felt, would soon be the rage.

Google sprang to his servers, his apps he did call

All ’round the ‘net his shiny spiders did crawl

His pixels they faded as he vanished from sight

“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!”

I hope you all enjoyed this.  In a Christmas miracle: this is one of two posts for the day.  Check back later to see the SSS special Christmas link post.

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30 thoughts on “Bloggers Night Before Christmas”

  1. Good Morning Steve:

    Sounds like you are ready for Christmas. I like the lovely post, it is so mind intriguing,did you write it? If you did you are Master of all traits. I was wanting to write about Christmas, but one of the mates, rather few of the mates in network group did not like the idea, so this time I avoided. Last night I wrote a poem on personal development as blog post.

    Planned your New Year’s eve yet
    Enjoy the Holiday Season and be ready to start the New Year with new goals


  2. Hi Steve,

    It’s always great to see something different from you!

    I love how you have written so wittily using blogging jargon! 😀

    Thank you for sharing this unique post with us and keep on daring to be different! 🙂

    • Thanks Irving.

      It took me a while to knock that out. I am not really a “natural” at any poetry. even one where I have a nice template like the original poem to go off of. I was happy with the results though.

    • It was an original, but it took me a long time. Like 2-3 hours. I am not a natural at writing up poetry, I struggled over a lot of the phrasing.

      I had a ton of fun doing it though! 🙂

  3. Hi Steve

    I agree with Ryan; not a lot to add. I so enjoyed your poem. Will be RT so others can too.

    You continue to surprise Steve 😉 Well done.

    That’s how impressed I am… shortest comment ever on this site lol

    Patricia Perth Australia

  4. Woah, great stuff, Steve! It must have taken you forever to write that (or not, since you’re a great writer, hehe. It would have taken me forever +1).

    I LOL’d real hard at that troll bit. This post really put a smile on my face.

  5. Really cool poem, Steve.

    Showing those creative chops, huh? 🙂 Very nicely put together, man. I won’t even attempt to add anything to it, it’s perfect as is.

  6. A poet soul indeed,
    Great Christmas poem which it can even be a new carol.

    “not even a spam-bot” I don’t know about that, I heard they even work on Christmas and don’t take holiday breaks

  7. What a fun post, Steve! Love the imagery. Kept seeing old-fashioned sugar plums mixed with modern-day techno. Happy to tweet it and Happy Christmas to you!

  8. So you can write poems?
    Thank God for xmas, lol.
    If it weren’t, who would have thought You had this kind of creativity. Very nice one Steve, totally good for a change especially in a time like this. Bravo!

    • Thanks Tito,

      It is fun to have a couple breaks from seriousness for a few days around this time of year. I doubt too many people are being extremely productive anyhow.

      I hope you have a wonderful holidays!

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